Rerouting Cable Remnant 2? How to Get the Rerouting Cable Ring in Remnant 2?

Reroute remaining cables 2

In Remnant 2, the lines of reality blur, and rewiring cables becomes a remarkable ring and popular accessory. Rerouting cables has the power to reshape the wearer’s destiny, offering a unique boon that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. This accessory’s mesmerizing blend of technology and mysticism lends it extraordinary abilities – infusing a strong and steadfast shield, a defense carved from the very essence of the wearer’s life force.

As energy flows through the avatar’s tendons, a resonant connection is established, and after expending a considerable 25 units of stamina, the shield is revealed, with a potency of a significant 5% of the wearer’s total health. . For a short period of 5 seconds, the wearer will be covered by this impermeable shroud and protected from danger.

However, this enchantment is measured, allowing the shield to gradually build up to a peak of 50%, a testament to the strategic skill of the wearer. But even in the virtual vastness of space, the passage of time is inexorable, and if nothing is done for five seconds, the shield will fade, like waves retreating from a steadfast shore.

How to get the Rewired Cable Ring in Remnant 2?

  • Start by opening the N’Erud app and searching for one of the four dungeons.

  • Once inside the dungeon, look for a door that glows red.

  • If you happen to come across this red door, find a small entrance nearby with a breakable object.

  • Break these objects to create a new path through the hole in the floor.

  • Follow this direct path until you encounter a loop of rerouting cables.

  • To open the locked door, look for a small opening and use a shot to trigger the cylinder explosion.

First, teleport to N’Erud and find one of four dungeons in any overworld zone: the Invisible Vault, the Sphere of Decay, the Dark Pipes, or the Hatchery. Once you find your way into any dungeon, keep an eye out for a door that glows red, as shown in the attached image.

Next, look for a smaller doorway near the aforementioned red light entrance. This path will lead you to a series of destructible containers. Break the containers to clear the area, revealing a small opening in the floor. Descend through the gap and follow the straight path ahead. Along the path you’ll come across a chest and a ladder. Climbing up the ladder will take you to a rerouted cable loop on the right.

In the final step, to unlock the sealed door, find a small gap nearby that provides a clear line of sight to the explosive container located on the other side of the red glowing door. Aim and shoot to detonate the explosives and open the door. Once you’ve done this, backtrack to the entrance of the previously locked room. Here you will find and collect the Blackout Ring, successfully ending this event.


ruins 2

Remnant 2 is an engaging third-person shooter action role-playing video game crafted by Gunfire Games and brought to players by Gearbox Publishing. As the highly anticipated successor to the previous game “Remnant: From the Ashes”, this game will debut in the gaming industry in July 2023. With gaming enthusiasts able to play on platforms such as PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S, this is an important moment for gamers around the world.

The reception it received was truly noteworthy, as the game earned critical acclaim upon launch. Remnant 2 sold over 1 million copies in just one week after its release, which is a testament to its popularity. This achievement highlights the game’s far-reaching impact and the gaming community’s eager anticipation for its arrival.

Remnant 2 gameplay

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter inspired by the Soulslike video game. Players have access to two guns and a melee weapon, and at the start of the game they choose a character archetype. Notably, the Gunner class replaces the Ex-Cultist and focuses on firearms, while the Challenger class disintegrates enemies with shockwaves, and the Handler class features a canine companion to aid in combat.

Progression allows dual tiering and archetype-specific perks. The Gunner’s unique ability “Reload” allows you to quickly reload the gun you’re carrying, while the Handler’s “Leash” allows the dog to resurrect the character. Unlike the first game’s procedural generation, Remnant 2 expands it to include areas, characters, storylines, and missions. The game offers single-player or three-player cooperative multiplayer modes.

Remnants 2 Overview


Gunsound game


Gearbox Publishing


Unreal Engine 5


PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S,


July 25, 2023


Third-person shooting, action role-playing


Single player game, multiplayer game

The plot synopsis of Remnant 2·······

Taking place after Subject 2923, the final downloadable content expansion to the world of Remnant: From the Ashes, the game’s story revolves around an anonymous survivor. This man is given a profound mission, he is asked to stop the ambitions of an evil plant known as “The Root”.

This powerful entity is driven by an insidious agenda to destroy the fabric of the multiverse itself. As players delve into the heart of this epic story, they are prepared to face this existential threat head-on, embarking on a journey to balance the fate of multiple realms.

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