Starfield Ship Habs Guide, Best Ship Habs in Starfield

Starship Cabin Guide

In Starfield, ship cabins are modules on the ship where the crew and passengers live. There are different types of these habitats, each with its own functions and characteristics. Here’s a detailed description of what they do:

  • Integrated berth: Provides navigation console, bed, galley (for food) and passenger space.
  • Armory: Used to store weapons and armor.
  • Battle Station: Includes navigation console and crew station.
  • Brig: Contains a bed and storage room.
  • Captain’s Quarters: Offers a bed, kitchen and storage room.
  • Cargo Bay: Used for storage space.
  • Companionway: Does not add any specific functionality.
  • Computer Core: Added storage and crew station.
  • Control Station: Includes crew station, galley and storage room.
  • Cross: Does not add any specific functionality.
  • Engineering Bay: Provides storage space.
  • Infirmary: Contains a pharmaceutical laboratory and a research laboratory for crafting support items.
  • Living quarters: Provides bunks for crew.
  • Canteen: Contains a cooking station, a food preparation kitchen and a dining area.
  • Science Laboratory: Contains pharmaceutical laboratory, research laboratory and kitchen.
  • Warehouse: Does not add any specific functionality.
  • Workshop Hab: Adds a workbench for crafting weapon mods, armor mods, and components.

These Habs vary depending on the manufacturer, so their contents may vary slightly. You can purchase cabins from various locations in the game. The Workshop Hab is a good option to get early, as it allows you to craft weapon mods, armor mods, and components. Science or Sanatorium allow you to craft aid items. When shopping for boat parts, look for Habs that come in a variety of variations, as they may offer more options than is initially apparent.

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Best boat berth

The best ship pods in the game Starfield are the special parts inside the ship. They are like living spaces on a boat and can have things like workbenches, beds and storage areas. These Habs are crucial to your gameplay.

There are different types of Habs you can choose from, and they all serve different purposes. Some of the most important factors to consider are:

  • Science Lab: This pod contains pharmaceutical and research labs that can be used to conduct experiments and research.
  • Studio Hut: This hut has all the workbench you need to craft and work on items.
  • Integrated berth: It is like a central area with a navigation console, a bed and passenger space.
  • Armory: Great for storing weapons and armor.
  • Captain’s Quarters: Offers a comfortable bed and some extra storage space.
  • Cargo Compartment: Provides more storage space for your belongings.

Installing these habitable pods on your spaceship will make your journey to the stars much easier. They help you research, craft, and store items that are necessary for the game’s success.


starry sky

Starfield is an action role-playing game produced by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was announced at Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference. Set in space, the game marks Bethesda’s first new original series in a quarter-century.

Starfield launches for Windows and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, 2023. Critics generally gave Starfield positive reviews, praising its vast world, space-themed environments, and soundtrack. However, opinions are divided when it comes to the game’s storyline and exploration elements.

starry sky game

Starfield is an action role-playing video game in which the player can choose between first-person and third-person perspectives at any time. It is set in the Milky Way galaxy and features a vast open world with both fictional and real planetary systems. Exploration involves the ability to land on more than 1,000 planets, numerous moons and space stations.

The game’s landscapes are primarily procedurally generated, but have been fine-tuned with hand-crafted elements. The terrain, alien life, and points of interest on a planet depend on the star they orbit, their atmosphere, and their distance from the player. Notably, Starfield features New Atlantis, Bethesda’s largest fictional city.

Players will encounter various NPCs during exploration, some of whom can join their team to assist in combat and interaction. Player characters are customizable, with background and traits affecting their abilities. Skills are developed through experience, unlocking abilities across five different skill trees. Combat offers a variety of customizable weapons, as well as a jetpack for enhanced mobility.

Resource scanning, outpost construction, and ship customization are key gameplay elements that allow players to acquire, upgrade, and modify their ships. Ship combat involves strategic distribution of power, and players can board other ships for a variety of interactions, including pillage, trade, or requisition.

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