Solve The Rebus Puzzle by Finding the Clues

Find clues to solve drawing puzzles

Explore the world of rebus puzzles and think in different ways to make solving problems more fun. These puzzles can keep your mind active and even help reduce stress. Rebus puzzles allow you to think actively and use creativity to solve scenarios.

Find clues to solve drawing puzzles

The picture above is a rebus puzzle, and solving it means finding the hidden pattern that leads to it. But there is a time limit, so you have to understand the logic behind the pattern quickly. You’ll need to think quickly and use sharp analytical skills in a short period of time. To be successful, pay close attention to details and look carefully at parts of the picture.

Mastering this puzzle is valuable for your future because it provides you with skills that will be helpful in different parts of your life. Some studies even suggest that solving puzzles like this can keep your mind sharp. Being better able to deal with these challenges not only helps you solve problems, but also makes your mind more flexible, which is useful in school, work, and in daily life.

Although the puzzles may seem difficult, your goal is to find a solution that fits the given conditions and solve the puzzle. The next section explains exactly what this puzzle means and reveals the satisfying answer for you to discover.

Solve drawing puzzles by finding clues

This rebus puzzle game is very challenging and we invite you to try it and find the answer.

Find clues to solve drawing puzzles

The word “stan4ce” is like a puzzle. This is an example of something called a rebus. Here, the number “4” is within the word “stand”, giving you a clue. You need to look at it differently than just reading the word. Therefore, “stan4ce” means “for example.” They use “4” to represent “for” in a unique way. Picture puzzles like this one get you thinking in different ways and connecting words, numbers and pictures.

Whether you’re looking for a quick brainteaser to solve during your lunch break, or a more in-depth challenge at the weekend, NEWSTARS Education has puzzles for everyone.


The calculation result is 264 ÷ 12 + 9 x 3 – 45 ÷ 5=?

To solve this calculation, follow the order of operations. Division and multiplication proceed from left to right: 264 ÷ 12 equals 22, and 45 ÷ 5 equals 9. The equation becomes 22 + 9 x 3 – 9. Now, multiplication and addition/subtraction from left to right: 9 x 3 equals 27, and 22 + 27 equals 49. Therefore, the solution is 49.

Determine the result of 288 ÷ 12 + 8 x 4 – 64 ÷ 8=?

For this problem, apply the order of operations. Division and multiplication proceed from left to right: 288 ÷ 12 equals 24, and 64 ÷ 8 equals 8. The equation becomes 24 + 8 x 4 – 8. Next, multiply, add and subtract from left to right: 8 x 4 equals 32, and 24 + 32 equals 56. Therefore, the answer is 56.

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