Paleo Pines Corythosaurus, How to Get Corythosaurus in Paleo Pines?

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Paleo Pines is an engaging video game set on a unique island where humans and dinosaurs coexist peacefully. Players join their dinosaur pal Lucky in an exciting adventure to uncover the island’s secrets and find the missing Parasaurolophus dinosaur. The game allows you to create a cozy dinosaur sanctuary that includes customizable pastures, character traits, and clothing options.

In this world, players can bond with a charming group of dinosaurs by befriending and caring for them through music and food. The game also focuses on farming, exploring different landscapes, and building relationships with the eccentric townsfolk who play an important role in the player’s journey. Paleo Pines offers a heartwarming and imaginative play experience for dinosaur lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Ancient pine crown dragon

“Old Pine Crown Dragon” is a special dinosaur in the game Old Pine Tree. This is a large dinosaur that lives in a place called the Veridian Valley. These dinosaurs are friendly and like to hang out in groups. They run very fast, so they can get from one place to another quickly. Speaking of food, they are herbivores, which means they eat plants.

They especially like tasty vegetables, and they have a good sense of smell to find tasty treats. One cool thing about Corythosaurus is that you can ride them in the game. They are strong and can take you everywhere. In the game, you can also see different colors of Corythosaurus. Some are common, like burgundy, with pink and orange crests, while others are rare, like dark brown, with light crests.

There are even extremely rare pure whites with pink eyes. So, among the old pine trees, Corythosaurus was a large, friendly, fast dinosaur that loved vegetables, was rideable, and came in many different colors. This is an exciting part of the game that players should explore and enjoy.

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How to get a Corythosaurus in an ancient pine tree?

To get Corythosaurus in the Paleo Pines game:

Location: In the game, you can find Corythosaurus in a place called “Veridian Valley” east of Owen’s home.

Biomes: Look for them in the “Valley” biome within Viridian Vallis.

Groups: Crown dragons usually appear in small groups, so keep an eye out for their groups.

Size: They are considered “large” dinosaurs, so they are relatively large.

Diet: To attract or retain your corona dragon, make sure you provide them with a delicious vegetable diet. They like to eat green vegetables.

Social animals: Corythosaurus is a social animal, so they are happiest when they are with other animals in the herd. Try to spot them hanging out with other dinosaurs like Urhosaurus, Postosuchus, and Ankylosaurus.

Rideable: You can ride the Crown Dragon in the game, making it a useful companion for quick travel.

Remember, the key to getting a Corythosaurus is to visit Veridian Valley, find the Valley biome, and look for the large, gregarious, herbivorous Corythosaurus dinosaur. Feeding them their favorite foods and staying close to their herd will help you become friends with them and possibly ride them in the game.

Honka game play

In the game “Paleo Pines”, the player enters a charming island where humans and dinosaurs live in peace. Together with their dinosaur companion Lucky, they embark on an adventure to uncover mysteries and find the missing Parasaurolophus dinosaur. The game encourages exploring picturesque landscapes, farming, helping friendly townspeople, and creating a cozy dinosaur sanctuary.

Players can customize their base and decorate their ranch to suit their style, whether it’s a romantic garden, woodland retreat or bustling farm. Character customization offers a variety of clothing and style options. Making friends with the cheeky dinosaurs is a core aspect, attracting them with flutes, treats and creating cozy enclosures.

As players work with their dinosaur helpers to grow crops, they will become skilled dinosaur ranchers, trading produce with townsfolk. Exploration is key as players discover unique landscapes, collectibles, and hidden dinosaurs. Interacting with the eccentric townsfolk, completing quests and building relationships is crucial in this immersive game where humans and dinosaurs coexist harmoniously.

Honka Trailer

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