King Legacy Update 5 Patch Notes and New Codes, King Legacy Gameplay, Trailer, and More

King Legacy Update 5 Patch Notes and New Codes

System changes


  • Added third sea

  • New level cap 4000 —> 4300

  • Added love awakening

  • Added Saber V2

  • Added 2 new legendary fruits.

  • Added 1 new sword

  • New materials added

  • Added new Legacy of the Abyss battle pass

  • Added energy bar showing remaining time for certain skills.

  • Nightblade skills can now be switched back and forth (V1 to V2) by talking to the Nightblade Master.

  • Adjusted Hydra Island. Treasure Chests, increasing the chance of obtaining level 3 and 4 treasure chests.

  • Fixed the opening animation of legacy/Hydra chests.

  • Adjusted the limit range of auto-generated settings.

  • Adjusted support for Xbox controller/Play station 5.

  • Displays the button output for the current system.

  • Fixed Cyborg/DarkLeg’s “M1” combat style.

  • Owners of private servers can now shut down the server using the “/shutdown” command.

  • Adjust bounty system

    • Global Bounty Reset/Leaderboard Reset.

    • From now on, defeat all bosses to get rewards. (The cooldown time for each Boss is every 2 hours) (The bounty obtained from the Boss is capped at 3,000,000)

    • Bounty PvP Boost: The more bounties a player has, the greater the damage/defense boost you get.

    • You can check for PvP boosts via NPCs located near the player leaderboards.

Skill changes

  • Improved sword skills

    • Night Blade(V1/V2)

    • Samurai sword

    • mini mace

    • pipeline

    • Jitter

    • golden spear

    • triple katana

    • pole

    • Tashi knife

    • Shark Blade

    • Ax of Anubis

    • adventure knife

    • mom blade

    • Kioulu(Z)

    • Hunter’s Blade

    • Sinking Blade(X)

    • hell sword

    • Authentic mace

    • Attack power (V2)

    • Christmas blade

    • sweet lozenges

    • bicento

  • Adjusts the speed of the skill based on the radius.

    • Flame (C) not awakened

    • Ice(X) Awakening

    • Mother’s Blade (X) Skill

    • Sword (Z) Skill

    • Rod (Z) Skill

    • Demonic Trident (X) Skill

  • Players can no longer cast abilities while swimming unless they transform into a dinosaur etc.

    • Adjusted sky jumps to make them smoother, as well as spaceships.

    • Adjustments Overall, the effects system has been adjusted to make it more stable and smooth.

    • Adjust Conqueror

  • Added teleport cooldown.

  • Added a cooldown bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • The color of the conqueror now corresponds to the color of the armament you have

  • The eye color of the Observation V2 will depend on the armament you have.

  • Adjusted Conqueror’s ability to stun players with a lower bounty if your own bounty exceeds theirs.

  • Additionally, if the player’s bounty is equal to or greater than the enemy’s bounty, the Conqueror will not harm them.

  • Added a curved iridescent halo to the sword.

  • Adjusted all sword animations.

  • Moved the weapons depot NPC to the first sea.

Armament changes

  • Added weapon system improvements

  • The owner of a weapon can now view its level in the stats menu.

  • You can change the appearance at each stage, but the buffs remain the same.

  • Stage 1: No gain

  • Stages 2-6: Each stage level adds +1% damage and 1% defense.

  • Added option to hide accessories in settings menu, all devices will still be viewable via Observation V2.

  • The number of stat points has been adjusted to match the level cap, increasing by 3 points per level.

  • Due to changes in stat points, the Raid Boss’ health has been nerfed, making it easier to defeat without much difficulty.

Island changes

First sea:

  • Expert Swordsman: 1,500,000 ⨠ 440,000 HP

  • Monster 750,000 >> 250,000 HP

Second sea:

  • Samurai King I 1,000,000 ⨠ 500,000 HP

  • Samurai King II 1,250,000 ⨠ 750,000 HP

  • Dragon 1,500,000 ⨠ 1,000,000 HP

  • Neptune 2,500,000 ⨠ 1,575,000 HP

  • Ghost Ship 3,000,000 ⨠ 750,000 HP

  • Hydra I 2,000,000 ⨠ 1,100,000 HP

  • Hydra II 3,000,000 ⨠ 2,200,000 health

  • Kraken Tentacles 525,000 HP (75k per tentacle)

Added new third sea:

  • Sword King: 3,750,000 HP

  • new daily tasks

  • New level tasks

Reduced the spawn time of the second sea raid boss:

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King’s legacy

In the world of mobile gaming, discover the captivating experiences offered by King Legacy, now available in version 1.2 since the update on August 26, 2023. The game is compatible with Android 5.1 and above, has received over 50 downloads, and has a 3+ rating for family-friendly content. Launched by Gamin’ Wallet on June 5, 2023, King Legacy introduces players to a fascinating blend of strategy and fantasy.

Whether playing as a king, minister, soldier, or thief, each round brings unique fantasy character encounters. Navigate round after round of the game and strategically compete for the lead on the scoreboard at the end of the game. Delve deeper into the King Legacy wiki and unlock the intricacies of this digital realm, unlocking a world of entertainment with every download.

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Legacy of Kings gameplay

In the enchanted realm of King Legacy, players assume the role of one of four charming characters: a noble king, a wise minister, a vigilant soldier, or a cunning thief. The king is a respected leader who seeks advice from his ministers, while soldiers work to catch the elusive thief. Gameplay unfolds in a turn-based format, with each player assuming the role of a unique fantasy character – whether a regal king, strategic minister, protective soldier or elusive thief.

Players are immersed in an exciting role-playing experience, tackling challenges based on the responsibilities of their assigned character. To embark on this fantasy journey, participants enter the names of four of their favorite characters and select the number of rounds of the game. In each round, strategic decisions are made and actions taken to influence the outcome of the game.

The scoreboard becomes a key focal point, tracking each player’s progress as they compete for supremacy and strive for victory as the game reaches its climax. Get ready for an adventure of fantasy and strategy in the enchanted kingdom of King Legacy.

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Legacy of Kings trailer

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