Remnant 2 Best Long Guns, How to Use Long Guns in Remnant 2?

Ruin 2 Best Long Gun

In the thrilling action role-playing game Remnant 2, choosing the right lance can greatly impact your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for raw damage output, status effect application, or precise weak spot targeting, choosing your primary lance can make your journey through Gunfire Games’ immersive world smoother and more enjoyable. Here, we explore some of the best long guns in Remnant 2 to suit a variety of playstyles and archetypes.

Blackthroated AR-47:

The Blackmaw AR-47 is a versatile and reliable long gun suitable for both beginners and experienced players. It comes with a roomy 38-round magazine that ensures continuous shooting, making it ideal for players looking for continuous fire without the need for frequent reloads. The starting damage and range are commendable, allowing you to effectively engage enemies even from a distance.

The great thing about Blackmaw is that it suits different build types. Whether you prefer raw damage output or stat accumulation, this lance adapts seamlessly. With status effects applied on each shot, you can easily trigger mods for your equipment, especially the Gunslinger class, which can take advantage of its rapid rate of fire to quickly recharge relics. The only drawback is that magazine-fed firearms have a slightly slower reload time.

Wrangler 1860:

If you like to shoot accurately and deal devastating weak point damage, the Wrangler 1860 is an excellent choice. With its satisfying lever-action shooting mode, players can enjoy precise shooting and maximize the damage of every bullet. The reload speed is decent, and if necessary you can cancel it by aiming, giving you more control in the heat of combat situations.

The Wrangler does have trade-offs, however. It has a limited magazine capacity, so it’s easy to run out of ammo quickly, especially when encountering bosses or groups of enemies. While its weak point deals higher damage, players will need to make sure they have adequate ammo reserves or rely on ammo boxes when using this long gun.

XMG-57 “Bonesaw”:

For players who prioritize applying status effects in combat, the XMG-57 Bonesaw is an absolute game changer. This long gun comes with a huge 150-round magazine with an additional 150-round reserve, allowing you to fire off tons of bullets without stopping. Its base damage may not be the highest, but its strength lies in its continuous shooting, which is great for inflicting status ailments on enemies.

However, the XMG-57 has a superheat meter to balance its power. Prolonged firing may cause the weapon to temporarily shut down to cool the barrel. Players can mitigate this with controlled bursts of fire, sacrificing some damage for a sustained status effect. Ultimately, the lance you choose should complement your preferred playstyle and complement your archetype’s strengths.

“Remnant 2” long gun list

Here is a list of the long guns available in Remnant 2:

Ordinary spear:

  • AS-10 Bulldog
  • Black Throat AR-47
  • chicago typewriter
  • trainer gun
  • crossbow
  • ford shotgun
  • Hunt Master M1
  • pulse rifle
  • royal hunting bow
  • rusty lever action
  • widowmaker
  • Wrangler 1860
  • aphelion
  • XMG57 bone saw

Special lance:

  • Alpha-Omega
  • new moon
  • cheat
  • ruthless
  • dusk
  • Plasma cutting machine
  • Sagittarius
  • Twisted Arbalest

Each lance has its own unique properties, advantages, and abilities, making them suitable for a variety of play styles and combat situations. As you adventure through the world of Remnant 2, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and wield these powerful weapons to face powerful enemies and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.


How to use a spear in “Remnant 2”?

In Remnant 2, mastering the use of a spear is crucial to successful combat. Long guns are the primary weapon class, offering impressive range, firepower, and versatility. In order to use the lance effectively, players must consider their archetype and preferred play style. Long guns are great for engaging enemies from a distance, firing powerful shots and dealing significant damage.

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your spears, buy them from merchants, or discover them in different locations. Each lance has a mod slot, allowing players to equip unique weapon mods that provide special effects and tactical advantages.

Mod Power consumed by using the Mod can be replenished by defeating enemies. In addition, “Remnant 2” introduces Mutators, which give special effects to long guns and are not limited by energy. To get the most out of your lance, try out different mods, mutators, and playstyles, adapting your equipment to suit the challenges that await you in Remnant 2’s diverse and action-packed world.

“Remnant 2” Spear Weapon Mod

In Remnant 2, lance weapon mods play a vital role in enhancing gun performance. These mods can be equipped to your lance, providing unique effects that can be turned on and off during combat. Each long gun comes with a Mod Slot, giving players the opportunity to customize the weapon with a variety of Mods that suit their playstyle and strategy.

Using weapon mods consumes mod energy, which can be replenished by defeating enemies. To further optimize Mod energy regeneration, players can take advantage of Traits, Perks, Rings, and Amulets. The flexibility to try out different weapon mods allows players to adapt their equipment for different encounters and challenges in the game.

Whether you prefer increased damage, status effects, or utility, choosing the right lance weapon mod will help shape your combat capabilities in the thrilling world of Remnant 2.

ruins 2

Remnant 2 is an action-packed third-person shooter action role-playing video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. It will be released in July 2023 on PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S and is the sequel to 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes. Remnant 2 draws inspiration from the Souls-like video game to provide players with an exciting gaming experience. Up to two guns and melee weapons.

The game introduces different character archetypes, each with unique abilities and perks. The Gunner class specializes in firearms, the Challenger class can unleash powerful blasts, and the Handler class has a loyal canine companion to aid in combat. As players progress, they can dual-class and activate archetype-specific perks and skills.

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