Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor Guide, How to Solve the Postulants Parlor Puzzle in Remnant 2?

Relics 2 Persia Durant’s Living Room

Postulant’s Living Room is a charming dungeon in Remnant 2, waiting for adventurers to traverse the whims of destiny. Accessible through certain volumes of Lothom’s Palace of Happiness, this mysterious realm is hidden behind an intricately decorated wall near the Joker that can be cleverly transformed into a portal using a magic quill. In this maze-like abode, a mind-bending puzzle awaits brave players to uncover multiple solutions.

Those who successfully solve its mysteries will be generously rewarded with a variety of coveted items. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the process, giving avid fans a comprehensive look at the tantalizing treasures within the mysterious confines of Remnant 2’s famed Posturant Parlor.

Remnant 2 Postulant’s Living Room Guide

The central focus of Postulant’s Parlor is its intricate puzzles, reminiscent of a chessboard. While Remnant 2 may seem confusing at first, players can easily master its mechanics:

1. The player controls the white stone, and the opponent controls the black stone.

2. If the opponent lines up with a black piece, similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, the puzzle resets and the player is subject to the Curse status effect.

3. On the contrary, line up with the white pieces to complete the puzzle.

Knowing this goal, players can strategize to create a line with white pieces while preventing their opponents from doing the same with black pieces. After completing this quest, the dungeon will grant you access to the Royal Hunting Bow.

However, there’s more to explore in Postulant’s living room. Players can use puzzles to open doors scattered throughout the dungeon, allowing access to additional rooms with bonus items. Each location on the puzzle board corresponds to a specific room in the dungeon. The black chess piece closes the door to the room, while the white chess piece opens the door to the room.

To obtain valuable rewards such as the Fae Royal Armor Set (located in the upper right room) and the Game Master’s Pride Ring (located behind the two doors in the lower left room), players must follow specific actions:

1. For the Fae Royal Armor Set:

– Create the designated pattern on the puzzle board to enter the room in the upper right corner.

2. For the Game Master’s Pride Ring:

– Two players cooperate, one controls the puzzle and the other navigates the Postulant’s living room.

– Puzzle players guide their partners to the lower left room.

– The puzzle player moves a white piece to the lower left corner.

– Move the player through the first door in the lower left room.

– Puzzle player fails on purpose and resets the puzzle.

-Then, move the player through the now-open second door to reach the Game Master’s Pride Ring.

With these details, Remnant 2 players can fully understand the mysteries of Posturant’s Parlor and gain access to the rewards hidden within its mysterious confines.


How to solve the Postulants living room puzzle in Remnant 2?

Upon entering the area, you quickly become aware of its labyrinthine nature, with several roads blocked by imposing gates. Entering directly from the entrance, you will see a tic-tac-toe board with a statue next to it. A book that borders on a puzzle might suggest that the statue is cheating, but in reality, winning is simple as long as you take the right actions.

Sitting in front of the statue, the puzzle will reset, revealing the same composition each time the player wins. You’ll control three white pieces, while the statue reacts with three black pieces of its own. To unlock the main door, do the following:

1. Move the middle white block to the top middle position.

2. If the statue does not move the black chess piece in the lower right corner, repeat moving the white chess piece in the top middle toward the upper left corner and back until it does.

3. After moving the lower right black stone, move the lower middle white stone to the lower left point. This causes the black piece on the left to move upward, allowing the white piece to return to its original position.

4. Since the selection of statues is limited, move the top middle white piece back to form the winning row.

Successfully following these steps will unlock the door to the coveted Royal Hunting Bow, your character’s powerful lance weapon.

Postulant’s Living Room Rewards

In Posturant’s living room, this puzzle is the key to unlocking the path to the various small rooms scattered around the dungeon’s periphery. These rooms contain tempting rewards waiting for brave adventurers to claim. While there are tons of treasures to be found, only a few are truly worth pursuing.

Among notable rewards, the upper-right room contains the coveted Fae Royal Armor Set, a collection of garments renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled protective qualities.

Meanwhile, hidden in the lower left room is the highly sought-after Game Master’s Pride Ring, an accessory with extraordinary power that reduces the effects of all healing by 50%. Additionally, it distributes damage and remaining healing evenly among all allies equipped with the ring, making it a valuable asset in challenging encounters.

While there are plenty of rewards scattered throughout the dungeon’s small chambers, the Fae Royal Armor Set and the Game Master’s Pride Ring are shining examples of treasure worth fervently pursuing, offering great benefits to those who are skilled and resourceful.

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