Where are Scosglen Stronghold Located in Diablo 4? All Scosglen Stronghold Locations Diablo 4

Where are Scosglen Stronghold Located in Diablo 4?

Hope’s Light is situated at the northernmost edge of Scosglen. The primary objective within this stronghold is to make your way to the pinnacle of the lighthouse and uncover the reason behind its lack of illumination. To achieve this, players must navigate through a challenging path consisting of a series of winding islands and wrecked ships.

The journey to the top of the lighthouse requires players to employ their jumping skills effectively. Precise and well-timed jumps are crucial as they traverse the treacherous terrain. The islands and ships are scattered in a way that poses a formidable challenge, testing players’ agility and spatial awareness.

As players progress, they will encounter various obstacles and hazards along the way. These may include gaps between islands, unstable platforms, and crumbling ship debris. Each step must be taken with caution, as a misstep could result in a perilous fall or an encounter with hostile creatures lurking in the shadows.

Reaching the summit of Hope’s Light grants players the opportunity to investigate the cause of the lighthouse’s unlit state. What secrets lie within its walls? What mysteries await those who brave the perilous ascent? By successfully overcoming the demanding platforming and reaching the pinnacle, players will uncover the truth behind the darkness that has befallen the lighthouse and discover what awaits them in the depths of its enigmatic interior.

All Scosglen Stronghold Locations Diablo 4

Moordaine Lodge: A Savage Refuge

Moordaine Lodge is a stronghold located in the top right of the map. It was once a hunting ground but has now become a refuge for twisted beasts. To clear out this stronghold, players must find the bodies of three slain hunters scattered around the area and defeat the enraged beasts guarding each one. During the investigation, a werewolf-like creature will attack, retreating to its lair for the final fight.

Clearing out Moordaine Lodge unlocks two new dungeons: Ferals’ Den and Twisted Hollow. These dungeons offer new aspects for druids and rogues. Additionally, players will receive renown, which can eventually grant extra skill points and potion charges.

Hope’s Light: Zombie-Pirate Infestation

Hope’s Light is a stronghold located in the top left of Scosglen and is infested with zombie pirates. Players must fight their way through drenched shipwrecks to reach the lighthouse. Activating winches will summon an elite and their crew, and defeating them will allow progress to the next area. The final challenge is facing a witch with mastery over tides.

Clearing out Hope’s Light grants region renown and access to The Flooded Depths, a new dungeon with a necromancer aspect.

Tur Dulra: The Abandoned Druidic College

Tur Dulra, located in the bottom left of Scosglen, is an abandoned druidic college overgrown with moss. Within this stronghold, players will experience a strange memory of the college’s fall. They must navigate the burning stone corridors and find the spirits of three powerful druids trapped by anger and harvested by a great demon. After freeing and speaking to each spirit, players must fight them in their corrupted form. Finally, they face the demon before returning to the real world.

Completing Tur Dulra grants access to the final Waypoint in Scosglen and revitalizes the college, offering various goods and services. Players also receive a significant amount of renown and unlock two new dungeons: Underroot and Wretched Delve, which introduce new aspects.


Diablo 4 Scosglen Waypoints

Scosglen, similar to the Dry Steppes, offers a total of eight waypoints that players can activate. These waypoints are strategically located throughout the region, providing convenient travel options when navigating Scosglen.

  1. Cerrigar: Cerrigar is the central hub city of Scosglen. Situated in the heart of the region, it offers various services such as stash access, wardrobe for equipment management, healers for health restoration, weapon and armor vendors, amulet/ring vendors, a purveyor of curiosities, stables for mounts, a blacksmith, herbalist, occultist, and a jeweler.

  2. Firebreak Manor: Firebreak Manor plays a significant role in the story of Diablo 4. After meeting with Donan, players will visit this location to progress the plot. Although no services are available here, important story events unfold.

  3. Tul Dulra: Tul Dulra is a Stronghold located in the western part of Scosglen. It presents formidable challenges that players must overcome. Once cleared, the area becomes a safe haven with services including a healer, amulet/ring vendor, and herbalist.

  4. Marowen: Located north of Tul Dulra, Marowen is a modest settlement where townsfolk work diligently. Players can receive assistance from the villagers, and services offered include a healer, armor vendor, amulet/ring vendor, and blacksmith. Additionally, players can salvage unwanted gear here.

  5. Braestaig: To the southeast of Marowen or north of Cerrigar lies Braestaig. This location serves as a crucial point that leads to several paths across the region. Services available in Braestaig include a healer, armor vendor, stables, and blacksmith.

  6. Corbach: Continuing east from Braestaig and slightly southward, players will reach Corbach. Initially a Stronghold, it requires players to clear out evil forces. Once accomplished, services become available, including a healer, weapon vendor, and blacksmith.

  7. Tirmair: Considered a major town in Scosglen, Tirmair is located at the far east side of the region. Activating this waypoint simplifies travel to important objectives later in the game. Services in Tirmair include a healer, armor vendor, stables, and blacksmith.

  8. Under the Fat Goose Inn: Under the Fat Goose Inn is an intriguing location that triggers a chain of quests leading to a dark place. It also serves as the starting point for a side quest involving a missing signboard. Services offered here include a healer and stables.

Having discovered all eight waypoints in Scosglen, players can progress through Act 2 more efficiently. These fast travel points significantly reduce unnecessary travel time, allowing players to focus on their objectives. Accumulating Renown points becomes easier, and players can utilize these waypoints to swiftly navigate the vast play area of Scosglen.

Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Location

Altars of Lilith Locations in Scosglen (Diablo 4)

  1. Greenglen Meadows: Located south of Cerrigar, near a set of trees. Grants +2 Strength.

  2. Wealaf Rise: Found south of the decrepit fort in The Downs region. Inside a small house/building, grants +2 Dexterity.

  3. The Unhallowed Pit: Situated in a circular spot with dried trees. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  4. Wraithstead: Near the Oldstones dungeon, amidst a bunch of bushes. Grants +2 Strength.

  5. The Great Northern Plains: Southwest of Under The Fat Goose Inn or south of the Abandoned Barrow dungeon, on a cliff edge. Grants +2 Strength.

  6. Dead Forest 1: East of the Hive dungeon, easily spotted with a distinct bent tree beside it. Grants +2 Willpower.

  7. Dead Forest 2: Between Whispering Pines and The Forlorn Hovel dungeons, near the edge of a small cliff. Grants +2 Strength.

  8. Maddux Hill: East of the Maddox Watch dungeon, on a small cliffside. Grants +2 Intelligence.

  9. Gloom Pine Pass: East of Under The Fat Goose Inn, behind a rock. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  10. The Withered Scrubs: West of the Whispering Pines dungeon, between two old trees. Grants +2 Strength.

  11. The Daudur Peats: East of Tirmair, near a small visible portion with its back turned towards the camera. Grants +2 Intelligence.

  12. Moordaine Lodge: Inside the Moordaine Lodge stronghold, crossing a narrow crevice under a wooden trunk. Grants +2 Willpower.

  13. Loch Raeth: Along the river banks in the western region of the Tirmair waypoint. Grants +2 Strength.

  14. The Blood Vale: Denoted by red color on the map, with a path leading to a dead-end. Grants +2 Willpower.

  15. Bronagh Expanse: Beside the Raethwind Wilds dungeon, between a group of tall trees. Grants +2 Willpower.

  16. Wailing Coast: East of Penitent Cairns dungeon or Braestaig waypoint, beside a bunch of trees. Grants +2 Strength.

  17. Torvstrath: To the west of Lubian’s Rest dungeon, in a ruined village. Grants +2 Willpower.

  18. Fiabre: West of Twisted Hollow, on top of a small hill beside a tree. Grants +2 Willpower.

  19. Razor Shoals: Inside a building on the edge of a cliff, north of Corbach waypoint. Grants +2 Strength.

  20. The Ancient’s Woods 1: South of Tur Dulra, in The Ancient’s Woods. Grants +2 Intelligence.

  21. The Ancient’s Woods 2: In a cave in the extreme southwestern parts of The Ancient’s Woods. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  22. The Ancient’s Woods 3: East of the Wretched Delve dungeon, between a broken wall and a group of trees. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  23. Tur Dulra: Within the Tur Dulra stronghold, accessible by a walkway leading to a broken tower. Grants +2 Intelligence.

  24. Old Forest Clearing: Near the Howling Warren dungeon, surrounded by trees. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  25. Shadow Wood: West of Cerrigar, on a cliff edge. Grants +2 Intelligence.

  26. The Witan Wolds: West of Firebreak Manor, in a forest area. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  27. Laglend Fen: Southwest of Firebreak Manor, between rocks and trees. Grants +2 Willpower.

  28. Outlaws Grove: At the edge of Scosglen, surrounded by trees in a roughly semi-circular manner. Grants +2 Willpower.

  29. Stormbreak Cove: East or slightly northeast of the Sunken Ruins dungeon, in a corner beside a giant rock. Grants +2 Strength.

  30. The Cursed Scarps: West of the Mithering Descent dungeon, between rocks in shallow water. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  31. The Cursed Bay: Inside the Hope’s Light stronghold, near the remains of an old boat. Grants +2 Strength.

  32. The Old Mine Works: Southwest of Calibel’s Mine dungeon, in a wooden hut-like structure. Grants +2 Intelligence.

  33. Writhing Brook: South of the Marowen waypoint, at the end of a small cliff. Grants +2 Dexterity.

  34. Ancestor Heights: North of the Weeping Cairns dungeon, near tall rocks resembling statues. Grants +2 Intelligence.

These altars of Lilith in Scosglen offer valuable stat boosts and are worth finding and interacting with in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Scosglen

In the upcoming game Diablo 4, Scosglen is one of the five distinct regions players will explore. Known for being the homeland of the druids, Scosglen offers a unique and captivating experience within the game. Each region in Diablo 4, including Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Hawezar, Fractured Peaks, and Kehjistan, has its own distinct feel, environments, and thematic elements.

Scosglen stands out as the region associated with the druidic order, reflecting their connection to nature and the wild. As players venture through Scosglen, they will encounter lush and verdant landscapes, dense forests, and mystical groves. The region is filled with ancient trees, vibrant flora, and serene water bodies, creating a visually stunning and immersive environment.

The druidic influence is prevalent throughout Scosglen, with the region serving as a hub for their order. Players will have the opportunity to interact with druidic NPCs, uncover their lore and traditions, and delve into the mysteries surrounding their ancient practices. The region’s quests and storylines will revolve around the unique struggles, conflicts, and responsibilities faced by the druids in their efforts to maintain the balance of nature.

In addition to its natural beauty, Scosglen also poses challenges and dangers. Players will encounter formidable creatures and hostile forces that threaten the tranquility of the region. These adversaries may include corrupted beasts, demonic entities, and other malevolent beings that have disrupted the harmony of Scosglen’s ecosystem.

Exploring Scosglen will unveil hidden secrets, ancient ruins, and mystical places of power. Players can expect to discover hidden caves, sacred groves, and other enigmatic locations that hold valuable treasures, powerful artifacts, and crucial information for their journey.

Each of the five regions in Diablo 4, including Scosglen, offers a distinct atmosphere, visual design, and gameplay experience. From the desolate plains of Dry Steppes to the mystical lands of Kehjistan, players will encounter a diverse range of environments, challenges, and narratives as they traverse the world of Sanctuary in their quest for power and redemption.

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