Who are Josh Richards Parents? Meet Derward Richards and Chloe Richards

Who are Josh Richards’ parents?

So who are Josh Richards’ parents? According to our research, Josh Richards’ parents are Devard Richards and Chloe Richards. Josh Richards is a Canadian social media personality and businessman born on January 31, 2002.

real name

Joshua Kenneth Richard

Nick name

Josh Richards

date of birth

January 31, 2002


21 years old


5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)


70 kg (154 lbs)

place of birth

Cobourg, Canada




Canadian social media celebrities and businessmen



Country of Citizenship


eye color


hair color

dark brown


St. Mary’s Catholic High School

zodiac signs



Devard Richards and Chloe Richards

sexual orientation


Who is Josh Richards?

Josh Richards (born January 31, 2002) is a famous Canadian social media personality and businessman who has had a major impact on the digital world. Richards has a huge following on various social media platforms, attracting the attention and admiration of millions.

As a social media personality, Josh Richards rose to fame primarily through the short video sharing app TikTok. His charisma, creativity and engaging content quickly resonated with audiences of all ages, propelling him to become one of the platform’s biggest stars. Through captivating dance moves, comedy skits and relatable vlogs, Richards has developed a strong bond with his followers, affectionately known as “Richards’ Legion.”

In addition to his success on TikTok, Josh Richards has expanded his online presence on other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, further solidifying his status as a versatile content creator . He uses these platforms not only to entertain but also to spread positivity and inspire his audience.

One of the defining aspects of Josh Richards’ career is his talents as a businessman. After realizing the potential of social media, he started trying his hand at entrepreneurship. Richards co-founded TalentX Entertainment, a talent management agency focused on representing popular social media stars. Through this venture he demonstrated a keen eye for talent and business acumen that distinguished him from many of his peers.

Additionally, Josh Richards has taken steps to expand his entrepreneurial portfolio, investing in various businesses and ventures. He demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to branding and marketing, demonstrating his ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the digital landscape.

Josh Richards is not only a Canadian social media personality but also a visionary businessman. Through his engaging content and entrepreneurial endeavors, he has proven himself to be a multi-faceted talent of the digital age, inspiring countless people and leaving an indelible mark on the world of social media and business.



Josh Richards Biography

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Canadian social media star and entrepreneur Joshua Kenneth Richards! Born on January 31, 2002, Josh Richards is a creative spark who quickly captured the attention of the digital world with his charisma and creative content.

TikTok, the modern influencer’s playground, has seen his meteoric rise as he dazzles viewers with his mesmerizing dance moves, split skits and heartfelt vlogs. It wasn’t long before Richards became the talk of the town, attracting a legion of followers who affectionately dubbed themselves “The Richards Legion.”

But Josh’s journey doesn’t stop there. This enterprising young man has a flair for business and anyone would be curious to see his next move. As CEO of CrossCheck Studios, he’s proven his talents extend beyond viral videos. This daring venture showcased his innovative skills and he led a team with enviable creativity and determination.

Richards’ entrepreneurial spirit didn’t end with CrossCheck Studios. With an eye for talent and the vision of a seasoned mogul, he co-founded TalentX Entertainment, a talent management agency representing some of the biggest stars in social media. This young prodigy is more than just a content creator; He is a tastemaker and trendsetter in the ever-evolving world of digital media.

Joshua Kenneth Richards’ journey is a fascinating story of seizing opportunity and forging new paths in the vast digital landscape. From captivating audiences with his infectious charisma to navigating the complex world of business, he has everyone wondering what incredible feat he will accomplish next. One thing is for sure: the world will be eagerly watching as this dynamic young entrepreneur continues to make his mark on the global stage.


Josh Richards age

In 2023, the charming Josh Richards was born in the beautiful town of Cobourg, Canada on January 31, 2002. He is a radiant and promising 21-year-old star. With his magnetic personality and entrepreneurial abilities, he has achieved impressive success in social media and business.

As a versatile content creator, Richards continues to inspire and entertain millions of fans across platforms. His infectious positivity and innovative approach have earned him immense love and support from audiences across the globe.

Josh’s impact and impact will only grow as time goes on, and the world is eagerly waiting to witness his next exciting endeavors. As he continues to conquer new heights, there is no doubt that the future will bring many more victories and achievements for this young and outstanding man.

Josh Richards height and weight

Josh Richards is a Canadian social media personality and businessman with a well-proportioned figure. Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, he exudes confidence and charisma with every step he takes. This height puts him in the average range, allowing him to easily connect with different audiences. In addition to his impressive height, Josh also maintains a healthy and balanced weight of 70 kilograms (equivalent to 154 pounds). This weight is consistent with his height and complements his active lifestyle and charming personality.

Josh Richards clearly takes pride in his physical fitness, as his physique reflects the disciplined approach he takes to every aspect of his life, whether it’s creating entertainment content or making business decisions. His commitment to maintaining a healthy weight not only helps improve his overall appearance, but also reinforces the positive and inspiring image he projects to his admirers and followers.

Josh Richards Nationality

Josh Richards is a famous social media personality and businessman who is proudly Canadian. Born on January 31, 2002 in Cobourg, a picturesque town in Ontario, Canada, he holds Canadian nationality. Canada, known for its diverse cultures and landscapes, played a significant role in shaping Josh’s personality and worldview. As a Canadian, he embodies values ​​of inclusivity, kindness and creativity that resonate with audiences around the world.

Growing up in a vibrant Canadian community, Josh was exposed to a variety of influences that have shaped his unique style and content. His nationality is not just a matter of geography, it is part of an identity he proudly embraces. Despite his international reputation, he remains rooted in Canada, using his platform to spread positivity and inspiration to followers around the world.

Josh Richards acting career

Josh Richards is a dynamic social media star and entrepreneur who has built an extraordinary career that showcases his creativity, vision and business acumen. He made his mark in the digital world and started his career as a TikTok content creator, captivating viewers with his engaging videos and magnetic charisma. His versatile talents quickly earned him a huge following and the adoration of fans around the world.

However, Josh’s ambitions go beyond becoming a social media star. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he entered the business world. He is the co-founder of talent management agency TalentX Entertainment, demonstrating his skills in identifying and developing emerging stars in the digital space. His leadership and insight have contributed to the agency’s success, making it a prominent player in the industry.

Josh Richards didn’t stop there, growing his entrepreneurial portfolio and serving as CEO of CrossCheck Studios. Through this venture, he delved into the world of production and created original content that reflected his innovative storytelling abilities.

Throughout his career, Josh has demonstrated a dedication to inspiring and empowering others. He uses his platform to spread positivity and inspire his audience to pursue their dreams. His journey from social media creator to jack-of-all-trades entrepreneur exemplifies the endless possibilities that await those who steadfastly embrace their passions and talents. As his career continues to evolve, Josh Richards remains an inspirational figure to aspiring content creators and budding entrepreneurs around the world.


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