Super Mario RPG Composer Puzzle, Super Mario RPG Composer Songs and Puzzle Rewards

Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG is a 1996 video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This was the last Mario game on the SNES. The game tells the story of Mario and his friends as they try to stop the Blacksmith Gang, who are disrupting their world and breaking up the seven star fragments of Star Road. It is the first role-playing game in the Mario series, inspired by Square’s role-playing games such as Final Fantasy. The game features turn-based combat with up to three characters and introduces isometric 3D environments for exploration and platforming, a first in the Mario series.

The game was highly praised for its humor and 3D graphics. It is the basis for Nintendo’s other RPG series Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, and inherits some gameplay elements. Super Mario RPG launched on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008 and later expanded to Europe and Australia before launching on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015. It was also included in the Super NES Classic Edition in 2017. The remake for Nintendo Switch is expected to be released on November 17, 2023.

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Super Mario RPG Composer Puzzle

In Super Mario RPG, Melody Bay’s Composer Puzzle involves jumping on a tadpole to re-create a tune and obtain a card from Toadofsky. Complete all three puzzles to unlock special items that can be purchased in the Tadpole Pool.

Melody Bay Song Puzzle:

Frog Sage Suite No. 18 (Alto Card):

  • Located in Tadpole Pond.
  • Jump on the tadpole as shown in the picture to unlock the Alto card.
  • Rewards include 80 HP Frog Leg Cola (24 coins).

Moreville Miner’s Song (tenor card):

  • Progress through Moreville and the Moreville Mine.
  • Return to the Tadpole Pool to solve the second puzzle.
  • Solve it as shown in the picture to get the tenor card.
  • Unlock Wingless Cola 150 HP (60 coins).

Monstro Town Star Song (Soprano Card):

  • Visit Monster Town and interact with starfish.
  • Return to Tadpole Pool to solve the final puzzle.
  • Follow the instructions and jump on the tadpole to get the Soprano Card.
  • Unlock Croaka Cola to restore full health (200 coins).

Puzzle Rewards:

After completing all puzzles, you can purchase special items at a discount:

  • Tadpola Cola (Team recovers 30 HP; costs 8 coins).
  • Frog Leg Cola (Restores 80 health to the party; costs 24 coins).
  • Tailless Cola (Restores 150 HP to the party; costs 60 coins).
  • Croaka Cola (Party fully restored; costs 200 coins).

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Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG, you’ll notice similarities to other games produced by Square, especially the Final Fantasy series. However, the story and gameplay are largely based on the Super Mario Bros. platformer. The game has two main parts: exploration and turn-based combat. When you’re not fighting monsters, the game feels like a 3D platformer, with Mario doing things like hitting problem blocks from below. Unlike some RPGs, you can see enemies on the battlefield, so you only fight when Mario touches an enemy. This means you can avoid fights you don’t want to be involved in.

At first, you’ll only be playing with Mario, but your team will grow to five characters. In combat, Mario fights two other people, and you can switch between them while exploring. Each character has their own special moves. For example, Princess Toadstool can heal, while Geno and Bowser can perform powerful attacks. Combat is turn-based, but you can add extra power with well-timed button presses. At the start of each turn, you can choose to attack, defend, run, use items, or cast magic from a menu. This action command, used to time button presses, became a common feature in later Mario role-playing games.

Super Mario RPG plot

One day, Mario goes to King Bowser’s castle to rescue Princess Toadstool. During their battle, a giant living sword named Axl fell from the sky, breaking the Star Road and destroying Bowser’s castle. This will cause Mario, Toadstool, and Bowser to fly in different directions, scattering seven star fragments.

Mario meets Toad, who tells him that he needs to save Toadstool. He attempts to return to Bowser’s castle, but Axl destroys the bridge. Mario travels to the Mushroom Kingdom and meets a “tadpole” named Marlo. They retrieve the frog coin that was stolen by the thief Crocco. When they return, they find that the Blacksmith Gang, led by the evil robot Blacksmith King Smith, has taken over. Mario and Marlo defeat the gang boss Mike and find a star fragment. Marlow learns that he is not a real tadpole, and decides to work with Mario to find the seven star fragments and his biological parents.

They encounter a protoss named Geno, who controls a wooden doll. They fight Bowyer, who is causing trouble in Rose Town. They got another star fragment. Geno tells Mario about the broken Star Road and his mission to repair it and defeat the Smithy. Bowser asks Mario for help in taking back his castle, and they join forces. They rescue Princess Toadstool from a fake wedding with Booster. She decides to join the party, and her grandmother disguises herself in her place.

They collected five more star fragments and headed to the Land of Rain Clouds. They learn that Valentina is imprisoning the ruler. They defeated Valentina and Dodo, freeing Marlo’s parents, the king and queen. They saw a star fall into a nearby volcano.

They travel to the barrel volcano and obtain the sixth star fragment. They discover that the final piece was completed in Bowser’s castle with Smith. They fight their enemies, enter the castle, and discover that Axl is the gateway to Smith’s Factory. They defeated Smith, held off his army, and Axl disappeared. Star fragments repair the Star Road, Geno returns, Bowser rebuilds his castle, Marlo becomes a prince again, and Mario and Princess Toadstool celebrate their victory.

Super Mario RPG Overview






Maekawa Yoshihiko, Fujioka Chihiro


Shigeru Miyamoto


Deep Valley Civilization


Hideo Minaba, Kiyofumi Kato, Yuko Hae


Kensuke Tanabe, Atsushi Teshima


Yoko Shimomura




Super Nintendo Entertainment System

release date

Japan: March 9, 1996; North America: May 13, 1996


role play


single player

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