Who Went Home on Project Runway Tonight? Project Runway Spoilers Season 20 Finalists

Who’s going home on Project Runway tonight?

In the latest episode of Project Runway, the designer sent home is Rami Kashou. The episode features a challenging, avant-garde design assignment inspired by the One Vanderbilt Summit building in New York City. Rami has been on a rollercoaster ride all season, narrowly missing out early on with a save from Siriano.

This time, however, his avant-garde creation failed to impress the judges. While they acknowledged his efforts to push boundaries, they found flaws in execution and design details. Ultimately, Rami’s appearance fell short compared to the other contestants, resulting in his elimination.

With Ramey’s departure, the competition is now down to its final three competitors: Bishme Cromartie, Brittany Allen, and Laurence Basse . These talented designers will continue to compete for coveted titles and awards as they prepare to showcase their creations during the upcoming Project Runway All-Star Season Finale at New York Fashion Week.

‘Project Runway’ Spoilers: Season 20 Finalists

Project Runway Season 20 is an exciting ride for fans of the fashion competition show. As an “all-star” season, 14 talented designers from previous seasons come together to compete for grand prizes including $250,000, transformative mentorship from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and a spot in Elle magazine.

This season marks the return of Project Runway to Bravo after seven seasons on Lifetime. With familiar faces and high stakes, viewers can’t wait to see who will make it to the top and who will face elimination. Throughout the competition, designers faced a variety of challenges that tested their creativity, technical skills and ability to push boundaries.

Judges including Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth provided valuable feedback and comments from the fashion and entertainment industries A line-up of renowned guest judges add additional expertise and insight. The pressure comes as the contestants strive to better themselves and secure their place in the competition.

In a recent episode, tensions came to a head when designers came up with an edgy look inspired by the One Vanderbilt Summit building in New York City. With just three finalists left — Bishme Cromartie, Brittany Allen and Laurence Basse — the stakes are higher than ever All high.

Although Bishme emerged as the winner of this challenge, it was an emotional farewell for Rami Kashou who was eliminated. Graciously accepting his fate, Lamy reflects on his creative journey and the connections he has made with other designers. As the final three designers prepare for the finale, fans are eagerly awaiting the final showdown to see who will claim the title of Project Runway Champion and win the incredible prizes that await the winner.


Project Runway Season 20 Cast

S. No.



1 Nora Pagel 39
2 Mira Hermanowski 54
3 Victor Luna 41
4 Hester Sunshine 38
5 Kane Gillaspie 44
6 Fabio Costa 39
7 Zhou Yinan 33
8 Kara Thorne 54
9 Koto Momoru 47
10 Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste 38
11 Lamika Xiu 46
12 Bishme Cromartie 32
13 Brittany Allen 32
14 Lawrence Bass 47

Project runway overview

“Project Runway” is an American reality television show that premiered on Bravo on December 1, 2004, focusing on fashion design. Contestants on the show compete against each other to create the best costume creations while dealing with constraints such as time limits, available materials and assigned themes.

Their designs are evaluated by a panel of judges, and one or more designers are typically eliminated each week. In each season, contestants face progressive elimination until only a handful of finalists remain. These finalists then prepare complete collections to be shown at New York Fashion Week, where judges select the ultimate winner.

Project Runway was conceived by Eli Holzman and was originally hosted by Heidi Klum from 2004 to 2017. The show has had a varied airing history, starting with its first five seasons on Bravo and later on for eleven seasons on Lifetime. In 2018, as the Weinstein Company went bankrupt, the show returned to Bravo.

That same year, Heidi Klum and designer mentor Tim Gunn exited the series to host another fashion competition show on Amazon Video called “Making the Cut.” American model Karlie Kloss replaces Klum as the new host, with Season 4 winner Christian Siriano taking over as mentor. Notably, in 2008, the show won a Peabody Award for its use of the “reality competition television” genre to engage, inform, inspire and entertain viewers. Project Runway has inspired more than 30 international adaptations around the world.

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