Sea of Stars How to Solve Wind Tunnel Mines Puzzles? A Complete Guide

Stars and sea

Star Ocean is a new video game released in 2023 by Sabotage Studio. It is available on various platforms such as Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This game is special because it is set in the same world as another game released in 2018 called The Messenger.

In “Star Ocean”, you will play two heroes, Valere and Zarai. These heroes possess the power of the sun and moon, and their mission is to stop the evil alchemist. You’ll have to solve puzzles and engage in turn-based combat along the way. But here’s the cool part: you can control up to six different characters during the adventure, which makes the game even more exciting.

The game got a lot of good reviews from game critics, which means a lot of people really enjoyed it. So, if you like exciting adventure, puzzle-solving, and fighting against bad guys games, Sea of ​​Stars may be an interesting game worth trying. It’s set in a fascinating universe and promises a great gaming experience.

How does Xinghai solve the mystery of wind tunnel mines?

In order to solve the Wind Tunnel Mine puzzles in Star Ocean and progress through the game, you’ll need to complete a series of tasks, including clearing the tunnels, obtaining the Mystra Bracelet, solving the Green Crystal puzzle, and defeating Malk Mulder. Detailed step-by-step guide:

1. Clear the vents:

  • Upon arriving at Stonemason Outpost, you’ll find Mole in despair, as Malk Mulder has taken over the Wind Cave Mines.
  • Your goal is to unblock the vents, which is crucial to keeping the sleeper asleep and preventing the giant snake from waking up and destroying the world.

2. Obtain the Mistral Bracelet:

  • To continue, you need to obtain the Mistral Bracelet, which allows you to move crystal pillars in the mines.
  • When you exit the Mistral Bracelet room, you’ll encounter a battle with a Salamander. Use enhanced physical attacks and Solstice magic to defeat it.
  • Push the crystal pillar to the left to form a bridge to the rest of the room.
  • Move the crystal through a specific path: up (north), right, down (into the smaller grooved section), left, up, left to reach the landing point. This will cause the crystal to disappear and be replaced by a pillar that you can climb up to reach the ledge.
  • Jump into the next room, move the pillar to the left, and up to reach the chest containing the Mine Key.

3. Solve the green crystal puzzle:

  • With the Mistral Bracelet, you can now manipulate crystal pillars.
  • Leave the room via the south exit, jump over the gap, and head to where there is a pillar on the right. Blow it to the landing zone and use it to get to the other side.
  • Climb the ladder to get the berries, or go downstairs to get more ingredients. Go up the stairs, across the ledge, and use the Mistral Bracelet to spin the windmill blades to cause the green crystal to drop to the ground.
  • Move the crystal right, down, left, up to the appropriate position. It will disappear and a pillar will appear on the other side of the room.
  • Blow the post down, left and up to position it correctly. Climb the pillar to enter the next room.
  • Continue moving left, defeat the enemies at the top of the wall, collect the food from the picnic basket (don’t jump off the ledge), then return to the bottom ledge of the area.
  • Go down the stairs and down the corridor into the final wind tunnel room and defeat the enemies.
  • Start the turbine by blowing air into it. This will drop another ladder on the other side of the ledge.

4. Find Malcom Mulder:

  • Climb the ladder back to the upper level of the mine where you originally landed. Please consider saving your game at this point.
  • Use the Mistral Bracelet to move the green pillar below the Save Book: move it right, down, left, then jump across the gap to the opposite side.
  • In the next area you need to manipulate two crystals:
    • Move the North Crystal down, to the right, and up.
    • Move the south crystal right, up, and right to the landing spot. This removes the obstacle blocking the path of the left groove.
    • Send another crystal (formerly the North Crystal) to the left and up to the main puzzle area.
    • Push right, down, left, down, left, up, right, up. This will cause a pillar to appear in the landing area.
  • Climb the pillar to reach the mini turbine on the ledge and activate it. This reveals the entrance behind the moving panel.
  • Entering the portal will take you to Malcomud’s fortress, where you will confront him.

By following the steps below, you can successfully solve the Wind Tunnel Mine puzzle in Star Ocean and make progress in saving the world.


Sea of ​​Stars gameplay

Star Ocean is a special video game inspired by some very famous old games like Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. It’s like a homage to those classic games, but adds its own unique twist.

In this game you will have an exciting adventure in a carefully designed world. You’ll meet interesting characters and fight clever enemies. These battles are like a chess game; you have to think ahead and plan your moves carefully. The battle becomes more exciting if you time your attacks just right and stop the enemy.

One really cool thing about Star Ocean is that you can play as six different characters. They all have their own personalities and fighting styles. The best part is that your character gets stronger as you follow the story, so you don’t have to do boring, repetitive tasks to make them a better fighter.

The game also has a day and night cycle, which means the world changes over time. This makes the game feel more real and alive. Plus, the art in the game is really nice and reminds you of classic games.

To sum up, “Stars and Sea” is a product of the combination of old and new. It takes the best of classic games and adds its own twist. When you play this game, you’ll embark on an incredible journey with great storytelling, clever combat, and a world teeming with life. This is a game that respects gaming’s past and looks to its future.

Stars and Sea plot introduction

Star Ocean is an immersive role-playing game (RPG) centered around the dynamic heroic duo Valere and Zale, who harness the celestial powers of the sun and moon to battle powerful alchemist opponents. The gameplay experience interweaves puzzle-solving challenges with strategic turn-based combat, providing players with a multi-faceted journey that seamlessly blends exploration and combat elements.

At the heart of this engaging role-playing game lies the unique synergy between its protagonists, Valere and Zale. Drawing on the extraordinary powers of the sun and moon, they embark on a quest that is at the heart of the game’s narrative. Their common goal: thwart the ambitions of a powerful alchemist who poses a serious threat to the world.

In addition to its engaging storyline, Star Ocean introduces players to a gameplay setting that combines tactical turn-based combat with thought-provoking puzzle solving. As players traverse this fascinating realm, they are entrusted with controlling up to six different player characters, each contributing their own unique abilities to face the challenges ahead.

The game draws inspiration from revered RPG classics such as Visions of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, infusing their essence into gameplay mechanics and storytelling. This influence is evident not only in the engaging combat system, but also in the navigation mechanics, side missions, and combat approach that emphasizes identifying the enemy’s “fundamental weaknesses.”

Interestingly, Stars and Sea shares the same narrative universe as its predecessor, The Messenger, but is a story that takes place in a distant era, thousands of years before the events of the latter. This connection enriches the experience for players familiar with The Courier while providing new players with an enticing standalone adventure.

All in all, Star Ocean sees role-playing games evolve, blending interesting character dynamics, strategic combat, and a well-designed world. With homages to classic games and unique innovations, the game invites players to immerse themselves in an epic journey, harnessing the power of the celestial beings to shape the fate of an enchanted kingdom.

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