Valorant Agent Tier List January 2024

January 2024 Valorant agent tier list

  • S-level agents (top performers):

    • Raze: Versatile and powerful, with explosive abilities.

    • Skye: Provides excellent support for blinding and locating enemies.

    • Viper: Dominate on all maps, especially on defense.

    • Cypher: Enhanced trapping and defense abilities.

  • Class A agents (good choice):

    • Sova: Information gathering and versatile damage on specific maps.

    • Jett: Move quickly, attack and escape.

    • Omen: Flexible attacker and defender with the ability to teleport.

    • Killjoy: A powerful one-man defender with autonomous damage capabilities.

    • Phoenix: Improved utility with a powerful curveball flash.

    • Violation: Overwhelming utility for aggressive play.

  • B-level agents (high skill level):

    • Yoru: Rewards creative play with tricky abilities.

    • KAY/O: Initiator, strong assist ability, requires strategic play.

    • Astra: Influential in precision utility management.

    • Neon: Mechanical skills are essential, ultimate skills are inconsistent.

    • Chamber of Secrets: Dominant, but challenging due to recent nerfs.

    • Reyna: Aggressive play style, risky and lack of team support.

  • C-Class Agents (less versatile):

    • Fade: An effective disruptor that is only competitive on certain maps.

    • Gekko: Unique practical retrieval,contextual validity.

    • Brimstone: Mainly viable on bindings, lacks versatility.

    • Sage: Replaceable, limited stalling potential.

  • D-Class Agent (weakest option):

    • Port: Limited defensive effectiveness and synergy.

    • Deadlock: Weaker sentinel with inconsistent information.

    • Iso: Unique but impractical wall with limited capabilities.

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Valorant Episode 8 Analysis

Chapter 8 of Valorant launches in January 2023 and brings significant changes, including Icebox in the map rotation, replacing Haven, and introducing the Outlaw sniper rifle.

These updates, along with adjustments to agent abilities and map structure, reshape the dynamics of gameplay. Players are now adapting to the new maps and weapons, and the meta has undergone significant changes.



“Valorant” is a game produced by Riot Games. This is a special kind of game called Tactical Hero Shooting Game. This means players work together in teams, with each player choosing a unique character called an agent. These agents have very powerful special abilities. The game was first talked about in October 2019, with the secret title Project A. After some time, on June 2, 2020, Valorant was released for people to play on PC.

It became very popular, especially during the Beta (testing phase), with many people watching other people play the game on Twitch. The game is inspired by games like Counter-Strike, which feature similar content such as buying weapons and planting bombs. It’s a fun game where teams fight against each other, and each agent brings something special to the fight.

“Valorant” gameplay

In Valorant, gameplay is all about teamwork and strategy. Players form teams of five, each playing a unique agent with special abilities. The game has different modes, but the main one is one team attacking and the other defending. The attack team possesses a bomb-like device called a “Spike” and their mission is to place it at a specific location on the map. The defense needs to stop them.

The game has an economy system, so players earn money by doing good deeds, which they can use to buy better weapons and abilities. There are different guns like submachine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. The goal is to win rounds by planting and defending spikes or stopping the attacking team. The game is popular not only for its shooting action, but also for the unique abilities each agent brings to the battle.

Fearless Contract release date

“Valorant” was officially released on June 2, 2020, but before that, it went through a closed beta period starting on April 7, 2020. During the closed beta, players have the opportunity to try out the game and provide feedback before it is made available to everyone. . To enter the beta, players must register on Twitch and watch the live stream. This closed beta event is of great significance, and many players are eager to take a sneak peek.

After the beta phase, Riot Games has officially launched Valorant for everyone to play. The game quickly became popular, with large numbers of players watching live streams of the game on platforms such as Twitch. Since launch, Valorant has continued to evolve, introducing new game modes and keeping players tuned in for regular updates.

“Brave” trailer

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