Is Detective Pikachu Returns a Sequel? Detective Pikachu Returns Gameplay

Is there a sequel to Detective Pikachu Returns?

Yes, Detective Pikachu Returns is the sequel to the beloved 2016 Detective Pikachu game. Following the success of the original game and accompanying movie, fans can now look forward to an all-new adventure starring everyone’s favorite animatronic Pokémon, Pikachu. The game continues the story of Talking Pikachu and his partner Tim Goodman, who together form an unlikely but unstoppable crime-solving team.

Set in the familiar Ryme City, players can expect Pikachu to don a cute hat and take part in solving crimes, exploring new mysteries, and interacting with a variety of Pokémon. With the sequel, players can expect even more hilarious crime scenes, unique interactions, and surreal conversations with Pokémon, making it a highly anticipated addition to the Pokémon game universe.

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Detective Pikachu is back

Detective Pikachu Returns is an exciting adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch. Developed by Creatures and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, it is the sequel to the popular 2016 game Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS. In this new game, players can look forward to a thrilling adventure filled with mysteries to be solved, just like its predecessor.

The game was first released in 2019 alongside apps such as Pokémon Home, and was recently showcased at the June 2023 Nintendo Direct to high levels of anticipation among fans. With the release of Detective Pikachu right around the corner, players can look forward to once again diving into the world of Detective Pikachu for an engaging, immersive gaming experience.


Detective Pikachu Returns gameplay

In “Detective Pikachu Returns”, players take on the role of Tim Goodman and team up with the clever Detective Pikachu to solve a series of mysteries. As players control Tim, they explore different scenes, search for clues and talk to people and Pokémon to gather important information. Gameplay consists of walking around different locations, examining your surroundings and having conversations to discover new clues and solve puzzles. Players must use their detective skills to solve mysteries, just like in the original Detective Pikachu game.

Development of the game, led by Creatures Inc., began in mid-2013 and was officially released in October 2013. One unique aspect of Detective Pikachu Returns is the inclusion of voice acting, a decision made by series director Junichi Masuda and composer. This means Pikachu can talk, adding an extra layer of charm to the game. In addition, Pikachu’s deerstalker hat is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, adding a touch of cuteness to the character. With engaging gameplay and the appeal of a talking Pikachu, Detective Pikachu Returns will deliver a delightfully immersive experience for players eager to enter the world of puzzle-solving.

Detective Pikachu Returns plot

“Detective Pikachu Returns” unfolds the story in the familiar setting of Lime City, where the smart Pikachu reunites with his partner Tim Goodman. Together they embark on a thrilling adventure to solve mysteries and discover the origins of Detective Pikachu. The plot takes an interesting turn when Tim’s father, Harry Goodman, mysteriously disappears, adding a sense of urgency and mystery to the storyline.

One of the exciting aspects of this sequel is the introduction of Pokémon from games released after the original, opening up new possibilities for the game’s narrative and gameplay. As the Pokémon universe expands, players can expect to encounter a variety of Pokémon species, adding depth and excitement to the challenges Detective Pikachu and Tim face. As they work together to uncover the truth behind Harry Goodman’s disappearance and explore Detective Pikachu’s origins, players can expect a compelling, immersive storyline filled with twists and turns and the charm of the Pokémon world.

“Detective Pikachu Returns” release date

Detective Pikachu Returns is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Nintendo 3DS game, first mentioned in a press release back in 2019. However, the game wasn’t officially announced to the public until June 2023 during a Nintendo Direct event. This exciting news comes as a surprise to eager fans with a specific release date: October 6, 2023.

To give players a glimpse of what’s to come, we released a detailed gameplay and plot trailer in August 2023, giving players a sneak peek at the mysteries and adventures that await them in the game. With a release date confirmed, get ready for the exciting return of Detective Pikachu on Nintendo Switch.

Detective Pikachu Returns trailer

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