Sea of Stars Elder Mist Fight, How to Beat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars?

Xinghai Elder Mist Battle

The Ancient Battle of the Mist in Star Ocean is a critical encounter that requires complex tactics and quick decision-making to challenge players. As one of the main bosses, its complexity exceeds that of the Bosslug encounter. Mastering this battle is crucial to running it smoothly.

After completing the Ancient Mist Trial and collecting three artifacts, players will engage in a climactic showdown in the sky. This fight requires a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the Ancient Mist, as its fast and powerful attacks can wipe out teams.

Strategic party formation, exploiting fundamental weaknesses and precise timing are key. The dynamic behavior of Mist of the Ancients requires adaptability and keeps players on their toes. Take advantage of special abilities and synergies to increase your chances of success.

Coping with this encounter requires patience and perseverance. Learning attack patterns and exploiting vulnerabilities is critical. Failure in Mists of the Ancients brings valuable rewards and marks an important milestone in the game’s progression.

How to defeat Elder Mist in the Star Sea?

Detailed step-by-step guide to defeating the Mist Ancients in the Star Sea:

First follow the sword:

When the battle begins, it may be tempting to target the Mist Elder directly. However, attacking him head-on will trigger a counterattack that will damage your entire team. To avoid this, turn your attention to the sword he’s wielding. The sword is a significant threat that needs to be dealt with before focusing on the Mist Elder himself.

Attack Sword:

Focus your attacks, magic, or abilities on the sword. Its total HP is 90, so it will take a few turns to defeat it. Normal attacks, special abilities, and magic attacks are all effective, and combined use can effectively reduce health.

Real-time mana boost:

Utilize real-time mana to power up your attacks. If you control Valere, use a Lunar attack with real-time mana, or if you control Zhar, use a Solar attack. This adds an extra layer of damage and effectiveness to your attacks.

Gal’s role:

Garr should focus primarily on healing and supporting the party. His Nourish ability is particularly important, as it can restore a large amount of health to any party member in need. Use his attacks when immediate healing is not needed.

Follow Sword Revival:

Once you defeat it initially, be prepared for the sword to come back to life after a few turns. If it comes back to life, your first priority should be to incapacitate it again before it does devastating damage to your party.

Interrupting the charge of the Mist Elder:

As the battle progresses, the Mist Elder will begin to unleash powerful moves. This charge needs to be interrupted to prevent him from healing significantly. Use your strongest attack or ability to break his charge. If you’re low on MP, consider using real-time mana to power up your attacks.

Adapt to real-time mana:

If you’re low on MP, Live Mana can be a valuable resource. Use this to enable either moon-aligned or sun-aligned attacks depending on your character. For Valere, this means intensifying the attack of the Lunar camp, and for Zal, it means the attack of the Sun camp.

Duration and time:

The key to success in this battle is patience and timing. Understand the Mist Elder’s attack patterns, watch for sword resurrection cues, and manage your resources effectively.

The final push:

As the battle progresses, the Mist Ancient’s defenses will weaken. Continuing your strategy, focus when the sword comes to life, interrupting his charge, and using real-time mana to power up your attacks.


Combined with strategic attacks, well-timed distractions, and Gall’s skilled healing, the Ancient Mists will eventually succumb to your efforts. Stay alert, adjust your strategy as needed, and celebrate your victory after defeating him.

To summarize, the key to defeating Ancient Mist lies in sword priority, live mana usage, interrupting his charges, and effectively managing your team’s characters. By persisting and adjusting your tactics throughout the battle, you can emerge victorious in this challenging battle in the Star Ocean.


Stars and sea

Released in 2023, Sea of ​​Stars is an immersive role-playing video game crafted by Sabotage Studio. It’s available across multiple platforms, including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and shares the same universe as 2018’s critically acclaimed game The Courier. With this fascinating universe as the background, the sea of ​​stars beckons to players. Enter a fascinating realm.

At the heart of the game are the two protagonists, Valere and Zale, heroes destined to fight the powerful Alchemist. These characters possess the powerful powers of the sun and moon, adding a unique and dynamic element to the game. By harnessing these celestial powers, players can wage an epic battle against the Alchemist’s evil machinations.

Star Ocean offers a multi-faceted gameplay experience that seamlessly combines puzzle elements with turn-based combat mechanics. These features add depth to the game and require players to deploy strategic thinking and tactical abilities. Commanding up to six characters, players are given mastery of a variety of abilities and skills.

Upon release, the game received widespread acclaim from critics, emphasizing its engaging narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and captivating visual design. The game’s harmonious unity of engaging storytelling, strategic combat, and intricate puzzles earned the game accolades. Overall, Star Ocean is a remarkable addition to the RPG genre, inviting players to explore a rich universe while embarking on an extraordinary journey as Valere and Zale.

​Stars and Sea gameplay​

Sea of ​​Stars blends retro aesthetics with modern mechanics to deliver a compelling and immersive gaming experience. The game is set in a role-playing universe and centers on two heroes, Valere and Zale, who harness the powerful energies of the sun and moon to fight against the mysterious Alchemist. Gameplay is enriched by intricate puzzle solving, turn-based combat, and exploration, all set against the backdrop of a world filled with wonder and danger.

The game allows players to guide a squad of characters, controlling up to six members. Each character has unique abilities and strengths that players must use strategically to overcome challenges, defeat enemies, and solve complex puzzles. The turn-based combat system requires clever decision-making, with players identifying and exploiting basic weaknesses to gain the upper hand in combat.

Inspired by classic role-playing games such as Visions of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, Star Ocean introduces navigation mechanics that invite players to travel across vast landscapes and uncover hidden secrets. Participating in side missions further enriches the gaming experience, providing additional layers of storytelling and rewards.

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