In this optical illusion, a tiger is hiding in the bushes. Can you spot it within 11 seconds?

Optical illusions are difficult and interesting optical phenomena. These illusion puzzles often include adorable illustrations or descriptions of certain objects and/or animals. These visual appearances cause our brains to mistakenly experience a fake world.

They have the ability to deceive us into believing that certain things do not really exist or to trick our eyes into perceiving false information.

Finding anything that is not there or hidden in plain sight is the goal of the optical illusion challenge. Today we also have a fun, interesting and difficult optical illusion for you.

Are you feeling nervous yet?

Let’s get started.

Optical illusion: Spot a tiger in 11 seconds

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In this optical illusion image quiz, you can see bushes. What you can’t see in this picture is the tiger.

A tiger is hidden in this optical illusion painting and your goal in this optical illusion painting is to find the tiger within the given time.

As usual, we also have a certain amount of time for this optical illusion of a hidden tiger. We give you 11 seconds to solve this online puzzle.

This is a challenge for you and only the observant can spot the tiger hiding in this illusion.

Optical illusion: Can you spot a bird hiding among the trees in 10 seconds?

The time limit is 11 seconds. Your time starts now!

All the best!

Hurry up guys.

Did you spot a tiger?

If not, let us give you some advice.

Optical illusion tip: You can find the tiger at the end of the bush.

Now, have you spotted the tiger?

The clock is ticking.

3… 2… and 1


Now some of you may have found the tiger. However, there are also some people who may not find that in this photo.

Scroll down to see the tiger in hiding.

Optical illusion solution

In this optical illusion IQ test, you have to find a tiger in the bushes within 11 seconds. In case you don’t find the tiger, don’t worry. Here is the solution to this optical illusion puzzle.


We hope you enjoy this optical illusion challenge.

Optical illusions trick the brain into seeing a false perception of reality. From simple patterns that appear to be moving or changing shape to more complex images that defy the laws of physics, these illusions can appear in a variety of ways. They are an interesting research problem for scientists and a fun puzzle that people of all ages can enjoy because they can be both fascinating and confusing. Let me give you one.

Only 1 in 9 people can spot 2 mice hiding from a lion in a jungle photo within 12 seconds!

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