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Wario software move it

“Wario Software: Move It!” is an interesting video game for the Nintendo Switch. It is the 11th game in the WarioWare series and the follow-up to a 2006 game called “WarioWare: Smooth Moves”. In this game you can play various mini-games with your friends, making it a great party game. Released on November 3, 2023, it is the second WarioWare game for Nintendo Switch, following 2021’s Get It Together. So if you like fast and exciting challenges with friends, this game is for you.


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Goro Abe, Shigeta Waki


Kensuke Tanabe, Shinya Saito, Atsushi Ikuno


Nami Komuro


Kitayama Yusuke


Hiroshi Takeuchi, Hiroki Kawamae


Nami Komuro


Tsune Kondo, Haruno Ito, Shoshige Murata


Made by Wario


nintendo switch


November 3, 2023




Single player, multiplayer

WarioWare Move It Unlocked

In Wario Maker: Move! For Nintendo Switch, there are seven special game modes that you can unlock by completing specific tasks. These modes add extra fun and challenge to the game. Here’s a brief description of each unlock mode:

  • Megagame Muscles: This is a single-player fitness mode designed for those who want to work out while playing WarioWare. To unlock it, simply complete the game’s story mode.
  • Double Act: In this two-player mode, you and a friend can play miniature games together in Move It’s standard survival mode. You unlock it by completing the game’s story mode.
  • Switch Rig: Another two-player mode where players can switch between playing mini-games and powering their rig to make the game easier to watch. To unlock it, complete story mode.
  • Showdown: This is a two-player competitive mode where you and a friend compete in a marathon of micro-games. You can also unlock it by completing the story mode.
  • All Mixed Together: In this standard single player mode, all microgames are mixed into the standard survival mode rotation. To unlock it, complete story mode.
  • Super Hard: This single-player mode speeds up the microgames significantly. Unlocked by scoring 30 points or higher in “All Mixed Up” mode.
  • Thrill Ride: In this single-player mode, the microgames are made more challenging with extra tricks and surprises. Unlocked by scoring 20 points or higher in Super Hard mode.
  • Dirty Jobs: This particular mini-game can be played by one or two players. Your mission is to use your water gun to fight off waves of dirty dishes, completing multiple stages and boss fights. To unlock it, get a score of 10 or higher in “Thrill Ride” mode.

These unlockable game modes provide additional entertainment and challenge for players who want to explore more of WarioWare: Move It! Required. Good luck unlocking and playing these modes.


Wario Software Move It Gameplay

Gameplay in WarioWare: Move It! is all about playing fast and exciting mini-games called “microgames.” These mini-games are much like quick challenges. Like the 2006 Wii game “WarioWare: Smooth Moves,” the game uses the motion controls of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. Each microgame is all about how you hold the Joy-Con at the beginning, and then you have to move the controller in different ways to complete the microgame. Some of these microgames even use the special camera on the right Joy-Con.

In “Move It!” you’ll find over 200 different miniature games to play. You can also play with your friends! In one mode, two players need to coordinate their movements to complete microgames together, and in other game modes you can even play with up to four players. This is a fun and fast-paced game to enjoy with friends.

Wario Software Moves Its Story

In WarioWare: Move It! ” story in which it all started with a TV commercial offering the chance to visit “Caresaway Island” by purchasing a garlic burger. The always hungry Wario ends up getting fifty, which earns him a trip to the island with twenty friends, much to his chagrin. When his friends find out, they want to join the adventure, and Wario reluctantly agrees.

Once they arrive on the island, the residents give them special form stones that look like Joy-Con controllers, and these stones can help them on various adventures. Wario tries to escape the temple, Mona dives underwater to find a mermaid, and the others have their own crazy adventures, like traveling to the Stone Age, fighting mutated plants, and dealing with penguins. But things take a wild turn when Wario tries to steal treasure from a temple and ends up trapped in a volcano.

With the help of the Form Stone, Wario’s friends came to the rescue and Wario returned to his normal state. However, the people of the Temple now view him as a hero, despite their previous attacks on him. This is a quirky and exciting story full of unexpected twists and turns.

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