Starfield Neon Tactical Location and Guide

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Starfield is a new video game produced by Bethesda Game Studios. It was first talked about in 2018. The game takes place in space and is Bethesda’s first new idea in a long time. It was released on September 6, 2023 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S. Critics who reviewed the game mostly liked Starfield.

Hey, love the big world you can explore, the space settings, and the music. Ahead of the game’s official release on September 6, modder PureDark has released a free mod that brings DLSS 2 to Starfield. PureDark has also launched another MOD, DLSS 3 with frame generation, but this is not free and comes with DRM protection, which has caused some controversy in the gaming community. Shortly after its release, the DRM of the DLSS 3 mod was successfully bypassed.

Star Neon Tactical Location

Neon is a place in the Volii system. To find it on the star map, go right from Alpha Centauri. You will pass Mount Olympus and reach Wally. Neon itself is located on Volii Alpha, the second ring around Earth. There’s also a gas giant nearby that you can quickly scan if needed.

You don’t need a special ship to get to Voli Alpha; your border ship will do just fine. Starfield recommends that you reach at least level 5 before attempting Neon’s more challenging missions. This is how you get to Neon in Starfield.

Star Neon Tactics Locations and Guides

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Star Neon Tactics Guide

Neon may look smaller than New Atlantis, but it’s packed with activities and places to explore. Neon is divided into three areas and a spaceport:

Star Neon Tactics Locations and Guides

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  • This is the central area of ​​the city, home to Dragon God Industries, where you begin one of Starfield’s main faction missions. You’ll also find various shops with their own missions. Talk to Neshar inside the Security Center to learn more about his mission. Additionally, if you are traveling with Sam or Sarah, you can chat with security officer Sophie to improve your relationship with them.

Star Neon Tactics Locations and Guides


  • This is the darkest part of Neon, where rival gangs fight for control. You’ll come here to complete quests like Neshar’s and quests from the mall. If you want to join Neon’s gang war, visit Mrs. Sauvage’s shop.


  • Half of this area is restricted until you have a specific mission to take you there. There isn’t much to do in this area until these tasks are completed. However, if you go left past the Trawl Hut, you can receive a quest from Catherine, who suspects her husband has been murdered.


  • You can start your neon adventure by accepting quests before even entering the city. Neshal is a drug smuggler who has a mission related to delivering a package. You can also interact with various NPCs and explore the crowded streets to collect quests.

In the core area, you can visit Sieghart’s Outfitters and The Emporium to perform store-related tasks. Renting a room at the Wally Hotel multiple times will earn you a mission and a convenient bed. The Astral Lounge and Trade Tower are places worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in Aurora’s medicine.

Ebbside is a rougher part of Nyon, known for its gang conflicts. Several quests will lead you here, including one from the arcade. Madam Sauvage’s is a famous spot in the area. The underworld can be accessed through specific missions. Before that, there wasn’t much to do there. Go left past the trawl hut to find Catherine’s quest. Neon is a vibrant and diverse city with tons of quests and activities to immerse you in a starry adventure.

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In Starfield, players will be immersed in an expansive action role-playing experience set in a galactic open world environment. The game provides a seamless transition between first-person and third-person perspectives, allowing players to choose their preferred perspective at any time.

Players can explore the vast universe and explore more than 1,000 planets, numerous moons and space stations, both fictional and inspired by real-life celestial bodies. The game’s landscapes are primarily procedurally generated, with hand-crafted content enhancing the planetary experience.

Players will encounter a variety of non-player characters (NPCs) during their journey, some of whom may become part of the player’s crew, helping in a variety of ways such as combat support, item carrying, and conversational interactions. These NPCs may provide insights and commentary based on the player’s choices, adding depth to the game’s narrative. In addition, some NPCs can also establish romantic relationships to enrich players’ social interactions.

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