Sons Of The Forest Update 10 Patch Notes, Gameplay, and More

Children of the Forest Update 10 Patch Notes


  • Bunker Entertainment Screening Room Adds Holosprings Introduction Video
  • The Golden Room cutscene has been redesigned, adding new animations, effects, audio and music
  • Added new helicopter flyover moment (leaving bunker residence)
  • You can now build corner ramps, allowing ramps (or roofs) to connect when placed at a 90° angle
  • You can now build stone floors
  • You can now build wooden railings
  • Added large log supports
  • Added placeable decorative deerskin rug
  • Added subtitles that can be toggled from the game menu
  • Changed timed explosive items to sticky bombs and modified their visual effects
  • New multiplayer cheating allow option – will prevent clients from using the console when closed – will not prevent the host from using the console. This option will be saved along with other game settings.Accessible via the multiplayer player menu
  • Added charged particle and lighting effects when electric fence is triggered
  • Added some new expressions for Kelvin
  • Added a new aggressive cannibal enemy type “Frank” who pours vodka on himself and sets himself on fire when near the player
  • Cannibals now sometimes carry torches
  • Increased types of enemy attacks
  • Some villages will now have cannibals chosen as Golden Mask leaders, and other cannibals will now sometimes follow them


  • Destroying a structure now has a much lighter penalty, and if a supported structure has other valid supports still in place it will no longer be destroyed and fall back to the other supports
  • Placing stairs or ramps between a wall and a beam no longer requires the beam to cover the entire height of the wall, allowing for a variety of slopes
  • Significantly increased build processing costs when joining multiplayer games with large structures to help clients sometimes disconnect
  • Monsters on fire will now charge towards and attack players more frequently
  • Increased likelihood and range of cannibal shouts over long distances, primarily at night
  • When falling from a stake, raise the player camera higher off the ground so the camera is less likely to go through the snow
  • Adjusted the player’s final death animation so that hands don’t go through the ground
  • Polishing and improvements to large female movement animations
  • Prevent creepy monsters from appearing immediately after loading the game at night
  • Prevent terrorists from taking over the village while the player is in the village
  • Players can now dismember larger blue puffs after they die
  • AI pool improvements and optimizations
  • Convert some colliders to primitive colliders to improve performance
  • Automatically disable and hide fog options when GPU does not support it
  • Optimize build pool logic to eliminate unnecessary CPU costs
  • Business cards in the pantry no longer sound like coins when dropped
  • Added north direction to GPS tracker screen
  • Players no longer fall all the way to the bottom of the water when knocked back.The knockback ends once the player enters the water
  • Various improvements to story item pickup visuals
  • Various localization improvements
  • The collision of the curved stairs in the entertainment bunker is updated to make walking smoother
  • The cliff material was adjusted to use moss, with a more gradual transition to the rock texture, and the mesh was modified to account for some of the rough geometry
  • FX optimization of standing fire lantern and skull lantern
  • Cleaned up some rough terrain
  • Some layout cleanup of standing fire sticks and wrappers
  • Removed particle controller component from wall light particles (improved performance of saving hundreds of wall light torches)


  • Fixed an issue with the water shader causing a crash on some AMD GPUs
  • Fixed an issue where structures sometimes failed to be linked together after saving and loading
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could fall from the sky
  • Fixed a bug that allowed placing a pot over a constant fire and sterilizing the save with the fire with the pot
  • Fixed an issue where players would fall into a bad state after interacting with a standing fire while holding a pot.
  • Set up the loader 3D audio interceptor system to prevent audio from the world from playing during loading screens
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where cooking pots were destroyed when the fire went out or was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where 3D printers and clients were not updating correctly when loading into a save game
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck if they opened the chat window immediately after quick selection
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in a bad state when blocking with a weapon while pressing the hotkey to equip another item that doesn’t support blocking.
  • Fixed an issue when adding struts under a sloping beam supported by a front strut
  • Fixed some cases where ramp placement was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the pot would not work properly if it caught fire after all the sticks were burned down
  • Fixed defensive wall spike direction on pickups spawned when folded
  • Fixed an error occurring when destroying combo LOD walls
  • Fixed an issue where combined LOD floors were not working as expected in old saves and the elements were in the wrong order
  • Fixed an issue where sloping floors turned into a wrong-looking combined LOD version
  • Fixed wall rotation issue under certain circumstances
  • Fixed tilt beams support the front pillars, allowing them to be raised with struts
  • Fixed position pillar animation perfect completion system no longer works in LOD version
  • Fixed “tilt” screw gaps in structural floors
  • Fixed an issue with removing stone walls and switching to combined LODs
  • Fixed an issue with opening grab bags on a fire that was about to burn out completely, allowing players to relight the stick
  • Fixed self-shadowing being visible on certain logs placed in structures
  • Fixed an issue where merged superstructures were not registering it to all linked structures when merging, fixed some issues with incorrect internal space warmth and pathfinding calculations after combining separate superstructures
  • Fixed side ramps do not hinder wall removal
  • Fixed some issues with repair structures in multiplayer
  • Fixed top wall is removable when supporting tilted beams
  • Fixed an issue where superstructure integration calculation tolerances were too strict
  • Fixed merged superstructures having quarter-log height offset instead of full height
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain build placements to fail when launching the game as a multiplayer host after returning to the game from the title screen
  • Fixed a case where placing a structure on the ground could cause it to be ineffective
  • Fixed an issue where repairing a grounded stone pillar or a non-full-height stone pillar was not replacing its components in the correct location
  • Fixed rope stretch script not filtering out non-water triggers + Fixed rope not stretching all the way down, it will now stretch to its maximum length if placed too high
  • Fixed stick path disassembly
  • Fixed Creepy Virginia idling after being electrocuted and idling for too long while exploring
  • Fixed an issue where Amsi would sometimes get stuck in a loop due to taunt hitting the electric fence and be idle for long periods of time while exploring
  • Fixed an issue where deer would sometimes not sound the alarm and walked away, and slightly increased running speed
  • Fixed an issue where Kelvin was able to get fish through the outside of a closed wall
  • Fixed an issue where throwing a body while moving forward to prevent collision could launch the player an extremely long distance
  • Fixed an issue where players being hit and dropping a corpse could cause the corpse to fly
  • Fixed issue with angular monsters returning intact after loading
  • Fixed an issue where killing a female cannibal holding a log did not immediately remove the attachment
  • Prevent eagles from stealing fish from cooking fires, causing problems with the cooking system
  • Fixed a bug where the flashlight would remain in the wrong position when hotkeying to switch between shotgun and rifle
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to enter a completely damaged state when trying to place a structure in a book after death and before reclaiming their inventory.
  • Moved cave rocks in Entertainment Bunker epic view room, stopped job scheduler and set prefabs using LODS, fixed issue with them disappearing on low view settings
  • Enable alpha clipping on newspaper clipping to resolve visible edges
  • Fixed “Stream I” underwater rendering flickering near large lakes
  • Light probe agent volume adjusted to address bright ceiling issues at the entrance to the luxury bunker
  • Fixed an issue with some open edges on cliffs
  • Fixed an issue where items could be held via Hotkey Equip when picking up table cards
  • Fixed an issue where the flat ski and humidity fade effects would only apply to LOD0 building elements, resulting in visible pop-up effects when moving back and forth and switching LOD levels


  • Added new rock/stone falling audio events
  • Added seasonal parameters for raining on metal objects in winter
  • Improved opening sequence audio before crash
  • Adjusted distance settings for mutant feeding events

Children of the Forest game information

Children of the Forest is a highly anticipated survival video game developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight. The sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed game The Jungle, it puts players in the role of a protagonist trapped on a cannibal island. Survival is crucial and requires resource gathering, crafting, and base building.

This issue introduces new gameplay elements, including 3D printing and friendly NPCs such as Kelvin and Virginia. Kelvin is a deaf companion who can follow written orders and assist in missions, while Virginia is a three-armed, three-legged character who can be armed to provide combat support.

The game’s map is four times larger than its predecessor, offering a vast and diverse environment. Players can participate in cooperative multiplayer with up to eight participants, or embark on a solo journey. The narrative unfolds based on the player’s choices, offering multiple endings. Children of the Forest promises an immersive survival experience with expanded functionality and storytelling potential.


Children of the Forest gameplay

Children of the Forest offers an exciting gaming experience based on its predecessor, The Forest. Players find themselves stranded on a cannibal island, where survival skills are crucial. Key game features include crafting, base building, and resource management, allowing players to defend themselves against hostile threats.

What sets this sequel apart are its innovative additions. The introduction of 3D printing and the addition of friendly NPCs, such as Kelvin, a deaf companion who responds to written commands, and Virginia, a three-armed, three-legged character equipped with combat gear, add to the depth of the game.

The island’s map is four times larger than before, providing a wider and more diverse environment to explore. Players can choose from cooperative multiplayer or single-player with up to eight players, and their choices affect the game’s multiple possible endings. Overall, Children of the Forest offers an immersive survival experience with enhanced mechanics and a gripping narrative.

Children of the Forest release date

Children of the Forest is a highly anticipated survival video game produced by Endnight Games and published by Newnight, which debuted on February 23, 2023. This release date is a big moment for gamers, especially those who have been eagerly anticipating the game. The sequel to “The Forest”. The game is available in Early Access exclusively on Microsoft Windows via the Steam platform.

This version allows players to immerse themselves in the game’s survival world, where they face challenges such as crafting, base building, and encounters with cannibal residents. Children of the Forest introduces fresh gameplay elements including 3D printing and features unique NPCs that add depth to the gaming experience.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general information purposes only. All information on this website is provided in good faith, but we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on this website.

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