Fortnite Error Code LS-0016, Fixes and Causes

Fortnite error code LS-0016

In Fortnite, the hype for the latest season of Myths and Mortals is pretty high. However, the LS-0016 error occurs during seasonal transitions. This error indicates that the server or backend service is undergoing maintenance. Once maintenance is completed or the season transition is completed, players can launch the game without any issues.

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Many players are frustrated when they encounter the LS-0016 error when trying to launch Fortnite, preventing them from getting back into the game. Players encountered this error code issue on March 8, 2024, after Epic took Fortnite’s servers offline during the Season 2 Chapter 5 outage.

The game has been offline for extended periods of time due to multiple extended downtimes. For potential players, the exact timing of server restoration is uncertain. Epic will continue to provide maintenance progress updates and will share information as soon as possible.


Due to ongoing maintenance or server issues, Fortnite players may encounter error code LS-0016. Depending on your operating system, follow the steps below to fix this error issue.

For Windows users:

  • Right-click on the system tray icon in the lower right corner
  • Select Exit from the menu
  • Then wait up to 15 minutes
  • Try restarting Fortnite by restarting the Epic Games Launcher

For Mac users:

  • Press the Control key on your keyboard and select the Epic Games launcher icon
  • Click to exit
  • Wait up to 15 minutes
  • Next, try opening the Epic Games Launcher again to launch Fortnite


Fortnite error code LS-0016 occurs when the game’s servers or backend services undergo maintenance. This maintenance is typically performed during season transitions, such as when Fortnite launches a new chapter or season. During this maintenance period, players may encounter the LS-0016 error when trying to launch the game from the Epic Games Launcher.

This error code may appear when you try to access certain features in Fortnite such as cosmetics, creative mode, battle royale, etc. This error is temporary and should be resolved after maintenance is completed. It is worth noting that the server issues will be resolved by Epic Games.


Fortnite is an online battle royale video game produced by Epic Games. It was released in 2017. The game has several modes, but the most popular is Fortnite Battle Royale. The game is free to play and allows up to 100 players to compete to be the last person standing on the island. You can build buildings and collect weapons and resources to fight or kill enemies.

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