Persona 3 Reload Maiko, Maiko Hanged Man Guide

Persona 3 Reloaded

“Persona 3 Reload” is a remake of the popular role-playing game “Persona 3”, developed and published by Atlus. It was released on February 2, 2024, and is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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In this game, players take on the role of a high school student who returns to his hometown after the tragic death of his parents. When he joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), he discovers the power to summon Personas and fight the Shadow during mysterious dark hours.

The game belongs to the role-playing and social simulation genres and provides players with a rich single-player experience filled with engaging storylines and character interactions. Developed by P-Studio and published by Sega and Atlus.

Persona 3 Reloaded faithfully retells the original game’s captivating story while introducing updated graphics and gameplay mechanics. The game features an engaging narrative, immersive role-playing elements, and stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4.

With its diverse cast of characters, in-depth gameplay mechanics, and an unforgettable soundtrack composed by Atsushi Kitajoh, Persona 3: Reloaded will deliver an unforgettable game for fans of the series and new players alike. experience.

Persona 3 Armored Maiko

Maiko Ohashi is a character in “Persona 3: Reloaded”. In this game, she represents the 13th Major Arcana card of the Tarot, “The Hanged Man.” In the game, she is portrayed as a young girl seeking solace from family problems at the Nagasaki Shrine.

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Players can create a social bond with Maiko by launching on May 6 and providing her with two specific items: a strange takoyaki from the Octopia food stall in Iwatodai Strip Mall and a Mad Bull from the dormitory vending machine.

Maiko is available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday after school, as well as during the day after school during breaks and exams. Progressing through her social links requires making specific dialogue choices in various encounters.

Finally, a level 10 bead ring item was obtained, allowing the highest level of Attis to be fused. These showcase Persona 3: Maiko Armor in an engaging way, helping players navigate her levels.

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The food choices of the maiko in Persona 3: Reloaded

In “Persona 3: Reloaded”, the character Maiko, who often visits Nagasaki Shrine, has a special preference for food. One of her requests was for a special food described as round, hot, and soft, known as the strange takoyaki.

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This food can only be purchased from the Octopia stand located in the Iwatodai Station Avenue shopping mall. Players must purchase takoyaki for 400 yen and then give it to Maiko to fulfill her request.

By satisfying Maiko’s food choices, players deepen their connection with her and progress further in the game’s social link system, eventually unlocking dangling social links. Additionally, Maiko mentioned something else she wanted: a drink that was described as “crazy and bitter.”

Similar to Takoyaki, she leaves it up to the player to figure out the specifics of the request. Completing these tasks for Maiko not only satisfies her desires, but also plays a vital role in advancing the overall storyline of Persona 3: Reloaded.

Maiko’s Guide to Hanging People

In Persona 3: Reloaded, players can embark on a journey to maximize their connection with Maiko Ohashi, whose social link represents the mysteries of Persona, The Hanged Man. This guide provides insights and conversation options to effectively advance Maiko’s social links and unlock their full potential.

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Beginning on May 6, players will need to acquire certain items—the Crazy Bull and the Weird Takoyaki—to activate social links with Maiko. Players can begin a friendship with a maiko by visiting Nagasaki Shrine and sharing purchased items.

Throughout Social Links, players will encounter dialogue choices that influence the development of relationships, ultimately unlocking rewards related to the Mystery of the Hanged Man and enriching the game’s storyline.

To make the most of Maiko Social Links, players should carefully choose their dialogue options every time they interact. From Level 1 to Level 10, these choices determine the speed and depth of the relationship with the Maiko.Here are the choices players need to make to get better rankings

Unlock and rank 1:

  • Get Mad Cow and Weird Takoyaki.
  • Visit Nagasaki Shrine any weekday and share food with a maiko.
  • Reply that you will see her again.

Rank 1 → Rank 2:

  • Select “Sure, let’s go.” When Maiko’s stomach growled.

Rank 2 → Rank 3:

  • Select “Don’t worry, he’ll be there.” When discussing someone going home.

Rank 3 → Rank 4:

  • Select “This is good news.” or “Of course they care.” When discussing caring for people.

Rank 4 → Rank 5:

  • Select “Too bad.” When someone is mean, or “they never will.” When discussing missing.

Rank 5 → Rank 6:

  • Select “Calm down”. When Maiko decides to run away, or “That’s enough.” while discussing snacks.

Rank 6 → Rank 7:

  • Does not affect choice; answer freely.

Rank 7 → Rank 8:

  • Select “Hamburger”. or “your dad”. This will have a positive impact on the relationship between the two countries.

Rank 8 → Rank 9:

  • Choose “Friends Forever”. to strengthen connections.

Level 9 → Level 10 / Highest:

  • Select “I’m sure you will.” or “of course”. When discussing future family or marriage wishes.

By choosing these steps, players can achieve better rankings with her. It’s worth noting that Maiko’s availability is limited to specific days and times, so players must plan their interactions accordingly. By following this guide and making strategic decisions, players can fully explore the narrative and gameplay benefits of Maiko’s Social Links in Persona 3: Reloaded.

Persona 3 Reloaded Game Plot

In Persona 3: Reloaded, the story tells the story of a high school student who transfers to Gekkoukan High School and moves into a dormitory in the city. He discovers a mysterious phenomenon called the Dark Hour, an extra time that only a few people experience, in which a monster called the Shadow wanders.

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After being recruited by a group called the Special Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), he learned to summon powerful beings called Personas to fight against the Shadow. As the story unfolds, SEES discovers the truth behind the Dark Hour and Tartarus, a towering structure that emerged during this time.

They must face the deceptions of their leaders, face powerful opponents, and ultimately make decisions that determine the fate of the world. In an additional story segment after the main event called “The Answer,” SEES finds itself stuck in a time loop. They descended into the abyss of time beneath the dormitory.

and face challenges and confront their past. With the help of their new allies, the Métis, they uncover the true purpose behind the battle and the sacrifices their leader made. Through their struggles, they come to understand the importance of embracing life and making the most of the time they have together.

“Persona 3 Reloaded” Gameplay

Persona 3 Reload’s gameplay blends traditional role-playing and social simulation elements with numerous enhancements and additions. Inspired by Persona 5, the game features improved graphics, user interface updates, and quality of life improvements.

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Players can now find objective descriptions of story missions and navigate the map more easily with marked story locations. Additionally, the protagonist is able to run and explore areas from a third-person perspective, allowing for a better view of the surrounding environment.

The game introduces new activities in the Iwatodai dormitory, such as cooking, gardening, and watching movies, which help enhance the protagonist’s social statistics. Exploration in the main dungeon of Tartarus is enhanced with more environmental variety and visual effects.

Combat mechanics have also been improved, with a user interface inspired by Persona 5 and new commands such as “Investigate” and “Assist” added. Overall, Persona 3 Reload combines familiar mechanics with exciting new features to deliver an engaging gameplay experience.

“Persona 3: Reloaded” game trailer

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