How to Use Ready or Not Optiwand? Choosing Realism: Leaving the Optiwand Behind in Ready or Not

Ready or Not Optiwand

In the game “Ready or Not” there is a special tool called Optiwand. It’s like a miniature periscope that SWAT teams use to peek into a room and safely gather information. Players can use the Optiwand to see behind cracks, under doors, and around corners without putting themselves in danger.

But here’s the interesting thing: some players deliberately choose not to use Optiwand and lockpicks. They found that the game becomes more exciting without these tools. By skipping the Optiwand, players can move more smoothly and stay motivated when they need to move quickly. Therefore, in Ready or Not, many players abandoned Optiwand in favor of adding fun and excitement to the game.

How to use a ready or not ready Optiwand?

  1. Equipment Preparation: Before embarking on a mission, please ensure that you have the Optiwand included in your LSPD unit’s equipment. This is crucial for effective utilization of its capabilities.

  2. Accessing the Optiwand: During the mission, if you want to use the Optiwand exclusively when you’re near a door, you don’t need to press “5” to switch to the mirror gun. Instead, just look at the bottom of the door and a UI prompt will instruct you to press “F” to activate the Optiwand.

  3. Activate Optiwand: After pressing “F”, your character will seamlessly transition into Optiwand mode. To examine the other side of the door, hold down the fire button or left mouse button. This allows you to collect valuable information without having to switch to the mirror gun during the mission.

  4. Optiwand’s screen: Note that in Early Access releases, the entire screen is used to switch to Optiwand’s view. However, in the current version, you can only see the other side of the door through the Optiwand’s own screen. Keep this in mind, especially if visibility on the other side may be affected.

  5. Commanding AI Teammates: Optiwand can also be used by your AI teammates. To direct them, use the middle mouse button while looking at the door. Select “Scan” and instruct them to use the mirror gun to inspect the room. If any threats are detected, teammates will notify you promptly to enhance tactical awareness.


Choose realism: Leave the Optiwand behind in Ready or Not

Many players in Ready or Not gave up using the Optiwand in favor of a more realistic gaming experience. The decision to exclude tools like the Optiwand and lockpicks had a significant impact on the game.

Here’s what happens when the player abandons the Optiwand in “Ready or Not”:

Realism prevails:

When players decide not to use the Optiwand, they can no longer peek under the door. This puts them in situations where quick thinking and decisive decisions become crucial, adding a touch of realism to the game. Giving up Optiwand creates uncertainty and requires players to make more strategic choices.

Locked Door Challenge:

Giving up the Optiwand can present challenges when dealing with locked doors. Players who have not had problems with door locks before must now look for alternative solutions. Tactical tools like a battering ram can be very useful in overcoming these locked-in challenges.

Pace and movement without Optiwand:

Without Optiwand, players’ rhythm and movements will change significantly. The absence of the Optiwand and lockpicks smoothes out the action, allowing the squad to stay motivated and execute operations with a high sense of urgency. This change also results in a more dynamic gameplay experience, as players no longer need to spend time checking doors or using lockpicks.

ready or Not

Ready or Not is a video game in which you play as a police SWAT team dealing with crime in the fictional city of Los Sunos, California. It is made by an Irish company called VOID Interactive and launched for Microsoft Windows.

The game was first released on Steam Early Access on December 17, 2021, and then the full version was released on December 13, 2023. People love this game because of its cool atmosphere and gameplay. Some even think it’s like a new version of Sierra Entertainment’s SWAT series. However, some people disliked the tone of the game and the way it dealt with certain themes.

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Ready or Not System Requirements


Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements

operating system

64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

64-bit Windows 10


Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300

AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5-7600K





NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB

Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or higher


Version 11

Version 11


90 GB available space

90 GB available space

ready or not

In Ready or Not, you basically play as a cop dealing with a difficult situation. The game is characterized by hyper reality. You have to plan your moves carefully, as it only takes a few shots to knock you or your enemy down. You can choose your weapons and make them your own by adding cool stuff like scopes and silencers.

There are also gadgets like grenades and shields to help you. You can also use harmless weapons, such as a Taser or pepper spray, to catch the bad guys without doing much damage to them. But sometimes, these harmless weapons can accidentally cause more damage than you expect.

When you face bad guys, you have to be careful that they may try to trick you by feigning depression or even faking death. So, you have to be smart and put handcuffs on them to make sure they are really unusable. Here’s the thing: If you end up hurting innocent people or your own team, the game won’t be too happy about it. Just like following the rules and being fair is a big thing in the gaming world.

Ready or not to develop

Production of the Ready or Not game began in June 2016, and a video about the game was shown on YouTube in May 2017. In August 2019, a special early version was given out to some people who owned the special edition of the game, but they didn’t keep it a secret.

In April 2020, they let some backers and YouTubers try out parts of the game and share their thoughts. The game was officially launched into Early Access on Steam in December 2021. Later, in 2023, they said the entire game was ready and released.

They mentioned new missions around combating and illegal cryptocurrency mining, as well as improvements such as better gear and characters who can do more on their own. There were a few issues along the way, such as a collaboration with another team called Team17 that didn’t work out, and some issues on Steam due to the game being set in a nightclub level, but they fixed that and got a backup of the game.

ready or not trailer

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