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Loch Ness Monster Discovery Monopoly Go

Scopely’s game Monopoly Go is growing rapidly on mobile. They make it even bigger by adding tournaments and events to the game from time to time. Currently, there is a tournament called Nessie’s Quest that starts on November 26th at 3pm ET and lasts for 46 hours until November 28th at 1pm ET.

Players can participate in tournaments and win cool prizes after reaching certain goals and rank on leaderboards. This article is like a guide. It tells players what rewards they can earn by reaching different goals and where they stand on the leaderboard. It also explains how points work in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Nessie Discovery Tournament

The upcoming Nessie’s Quest tournament in Monopoly Go will offer an array of attractive rewards for players who reach various milestones.

Rich rewards await players by exploring different milestone levels:

Milestone Level Reward Points Loch Ness Monster Mission Rewards

1 70 gets 40 dice

2 50 Get 1 Star Green Sticker Pack

3 100 Earn game currency

4 175 Collect game coins

5 225 Unlocks 5 minutes of High Roller Game

6 300 Get 130 dice

7 250 Get 2-star yellow sticker pack

8 475 Earned in-game money

9 550 Safe Game Coins

10 625 Gain 275 Dice

11 650 accumulated game currency

12 700 for 20 minutes of mega heist

13 800 accumulated game currency

14 750 Get 3 Star Pink Sticker Pack

15 850 Get 350 dice

16 900 Earn in-game money

17 1000 Get another 3 star pink sticker pack

18 1,200 Collect in-game currency

19 1,300 Get 500 dice

20 1,500 Unlocks 25-minute rental spree

21 1,800 Get 4-star blue sticker pack

22 2,000 Earn in-game money

23 2,300 Collect in-game money

24 2,600 Gain 950 Dice

25 3,000 Get the 5-star purple sticker pack

26 3,500 Earn in-game money

27 4,000 accumulated game currency

28 4,500 20 minutes of money grabbing

29 5,000 Earn in-game money

30 5,500 Get an impressive 1,800 dice

Milestone rewards in the upcoming Nessie’s Quest tournament will bring a rich and exciting Monopoly Go experience to players around the world.


Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go (written as Monopoly GO!) is a new board game that can be played online, made by Scopely. This is the first time Monopoly is available as a mobile app. In this game, players aim to get rich by buying, renting and trading properties using virtual currency.Everyone takes turns rolling the dice and moving around the board

The goal is to have it all and drive other players out of business. The game’s name comes from the concept of monopoly, where one person or group controls the entire market. “Monopoly Go” will be released globally on April 11, 2023.

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Monopoly Go game play

In this game called Monopoly, you move your game pieces based on the number of points on the dice. If you buy a property, you get money from other people, but if you buy a tax spot, you lose money. You can use special dice to get more turns and win more, such as making money, gaining points in matches, picking up items on the board, and more.

Sometimes, certain locations will give you extra money or more rounds. If you log into a place called “Community Chest”, you can get more money and share it with your friends. After landing in a specific location, you can play mini-games like “Bank Robbery” and “Shutdown.” You can also earn stickers from events, contests, tasks, and gifts. Stickers have different ratings from one to five stars. Completing a set of stickers earns you cool prizes, and completing an entire sticker collection earns you great rewards and a new game entry.

Monopoly Go Overview

game name

Monopoly GO!



release date

April 11, 2023


Players move around the board by rolling dice. The goal is to buy, rent, and trade properties and build wealth while bankrupting your opponents.

special function

– Special dice for extra turns and benefits Mini-games like Bank Robbery and Shutdown Collect stickers with different ratings and rewards

In-game activities

Contests, tasks and giveaway stickers


– Earn prizes by completing sets ranging from one to five stars, and complete the complete collection to unlock rewards and new game pieces

winning goal

Have it all and make your opponents bankrupt

Bonus features

Landing in specific locations earns you extra money, more rounds, and the chance to share with friends

“Monopoly” trailer

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