Tekken 8 Pre Order Bonus, Know its Various Editions Here!

Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Arika and is scheduled to be released on January 26, 2024, and will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The fighting game is part of the Tekken series and will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows platforms. It presents an immersive storyline that continues the saga of Mishima’s bloodline, featuring 32 fighters with next-generation visuals, classic characters like Paul Phoenix and new characters like Azucena.

The game adopts an “aggressive” game style and introduces a “heat system” for strategic combat. In addition to intense combat across 16 dynamic stages, players can explore Arcade Quest mode, enjoy deep character customization, and engage in a diverse gameplay experience that blends narrative-driven storytelling with intense combat action.

“Tekken 8” pre-order bonus

Tekken 8 pre-order bonuses include a Paul Phoenix Arcade Quest costume, which includes five cosmetic items from the game’s launch. PlayStation pre-orders will unlock two additional Tetsujin and Mokujin avatar skins for Arcade Quest’s single-player mode. If you plan on purchasing a physical copy of the game from retailers like GameStop and Best Buy, the former offers magnetic fighting glove keychains and the latter offers metal posters displaying the Tekken 8 logo.

Additionally, GameStop is offering bundles that include the game and an exclusive action figure of the beloved character King. These diverse pre-order incentives cater to fans, offering a variety of bonuses and exclusive items.


“Tekken 8” Editon various versions and functions

Explore diverse versions of Tekken 8, featuring unique collections and unique features catering to fans with a range of rewards and physical items.

  • Standard Edition

    • It can be purchased digitally or physically at select retailers like GameStop or Best Buy.
    • Each store’s exclusive pre-order bonus includes a metallic poster or fighting glove keychain.
  • Deluxe Edition

    • Available digitally only on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.
    • Includes initial digital content, gold suit alternative costumes for 32 characters, and access to post-launch content for the first year.
  • Final version

    • Available digitally exclusively on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.
    • Offers deluxe edition items, exclusive customization for Arcade Quest, and avatar skins modeled after Kazuya, Jun, and Jin.
  • Premium Collector’s Edition

    • Available only through the Bandai Namco Store for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
    • Includes all digital content as well as physical items such as electrified Jin statues, steel boxes, collectible cards, Leroy Smith metal rings, and arcade tokens.

Tekken 8 gameplay

In “Tekken 8”, players can use a variety of actions and unique systems to engage in fierce battles. The game introduced key features like the rage system, which allowed characters to have higher attack power as their health dropped. A new heat system increases aggression, providing limited-time special moves and strategic advantages. The recoverable scale allows players to recover some of the damage taken, adding depth to their defensive strategies.

With a focus on dynamic controls and a variety of play styles, from traditional arcade to more accessible special styles, Tekken 8 blends the complexity of combat with accessible gameplay to deliver an engaging combat experience. Additionally, visual enhancements powered by Unreal Engine 5 ensure a cinematic and immersive combat environment.

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“Tekken 8” game trailer

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