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P Mysterious Container Guide to Lies

Refined Mysterious Container:

  • Location: Area IV, inside a tower. Push down the brazier, remove the rot pool, and go down the stairs.
  • Tip: Hit the puppet on the bridge shown in the photo.
  • Solution: Go to the Kratt Town Hall Observatory and then to the bridge. Hit the puppet with a ranged weapon to get the next prompt.
  • Reward: Doctor Owl Hunting Outfit (Set) and Quartz.

Gem Mystery Container:

  • Location: Area VI, near the boss door. Go down a hole, then left, up the stairs, then right to find it.
  • Tip: Check out the ground near Krat Central Station Street for views of the sea and landmarks.
  • Solution: Use the “Check the Ground” emote on the marked area on the map.
  • Reward: Atoner’s Hunting Clothing and Legion Caliber.

Old mystery container:

  • Location: Area VIII. Talk to novice explorer Hugo and ask about the nearest treasure.
  • Tip: Look for an old cabin in the Graves slum in Malham District, near a deserted tree and clothesline.
  • Solution: Obtain the key from the slum dweller NPC in Area V, then open the hut and retrieve the treasure.
  • Reward: Amulet of Life +1 and Legion Caliber.

Rusty Mysterious Container:

  • Location: Give all supply boxes to Polentina or purchase them for 900 Ergo.
  • Tip: Find a cave sealed off by a metal fence in the Barrens Swamp.
  • Solution: Head to area eight (nearest to the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer), where the closed fence is now open, and you’ll be rewarded by reaching the end.
  • Reward: Black Cat’s Hunting Clothing and Quartz.

Alidoro’s Mysterious Container:

  • Location: Kill Alidoro in Area X.
  • Tip: No hints are given, but you can talk to Eugenie about Alidoro and the Mysterious Vessel to get the final story achievement.

Mechanical Mystery Container:

  • Location: Area XI, a foggy underground area.
  • Tip: Look for stairs in a ruined city at noon.
  • Solution: Use the Frozen Feast special weapon and find the merchant in Area IX. Show your weapons to get rewards.
  • Reward: Red Fox Hunting Clothing and Quartz.

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P The lie of the hidden container

In P’s Game of Lies, there are six optional collectibles called “Mystery Containers” that you can discover as you explore various areas. These ships can be given to Venini to decipher, and most of them contain hints that guide you to valuable rewards such as legion arm upgrades or costumes.

Successfully decrypting and obtaining rewards from all these mysterious ships will earn you the Veteran Explorer achievement/trophy.


P game lies information

“P’s Lie” is a video game developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz Games. It was released on September 19, 2023 for various platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game is loosely inspired by Carlo Collodi’s 1883 Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. It received generally positive reviews from critics.

P’s Lie gameplay

In “The Lie of P,” you play as Pinocchio from a third-person perspective. You explore the city of Kratt, fighting biomechanical enemies using a variety of weapons including swords and axes, while being able to dodge and block attacks.

Pinocchio’s robotic arm can be customized with gadgets like a grappling hook or a flamethrower. Diverse weapon and crafting system offers 30 weapon types and 100 combinations.

The game uses a “lie system” where the player’s choices will affect the storyline, leading to three different endings. Its gameplay style is similar to games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, and is often described as “Souls-like.”

P plot lies

In Lies of P, a game inspired by The Adventures of Pinocchio, players control Pinocchio, a unique robotic puppet with the ability to tell lies. The game is set in Krat, a city where golems have rebelled and humanity is in danger.

Pinocchio is tasked with rescuing his creator, Geppetto, who can stop the golem’s uprising. Along the way, he battles puppet enemies, faces an insane organization called the Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit, and deals with a petrifying disease affecting the city.

As the story unfolds, Pinocchio encounters moral dilemmas, including deciding the fate of the mutated Sophia. The ending of the game varies depending on the player’s choices, with possible outcomes such as Geppetto’s dark actions or Pinocchio’s transformation.

A mysterious figure hints at the pursuit of immortality, and a girl in red shoes hints at the mysterious continuation of the Krat story.

The lie of P development

According to director Choi Ji-won, “P’s Lie” was announced by Korean publisher NeoWiz in May 2021 and has been in development for about three years. The Pinocchio theme was chosen to appeal to a wider fan base, inspired by the dark tones and diverse elements of the original story.

The game is set in the Belle Epoque environment, reflecting a city’s transformation from wealth to decline, symbolizing a period of cultural prosperity and darkness.

In addition, a collaboration with Team Ninja’s “Wolong: Fallen Dynasty” was also announced, allowing players to use the “P’s Lie” weapon in the DLC package in the latter game to enhance the gaming experience.

P’s Lie trailer

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