Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Patch Notes

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 patch notes will be released after Season 2 goes live on February 7 at 9am PT. Follow the official Call of Duty blog for announcements and updates. Modern Warfare III, developed by Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch, and Call of Duty: Warzone, developed by Raven Software, will have separate patch notes.

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Be sure to check out these notes for details on changes, improvements, and new features. In addition to the patch notes, you’ll also find useful information in the free official guide for Call of Duty: Warzone, which provides insights into the game and the new Season 2 multiplayer map.

A noteworthy new addition to Fort Fortune is Tac-Atlas, available starting today. Follow official communications from the Call of Duty team for the latest developments and changes in Season 2. Get ready for an exciting gaming experience with new content and features introduced in Season 2.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Contents


  • Tons of multiplayer maps! Season 2 will introduce four new core 6v6 maps, including three new 6v6 maps and a remastered version of a fan-favorite.

  • Two Map Variants: Get ready for the Hordepoint and Vortex mid-season playlists and explore two otherworldly themed map variants based on Skidrow and Terminal.

  • New War Map: Attack the skyscrapers in the center of Urzikstan from the air. Welcome to Operation Tin Man.

  • Five game modes and a Vortex playlist: Earn victory in Team Gun Game; quickly watch your path to victory in Snipers Only; enjoy the return of horde points and bounties; take on rival Juggernaut in the Juggermosh Pit fighting!

  • Season 2 Ranked Play: Claim the Ranked Play rewards you unlocked in Season 1, then keep working your way up to a full season and new rewards.

  • New Ninja Vest: Just love those knives? Equip the Ninja Vest for silent running, as well as extra ammo for knives and darts.

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Multiplayer Maps: Four new core 6v6 maps

Expect the multiplayer map pool to be expanded impressively as Sledgehammer Games delivers four new maps for the core multiplayer, mixing new and familiar combat areas.

departure (departure)

  • New, core, 6v6, medium and large

Explore the departure area of ​​Zakaev International Airport, a clean and competitive 6v6 map with areas suitable for all combat ranges. The map is larger than the terminal, so operations are expected to be both fast and tactical, with operators having access to the central main concourse, including the ground-level external entrance on the west side, main baggage check and access, as well as the upper mezzanine walkway and security area on the east side of the map.

Set up impressive sights at different heights and distances, maneuver through numerous cover points, or take down enemies in close combat in restaurants, cosmetics stores, or Burger Town.

Storage room (activated)

  • New, core, 2v2, 6v6, small size

Looking for a compact map that redefines the word “chaos”? Then follow federal authorities into a recently raided Bay Area stash! Climb over (or sneak into) the cash tray hidden in the garage. Stop to admire the dry landscape ahead, then sneak into a suburban ranch home filled with glass windows and more cash scattered throughout the rooms.

Explore the open living room, den and kitchen, outdoor bar area, hot tub, additional living quarters in the backyard, and central atrium choke point where the battle is concentrated. Expect an extremely compact, shipping-sized map, perfect for grinding XP, as well as fast and sustained gunfights.

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Vision (Startup)

  • New, Core, 6v6, Medium

Welcome to the Brazilian Mountaintop Resort, featuring a gift shop, restaurant and trolley. In addition to the impressive scenery, expect a more classic feel with this shooting-house-sized three-lane map with tight interiors and long-range exteriors. Start from the gondola (large cable car) or the square opposite the map.

Explore the unique shop promenade, raised central walkway and glass-walled restaurant, sunken north side, lush jungle, gallery and upper level bar area. Curving around the south side, there are varying heights, decks, and a small burger town from which enemies can be dropped.

Seasonal challenge rewards:

  • Win 5 ranked matches: “MWIII Season 2 Rivals” sticker

  • Win 10 Ranked Matches: “Pro Issue MCW” Weapon Blueprint

  • Win 25 ranked matches: “Farmed Them” Charm

  • Win 50 ranked matches: “Hard Day’s Work” weapon decal

  • Win 75 ranked matches: “MWIII Season 2 Rivals” loading screen

  • Win 100 Ranked Matches: “MWIII Season 2 Ranked Veteran” Weapon Camo

For more information, visit the official Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 game page.

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Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Trailer

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