How to Get the Scroll of the Elder in Blasphemous 2? Know Here!

Blasphemy 2

“Blasphemous 2” is produced by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17. It is a side-scrolling Metroidvania game. As a follow-up to its predecessor Blasphemous (2019), this video game graced the gaming world in August 2023. It runs on multiple platforms, including Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

An extension of the Blasphemous universe, the sequel will take players on another immersive journey through its meticulously designed landscapes and interconnected worlds. Building on the legacy of the first game, Blasphemous 2 enhances the gameplay experience with refined mechanics, fresh challenges, and the continuation of an engaging narrative.

Upon its release, the game received positive feedback from players and critics. Blasphemous 2 has been well-received by the gaming community for its seamless blend of exploration, challenging combat, and atmospheric storytelling. Carefully crafted environments, coupled with intricate level design, provide players with a rich and engaging adventure experience.

How to get the Elder Scrolls in Desecration 2?

In Desecration 2, the Elder Scroll is a quest item that you can find in the Tower Crown area. Here are the detailed steps to get the Elder Scrolls:

To get to Tower Crown:

First go to the Tower Crown area in Desecration 2. Here you will embark on a journey to find the Elder Scrolls.

Find the platform:

As you enter the tower crown area, you’ll see a series of platforms. These platforms will be your path to The Elder Scrolls. They may be located near the beginning of the area.

Get on the platform:

Start climbing onto the platform. This may require some jumping and careful maneuvering to get up.

Reaching the prayer statue:

When you get to the platform you’ll eventually see a praying statue. Approach the praying statue as this is an important part of the process.

To activate the prayer statue:

Interact with the prayer statue to trigger an event. This event will cause the platform you’ve been ascending to rise, creating a temporary path.


When the platforms rise, quickly cross them before they lower again. Timing is key, so make sure to move quickly to avoid falling.

Avoid flames:

While traveling across the platforms, you may encounter some obstacles, such as fire. Make sure to avoid them to prevent damage.

Climb the wall:

Once you successfully cross the platform, you’ll find yourself in an area with climbable walls. Start climbing the wall and be careful of any potential dangers.

Reaching the Lonely Ledge:

  • As you climb up the wall, you’ll notice a lone ledge on the right. This is your destination. Carefully walk towards this ledge.
  • Collect the Elder Scroll: On the lone ledge you’ll find the Elder Scroll. Interact with it to add it to your inventory.
  • Keep in mind that the Elder Scroll is a quest item that may play a role in Desecrated 2’s storyline or specific quests. Once you obtain it, you can read more about it in your inventory to understand its importance and potential uses. game.

These detailed steps should help you through the process of obtaining the Elder Scrolls in Desecrated 2.


How to use the Elder Scrolls in Desecration 2?

In Desecrated 2, an important purpose of The Elder Scrolls is closely related to the characters Kastura and Tryphon. In addition, obtaining the Elder Scroll is related to the achievement “Two Elders Eat Soup”, and this achievement recommends obtaining the Holy Cloth of the Old Woman. Here’s how to use The Elder Scrolls:

Obtain the Scroll of the Elder and the Cloth of the Old Woman:

First, you must find the Elder Scroll and the Old Woman’s Cloak. As mentioned before, the scroll is located in the crown area of ​​the tower. The Holy Cloth is connected to Kastura, and to obtain it you need to visit the Sacred Necropolis. By interacting with certain bells and platforms, you’ll find the Cloth.

Restaurant interaction:

Take the Elder Scroll and the Old Woman’s Saint Cloth with you and head to the restaurant in the Embroidery Palace. Once in the hall, exit and re-enter until you see the old woman (Castula) sitting at the table. This interaction is crucial if you plan to use Elder Scrolls.

Using the Elder Scrolls:

If you choose to give the Elder Scroll when you interact with the old woman in the restaurant, you will be rewarded with Triphon’s Remembrance. This action is part of the game mechanics and storyline progression.

Gather necessary memories:

To unlock the achievements related to this questline, you need two tokens: Triphon’s token and another token obtained from the Terrace Shop in Awakening Street. Obtain the second token by purchasing and collecting two tokens.

Unlock achievements:

Finally, these two monuments are passed to the sculptor character or possibly the sculptor’s daughter. This will lead to the creation of the altarpiece. Once you own two altarpieces, you can successfully unlock the “Two Old Men Eating Soup” achievement, marking the completion of this quest line.

“Desecration 2” gameplay

Very similar to its predecessor, “Blasphemous 2” adopts the 2D side-scrolling metroidvania action-adventure game genre. Players play the role of the Confessor, a silent knight, starting a new adventure in a novel kingdom. Mission: Stop the resurgence of the vicious curse known as “The Miracle.” Set after the original game’s “Wounds of Evenside” update, the game’s narrative continues to unfold in the sequel.

Navigating this dangerous universe, you’ll discover a landscape filled with dangerous traps, intricate platforming challenges, powerful opponents, and impressive boss encounters. In addition to these trials, players will encounter non-playable characters who offer assistance or set them supplementary quests, adding depth to the journey.

Desecration 2 introduces a plethora of new weapons, each with unique attributes such as range, speed, unique abilities, and skill progression. Weapons like the War Censer provide a powerful, slow attack, while dual-wielding a rapier and dagger combination delivers fast damage. The Prayer Blade is a multi-functional weapon that combines the advantages of similar weapons to further enrich combat options.

These weapons are not limited to combat, but also facilitate exploration by revealing unknown routes and solving mysterious puzzles.

Additionally, the protagonist’s abilities can be adjusted to personal preference. Players can adorn themselves with up to five “rosaries,” which are passive enhancers with unique benefits. Additionally, two active spells called prayers can be used during the game. Collectible statues offer little benefit on their own, but can offer huge benefits when combined with thoughtful combinations.

As such, game dynamics encompass a range of choices that encourage players to forge their own path through strategic engagement and clever customization.

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