Monster Hunter Now Weapons Tier List December 2023: Know the Best Weapons for Monster Hunter Now

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“Monster Hunter Now” is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and Capcom and published by Niantic. It was first released on September 14, 2023 and runs on iOS and Android platforms. The game falls under the genre of augmented reality and location-based games. It incorporates real-life game locations, including interaction with monsters, resource gathering, and crafting.

It features multiple terrains, six weapon types, 13 large monsters from the Monster Hunter series, daily refreshed terrain maps, and a player health system. Additionally, it includes an augmented reality camera mode for an immersive experience.

Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list December 2023

“Monster Hunter Now” December 2023 weapon level list divides weapons into S, A and B levels according to their combat effectiveness in the game

These are the most powerful weapons in the game and can effectively hunt monsters within a limited time. Noteworthy pieces include the sword and shield, which offer a balance between offense and defense, and the bow, which is deadly at mid-range and shoots with precision.

These weapons, while effective, may struggle against higher level monsters. Notable in this tier are the Long Sword, which allows for quick attacks and charges the Spirit Gauge for powerful counterattacks, the Double Blade, which increases attack speed in Demon Mode, and the Light Bowgun, a ranged weapon with multiple ammo types , can be used for various monster effects.

These may not be as powerful as higher levels, but can be powerful once mastered. Examples include the hammer, which provides a slow but powerful melee attack, the lance, which is used defensively as a shield and dash attack, and the greatsword, which deals significant damage but slows movement speed, making the wielder vulnerable.

The tier list provides an overview of weapon effectiveness in the current state of the game and may change with updates. Mastering a weapon that suits your playstyle remains crucial to success in Monster Hunter Now.

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Monster Hunter’s current weapon types

Monster Hunter weapon types, traits, and special abilities:

Weapon type



sword and shield

Balanced offense and defense, fast attack speed, strong blocking ability

The perfect sprint combination

Great sword

Massive, slow but powerful attack

A true charged slash

long sword

Rapid, continuous attacks, mental meter mechanism

Mental Helmet Destroyer


Blunt weapons, powerful strikes, slow attacks

spinning rod

light bow gun

Ranged attacks, multiple ammo types

Flying Dragon Impact Counter


Mid-range attack, charged arrow

dragon thorn


High defense, long range, strong defensive ability

dash attack

Double blade

Quick strike, high mobility, devil mode

Heavenly Sword Dance

These weapons offer different play styles, allowing hunters to tailor their strategies and tactics to how they prefer to fight.

monster hunter monster list now

“Monster Hunter’s Current Monster List” showcases a variety of powerful creatures in the game, each with unique abilities, habitats, and hunting behaviors for players to participate and strategize.



Great Yaglas

The leader of the Tiger Pack, known for his ruthless attacks on large monsters.


A type of avian wyvern that excels at grabbing objects with its front legs, often snatching eggs and using rocks as weapons or shields.

Puke – Puke

A flying dragon with a poisonous body, it uses its extended tongue to catch prey and releases a highly poisonous breath attack.


It likes to lurk in mud pools and use the mud for defense and offense when disturbed.

The great Tour de France

It hunts using paralyzing toxins secreted by its fangs, paralyzing its prey.

Fei Fei Tai Li

The long-toothed wyvern will generate static electricity. When the friction increases, it will enter a charged state and its hair will glow.


Ichthyosaurs camouflage themselves in the mud, using it to hunt and rehydrate. Beware of its sticky mud attack which limits movement.


It stores air in its body and attacks by floating in the air by exhaling the air forcefully.


A ferocious wyvern that won’t hesitate to attack anything, using its fan-like membranes for intimidation and temperature control.

La Zion

Also known as the “Queen of the Earth”, she hunts with her poisonous tail attacks and occasionally hunts with fire dragons.


It hunts by blowing out icy air to slow down its prey, which is common when hunting Rafinos in swampy areas.

fire dragon

A fearsome flying dragon known as the “King of the Sky” protects his territory with poisonous claws and the ability to breathe fire.


A desert-dwelling monster with twisted horns and an extremely territorial nature, known for its burrowing attacks and herbivorous diet.

Monster Hunter gameplay now

In Monster Hunter Now, gameplay revolves around your real-life location, placing your avatar on the game map, which is divided into various terrains such as forests, swamps, and deserts. Combat involves clicking monsters, with battles against large monsters lasting only 75 seconds, unlike the longer battles in the main Monster Hunter game. Smaller monsters are quickly defeated within seconds.

Resource nodes scattered across the map allow players to collect materials for crafting equipment, while purchasing certain items can expand their scope of influence in the virtual environment. Even when not actively playing, the game offers passive features that provide resources for future battles and mark monsters. Initially, the game debuts with three terrains, six weapon types, and 13 large monsters from the Monster Hunter series, with the map refreshing every day to showcase different creatures.

The player’s health system can be gradually regenerated or replenished with daily or store-bought items, and the game offers an augmented reality camera mode for added immersion.

Monster Hunter: Now Game Trailer

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