Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Crossplay Not Working: How to Fix it?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre game

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is a third-person asymmetrical horror experience inspired by the iconic 1974 horror film of the same name. Developed by Sumo Digital and published by Gun Interactive, the game immerses players in the horrific universe of the Slaughter family and their victims. In a multiplayer environment, players can take on the role of the notorious Slaughter family or their potential victims.

As a victim, players must rely on their wits and stealth to evade the clutches of the Slaughter family and find the tools needed to escape. On the other hand, people playing as members of the Slaughter family must hunt down and prevent the victims from escaping. The game offers a tense experience full of suspense and terrifying encounters, designed to challenge players’ survival skills and strategic thinking.

Focused on horror, teamwork, and strategy gameplay, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre delivers an engaging and terrifying adventure for fans of the horror genre. Featuring detailed graphics and a chilling atmosphere, it captures the essence of the original film, inviting players to test their mettle in the unsettling world of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre game cross-platform play not working

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre game cross-platform play not working” has become a frustrating challenge for players who want to enjoy the asymmetrical survival horror game of 2023. While the prospect of cross-platform gaming, allowing players to collaborate across different platforms including PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, is enticing, users have encountered obstacles that prevent such a seamless multiplayer experience.

While the game’s compatibility on new generation consoles and PCs ensured an immersive gaming experience, issues with cross-platform play ruined the expected camaraderie and left players searching for a solution. Players who are struggling with the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre game cross-platform play not working” issue need to troubleshoot.

Whether checking server status, verifying internet connectivity, restarting games and devices, updating game versions, resolving compatibility differences or investigating regional restrictions, players will need to explore a range of potential solutions. The gaming community desperately seeks to overcome this challenge.


How to fix Texas Chainsaw Massacre game cross-platform play not working?

Here’s a concise breakdown of the steps to fix “Texas Chainsaw Massacre game cross-platform play not working” issue:

Check server status:

  • Visit the game’s official website.
  • Look for the Server Status tab to see if the server is operational.
  • If servers are down, wait for them to come back up.

Internet connection:

  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Use a speed test website to check your connection speed.

Restart game/console/PC:

  • Close and reopen the game.
  • Restart your console or computer.

Update the game:

  • Check out updates for both games on their store pages.
  • Make sure both games are up to date.

clear cache:

Game console:

  • Settings > System > Storage > App saved data > Clear saved data.


  • Settings > System > Storage > Manage Storage > Clear Locally Saved Games.


  • Right-click the game in Library > Properties > Local Files > Clear Cache.

Verify game files:

  • Use this option to verify game files.
  • This can repair the corrupted file causing the problem.

Disable firewall:

  • Temporarily turn off the firewall to check if that is the cause of the problem.
  • Remember to re-enable the firewall later.

Contact the developer:

  • If the problem persists, please contact the game developer or customer support.
  • They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting or solutions.

Why doesn’t cross-platform play work for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game?

Here are some potential reasons why the cross-play feature in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may not work properly:

Internet connection issues:

  • A weak or unstable internet connection may disrupt cross-platform gaming functionality.
  • High latency or packet loss can cause communication issues between players on different platforms.

Challenges facing game servers:

  • Temporary server outages or maintenance may hinder cross-platform play.
  • Server overload or technical glitches may prevent a seamless cross-platform gaming experience.

Regarding compatibility issues:

  • Cross-platform hardware and software differences may cause compatibility issues.
  • Insufficient cross-play optimization can lead to inconsistent gameplay.

Region-based restrictions:

  • Some games impose region-based restrictions on cross-play due to latency issues.
  • Players from certain regions may not be able to contact other players outside the designated region.

Using an outdated version of the game:

  • Cross-platform play usually requires all players to be on the latest version of the game.
  • If players have different versions, this may cause problems when trying to connect.

Guidelines set by the platform:

  • Some platforms may have policies that limit or affect cross-play with other platforms.
  • Licensing agreements, security issues, or technical limitations may affect the availability of cross-platform games.

Player Choices and Preferences:

  • Players can choose to enable or disable cross-play in certain games.
  • If a player has cross-play disabled, they will not be able to join a lobby with players on other platforms.

External service involvement:

  • Crossplay may rely on third-party services or APIs, which may experience downtime or disruption.
  • Issues with these services may impact the game’s ability to facilitate cross-platform play.

Account and profile settings:

  • Cross-platform play may be hindered by incorrect account settings or profiles that are not properly linked to the appropriate platform.

Error or glitch:

  • Technical glitches or bugs in the game code may cause cross-platform play glitches.
  • Developers may need to release patches to resolve such issues.

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