The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman Walkthrough, How to Complete The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman Gig in Cyberpunk 2077?

The man who killed jason foreman walkthrough

Start the show:

  • This performance is available after completing the Phantom Liberty DLC mission titled “The Damned”.
  • Go to the green marker on the map north of Terra Cognita. Mr. Hands will contact you and direct you to meet a woman named Brianna.

Meet Brianna:

  • Briana can be found near a candlelight vigil in Dogtown between 10pm and 6am to honor those who have fallen.
  • Talk to Briana and she will provide information about your target, Leon Rinder.

Target and Encryption:

  • Brianna will assign you the task of finding and eliminating Leon Lind and bringing back his dog tags to calm the community after the recent murders.
  • She will provide you with encrypted data that requires a hacker to decrypt.

Decrypt data:

  • Successfully decrypted the data provided by Briana. This will display Rinder’s location on your map.

Go to Rinder location:

  • Rinder is located a little further outside of Dogtown. Consider using a vehicle to get to your destination quickly.

Confrontation at the Old Motel:

  • Once you reach the old motel, head to the garage area and deal with the guard guarding the entrance.
  • Go through the double doors and face a group of thieves on the lower level. Neutralize them.

Clear the upper layer:

  • Go upstairs and kill the thieves on this floor.
  • Continue walking down the corridor until you find an open doorway in the back.

Encounter on the third floor:

  • Go through the door and ascend to the third floor.
  • In the hallway at the top of the stairs, head to the closed door on the left and enter, entering the interior of the third floor.
  • Go to the back left door to find Rinder.

Confrontation with Yasha Ivanov:

  • After opening the door, a powerful bodyguard, Yasha Ivanov, will kick you, sending you flying backwards.
  • Yaksha will put on his cloak and move around the third floor. Chase him into the various rooms and defeat him.

Interaction with Leon Lind:

  • After dealing with Yaksha, talk to Linde. He claimed to have no memory of the murder.
  • You can choose to kill him at multiple points. Alternatively, continue the conversation and agree to let him live in exchange for his dog tags, which are required to complete the show.
  • Choosing this option unlocks a new job called “Addicted to Chaos”, which allows access to Lind’s personal weapons cache.

Collect dog tags and exit:

  • Get Lind’s dog tags and exit the building.

Back to Brianna:

  • Return to Brianna and hand over the dog tags when asked. Have a brief conversation with her.

Contract confirmation:

  • Mr. Hands will call you to confirm that the Rinder has been processed and then close the contract.

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How to Complete Killing Jason Foreman’s Gig in Cyberpunk 2077?

Start the show:

  • Head to Dog Town, a new area in the game called Phantom Liberty.
  • Look for the green map marker with the mission title. Talk to Mr. Hands and he will brief you.
  • You’ll learn about the troubles at Longshore Stacks, where bodies are piling up and local police aren’t doing enough. This will lead to your new job.
  • Mr. Hands instructs you to speak to Brianna, who is holding a vigil for the killer’s latest victim. Please note that her working hours are from 10pm to 6am.

collect information:

  • Brianna explains that Leon Lind is the killer. She gives you a shard with evidence and asks you to stop him, either fatally or non-lethally. Also, retrieve his BARGHEST dog tag as evidence.
  • Decrypt the fragments she provides to obtain the necessary information. The puzzles are randomized so you need to solve them yourself.
  • Or, investigate the scene of a recent murder following a vigil. Look for bullet marks, footprints, ammunition, dents and damaged roofs.

Reaching Lind’s hideout:

  • Follow the map markers to Lind’s hideout, a shabby motel on the outskirts of Dogtown.
  • At this location you will find an armed guard outside. Decide how you want to solve the problem: face it or sneak past it.
  • Cleaning out the lower level of the motel. You can choose to engage your enemies or eliminate them silently.
  • Climb the stairs and expect more enemies. Make your way through the broken walls and corridors until you reach a door.
  • The door was opened to find a man lying in a hospital bed. Suddenly, the boss battle with Yasha Ivanov begins.

Facing Yasha Ivanov:

  • Yasha becomes invisible, but possesses a submachine gun. Aim for the head or use high-rate weapons. Dodge his gas grenades.
  • After defeating Yasha, return to Lind’s room.
  • Lind tries to convince you not to kill him. Decide whether to trust him or continue with your original intention.

End of show:

  • If you choose to kill Lind, return to Brianna with his dog tags. The contract is closed.
  • If you let Lind go, he’ll reveal a secret stash. You’ll also get a new job called “Addicted to Chaos.”


Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Freedom

Imagine playing a video game called Cyberpunk 2077 that now has a new section called Phantom Freedom. In this part, you play a character named V, who is on a difficult espionage mission in a place called Night City. You can learn new skills, use new weapons and cool techniques. The story is full of secrets, betrayals and power struggles and is very exciting.

The new installment is expected to launch on September 26, 2023, and you can play it on PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X/S. This is a big deal for gamers, who can’t wait to dive into this thrilling adventure.

“Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty” trailer

“Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Freedom” gameplay

Cyberpunk 2077, also known as Cyberpunk, is a video game in which you play as V, a customizable mercenary. You see the game world through V’s eyes, as if you were actually there. The game world is a large city called Night City, with different parts to explore. You can make V better at different things, like hacking or fighting, and you can choose how V looks and what equipment they use.

In the game, you can use different kinds of weapons to fight, and you can also choose not to hurt others if you want. The story in the game changes based on the choices you make, so it may end in a different way. You can do many things in the city, such as hacking, racing, and even martial arts. The game also has a day and night cycle and weather changes, which will affect the behavior of people in the game.

The city feels very real because there are so many different people in it and even though they speak other languages ​​you can even understand what they are saying because of the special equipment. You can also use a device called “Braindance” to view other people’s memories. Overall, the game feels like a big adventure where you make your own choices and explore a cool and detailed world.

Overview of “Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty”


CD project red


disc project


Adam Badowski, Konrad Tomaskiewicz, Gabe Amatangelo


Jędrzej Mróz, Przemek Wójcik, Michał Stec


Mateusz Kanik, Grzegorz Mocarski, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, Paweł Sasko


Peter Tomsinski, Michał Nowak


Marcin Bracha, Thomas Machuca


PT Adamczyk, Marcin Przybyłowicz, Paul Leonard-Morgan




red engine 4


PlayStation 4, Stadia, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


PS4, Stadia, Win, Xbox One – December 10, 2020

PS5, Xbox Series X/S-February 15, 2022


Action RPG


single player

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