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Back: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is a video game produced by Bluepoch and available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. It belongs to the role-playing and turn-based tactics genres. The game is developed and published by Bluepoch. It will be launched in mainland China on May 31, 2023, and will be released globally on October 26, 2023.

In “Reverse: 1999”, players engage in turn-based tactical role-playing, in which strategic decision-making plays a vital role. The game is released on multiple platforms, providing an immersive experience that allows players around the world to enjoy the game.

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Reversing 1999 X: Reversing 1999 X Build Guide

X is a powerful 5-star intellectual arcanist in Reversal 1999. He is good at causing 30% extra damage to mental enemies and is vulnerable to damage from enemies of the same type. As a DPS unit tagged with crowd control and dispersion, X’s primary focus is on canceling enemy buffs and dealing massive amounts of real-world damage. This guide analyzes his skills in detail, recommends the best Psychubes, discusses insight material, and recommends ideal teammates.

Skill breakdown:

The damage and dispel abilities of X’s spell skills vary based on the card’s star rating. His basic attack targets a single enemy, while his ultimate attack targets all enemies, canceling their buffs and weakening Moxxi. It is recommended to upgrade X to at least Insight I, as this allows him to inflict silence, preventing enemies from using critical skills.

  • Anode and Cathode: Deal realistic damage and remove stats and status.
  • Coffee or Tea: Deals real-world damage and dispels counters.
  • Minimalism and Minimalism: Deals realistic damage to all enemies and reduces their courage.

Best Psychubes for X:

Enhancing X’s damage handling capabilities is crucial. Here are some of the top Psychubes from Reverse 1999 X:

  • Brave New World (6 stars): Increases the power of X’s ultimate and increases spell power after casting the ultimate.
  • Hopscotch (6 stars): Boosts X’s spell power and increases ultimate power for each enemy defeated.
  • Freedom (5 stars): Enhances X’s ultimate power and increases damage when his health exceeds 50%.

Insight Material Guide:

Unleashing the potential of X requires Insight materials earned through farming, crafting, in-app store purchases, or redeeming codes. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Insight I: Causes silence when dispelling a status or status, and causes two rounds of silence when counterattacking. Required materials include Sharptooth, Mineral Resource Page, Astral Ascendant Page, Magnesium Oxide Crystal, and Esoteric Bones.
  • Insight II: Increases X’s ability to deal damage at the start of combat. Materials required: Sharptooth Beast, Mineral Scroll, Starlight Ascension Scroll, Raw Silver Ingot, Oracle Bird.
  • Insight III: After casting your ultimate ability, inflicts an unsettled state on enemies, eliminating their ability to spawn Moxxi. Materials include Sharptooth, Tome of Mineral Wealth, Tome of Starlight Ascension, Platinum Ouija Board, and Miststone.

Best teammate:

In Reverse 1999, X serves as a secondary DPS unit, benefiting from a team consisting of a primary DPS and a healer. Recommended teammates include Centurions, Eternals, and DPS Knights, as well as healers such as Medicine Bag or Sotheby.


Back: 1999 trailer

Back: 1999 Gameplay

Reverse: 1999 Gameplay combines stunning visuals with an engaging storyline for a thrilling gaming experience. Players play the role of timekeepers, able to time travel after a mysterious “storm” changes the world. Teaming up with Arcanist ally Soneto, the mission is to rescue others who sense the coming storm and prevent them from disappearing from the timeline. The game’s unique visual style blends historical art forms to create a visually appealing world that spans different eras, from the Roaring Twenties to the turn of the century.

Full English voice acting with different accents immerses players in different eras, adding depth to the characters and world. Days of Rebirth: 1999 Gameplay introduces the supernaturally capable Arcanist, allowing players to form teams and use spells in strategic combat. This adds excitement to a time-traveling RPG adventure that uncovers the mysteries of the Storm and Arcanist worlds. The game offers players an engaging experience with its engaging storyline, impressive art style, and diverse cast of characters, ensuring players remain fascinated as they explore the mysteries of different eras.

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