Letters To Cleo Share 2023 Tour Dates, How to Get Letters to Cleo Share Presale Code Ticket?

Letter to Cleo in 2023

Letters to Cleo are delighted to announce their highly anticipated 2023 tour. This concert series will be an extraordinary journey through their celebrated discography, focusing on commemorating the 30th anniversary of their iconic album Aurora Gory Alice.

As part of the celebration of this milestone, the band is gearing up for an exciting performance featuring the entire album as well as a selection of fan-favorite hits. With their unique alternative rock sound and captivating live performance history, Letters to Cleo’s tour will provide an unforgettable experience for long-time fans and newcomers alike. Be sure to mark your calendar and secure your tickets for a chance to attend this extraordinary musical event.


Letter to Cleo shares 2023 tour dates

Letter to Cleo announcing their highly anticipated 2023 tour. The band is set to captivate audiences with a series of concerts in the iconic city. The tour has special significance as Letters to Cleo celebrates the 30th anniversary of their seminal album “Aurora Gory Alice.”

Fans can expect to be taken on a nostalgic journey as the band performs the entire album as well as a selection of their greatest hits. With their signature sound and energetic performances, Letters to Cleo will give you an unforgettable night of music.




November 15

Brooklyn, New York

Made in Brooklyn

November 17

Boston, Massachusetts

Paradise Rock Club is hosted by Citizen

November 18

Boston, Massachusetts

Paradise Rock Club is hosted by Citizen


How do I get a Letter Sharing pre-sale code ticket for Cleo?

To ensure you have access to pre-sale codes for Letters to Cleo’s upcoming tour, please follow the steps below. First, make sure you’re subscribed to the band’s official website or newsletter, as they often share exclusive codes with their loyal fans. Additionally, the Live Nation mobile app can be downloaded, which often offers pre-sale codes for various events.

Keep an eye on the band’s social media accounts as they may announce pre-sale details there. If you are a member of a fan club, they may also provide codes to their members. Additionally, some credit card companies and venues offer pre-sales to cardholders and subscribers respectively. Please keep checking the official tour website, the band’s social platforms and ticketing platforms for the latest information on when and where to get pre-sale codes for Letters to Cleo.

Letter to Cleo

Letters to Cleo are a respected American alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts who have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Known for their energetic sound and captivating performances, the band’s history has been defined by their hit single “Here & Now” from their debut album, Aurora Gory Alice. Letters to Cleo’s core cast includes Kay Hanley, Greg McKenna, Michael Eisenstein, Stacey Jones and others, and its journey is characterized by periods of activity and inactivity.

The band formed in 1990 and evolved through various lineups, achieving commercial success in the mid-1990s and earning a loyal following. They disbanded in 2000, only to reunite for select tours in the following years. Their 2016 EP “Back to Nebraska” marked their comeback. With a legacy that continues to thrive through reunion shows and solo efforts, Letters to Cleo remains a symbol of alternative rock excellence, drawing fans into their captivating musical world.


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