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“Rule of the Three Kingdoms” PC version released

Nerial and Devolver Digital have just launched Dominion: Three Kingdoms on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. Previously, the game was only available on mobile platforms and was accessible through Netflix. This release is the fifth installment in the critically acclaimed and widely downloaded Reigns series. The game draws inspiration from the classic historical epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, immersing players in the turmoil of the final years of the Han Dynasty.

Unlike its predecessor, Dominion: Three Kingdoms introduces a unique combat system that adds a fresh dimension to the core gameplay. Players embark on a journey to explore various factions, wars, and heroes in an epic story. By negotiating, forging alliances, converting enemies, and recruiting soldiers, the player progresses from a humble beggar to eventually ruling one of China’s 14 regions during the collapse of the emperor’s central power.

The game combines an engaging narrative adventure with over 100 character encounters and over 1500 card arrangements. In addition to the expanded core concept, Dominion: Three Kingdoms offers a new combat system that can be fought both against AI in story mode and online in asynchronous player-versus-player (PvP) matches.

Dominion: Three Kingdoms Platform

Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, Dominion: Three Kingdoms recently launched on PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms via Netflix. This marks its initial expansion to mobile devices, bringing the fifth entry in the award-winning Reigns series to a wider gaming audience. Inspired by the turbulent years of the late Han Dynasty and influenced by the classic historical epic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, the game introduces a unique combat system and engaging narrative adventure.

Featuring features such as over 100 characters, 1,500 card arrangements and engaging missions, the game offers an immersive experience across all platforms, offering a single-player story mode against AI and asynchronous player-versus-player (PvP) online play. Players can participate in numerous missions with specific storylines, recruit characters, discover heroes, and even manage aspects of marriage and raising children.


Rule: Three Kingdoms

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasties: Romance of the Three Kingdoms immerses players in the turmoil of the final years of the Han Dynasty. The game was released on January 11, 2024. The game offers players a unique and engaging experience as they traverse a complex political landscape and encounter factions, wars, and legendary heroes.

In this game, players will use the card-based grinding mechanism, which is a distinctive feature of the “Reigns” series. By making high-stakes decisions and strategically working with the right army at the right time, players aim to gain power and shape the course of history. The simplicity of swiping through the narrative increases the accessibility of the game, allowing players to easily enjoy the storyline.

“Dynasty: Three Kingdoms” not only focuses on decision-making, but also introduces turn-based combat and unexpected mini-games, providing a diverse gaming experience. The combination of these elements enhances the strategic dimension, allowing players to deploy tactics in battle and uncover secrets within an expansive storyline. With its inspired narrative, intuitive card gameplay and additional strategic elements, Dominion: Three Kingdoms invites players to discover new dimensions in the series’ unique gameplay experience.

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Dominion: Three Kingdoms gameplay

Dominion: Three Kingdoms offers a unique gaming experience centered around an engaging narrative filled with diverse characters and settings. Players will encounter a variety of missions, each with a specific storyline, and have the opportunity to recruit heroes, arrange marriages, and even raise children. The game introduces turn-based card combat, where players can strategically recruit new heroes to fight alongside them, adding dynamism to the gameplay.

A distinctive feature of Dynasties: Three Kingdoms is the opportunity to build a personal dynasty and witness political progress. Additionally, the game goes a step further and allows players to participate in online ranked card battles, allowing them to test their strategic skills against other players. Dynasties: Three Kingdoms blends compelling storytelling, strategic decision-making, and the introduction of online combat to provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for players exploring the rich history of ancient China.

Dominion: Three Kingdoms trailer

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