Where to Find Scarletite FF16? Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite Location

final fantasy 16 scarlet location

If you can’t find Scarletite in Final Fantasy XVI, don’t worry. This guide is designed to assist you by providing information about the various sources from which you can obtain this valuable resource. In the game, scarlet ore is of great significance as a precious crafting material. It plays a vital role in creating powerful equipment such as the Dragon Slayer Belt, Dragon Slayer Bracelet, and Excalibur.

Although each of these items only requires one piece of Crimson Ore, many players have trouble finding even one piece of this material. See this guide to learn about Scarletite locations in Final Fantasy XVI.

Where can I find scarlet FF16?

If you’re looking for Scarletite in Final Fantasy XVI, you can find it here:

“Hot water” side quest:

Location: Dalimir Hotel in the Dalmekian Republic (unlocked later in the “Mystery of the Sands” main quest).

Details: Take the side quest from Xaver and defeat the bomb enemy to receive a Crimson Ore as a reward.

Dozmal Hunting:

Location: Southeast corner of Sandbrake Novant Valley (take the southern route from Lost Wing Village).

Details: Unlock this hunt as part of the “Blacksmith’s Blues” side quest during the “There Are Monsters Here” main quest. Defeat the Dozma Griffin to obtain Crimson Ore.

Fastitocalon (Dead on the Mountain) Hunt:

Location: The northeastern corner of the Vic Roy Desert area in the Republic of Dalmekia Province.

Details: This hunt, also known as “Dead Mountain,” appears on the hunt board after starting the “Mystery of the Sand” main quest. Completing it will reward two Crimson Ore as part of the loot.

Ten Club Hunt:

Location: Small Fanmere area on the southeast side of the Korava Plain area in the Province of the Republic of Dalmekia.

Details: This hunt is unlocked shortly after completing the “Fire in the Sky” main quest.

Holy Trump Tour Hunt:

Location: Lost Wing Village area in Sandbrake Province, at the end of the cellar passage (south side of the village).

Details: This hunt is part of the “Rekindling the Fire” side quest, available during the main “Cloak & Dagger” quest.

To get Crimson Ore quickly in Final Fantasy XVI, focus on completing the “Hot Water” side quest, the Dozmel Hunt, and the Fastitocalon Hunt. These methods provide the most efficient ways to obtain Crimson Ore in the game.


What is Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16?

In Final Fantasy XVI, Crimson Ore is described as one of the hardest metals in the game world. The in-game description explains that Crimson Ore is coveted by those who can afford its high price, not because of its rarity, but because it requires a furnace operated by at least five strong men to produce enough A strong flame to melt the ore. During this process, the metal takes on a deep red color, hence its name.

Crimson Ore is a rare and valuable material that can be used to create powerful items such as the Dragon Slayer’s Belt and the Excalibur. Its rarity and exceptional properties make it a popular resource in the game.

What is the use of scarlet ore?

During your journey through Valistia, Crimson Ore plays a vital role as a vital material in crafting the powerful Dragonslayer’s Belt and Dragonslayer’s Bracelet. These epic items provide massive armor and health bonuses, greatly aiding your adventures. To begin crafting these items, you must first unlock the Dragon Slayer crafting recipe.

You can do this by helping Blackthorn complete his side quest “Blacksmith’s Blues”. Completing this quest not only gives you recipe knowledge, but also rewards you with your first Crimson Ore, setting you on the path to building powerful gear for future adventures.

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