How to Survive & Beat Ghost Girl in Lethal Company? Ghost Girl in Lethal Company

Ghost Girl of Deadly Company

In Lethal Company, there is a super scary enemy called Ghost Girl. She is a difficult person to deal with, usually appearing on the moon, and the levels are very difficult. Once she locks down a player, she doesn’t give up easily. Surviving her attacks is difficult. She will constantly follow a player on her team until she catches them, or in rare cases, if the player can somehow escape her control. It’s like she’s determined to make sure someone doesn’t live. It’s not easy to leave her. Players must be very careful when she is nearby. Not only is she tough, she’s strong. She is nearly invincible. There was no use fighting her, running away was the only way to stay safe.

How to survive in Deadly Company and defeat Ghost Girl?

In Deadly Company, if you want to survive the ghost girl, you must recognize the signs that she is about to attack. Watch for flashing lights, giggles, muffled hearing, sudden sounds or chimes. When these signs appear, be on high alert as she may be about to attack.

react to her presence

When Ghost Girl targets a player, only that player can see her, while teammates can feel her presence. If you are the target, the best course of action is to run away. She won’t be spotted by your teammates, so communicating her location is crucial to avoid getting caught.

Understand her behavior

Ghost Girl has different modes: Hide, Gaze and Attract. It’s wise not to actively seek her out when she’s hiding or in a staring state. If you encounter her, she will enter staring mode. You can approach her twice and make her disappear, but if you try a third time, it’s very dangerous.

Incomparable ghost girl

In the game, you can’t beat the ghost girl. She is invincible, so the only way to stay safe is to avoid her and not try to fight. She remains immune to whatever the player tries, emphasizing the need for dodge and strategic moves to outwit her.


deadly company

Lethal Company is a video game produced by Zeekerss, the creator of games such as Welcome to the Dark Place, It Steals, Dead Seater, and The Upturned. The game belongs to the action, adventure, and indie genres and was released on October 23, 2023. The product of Zeekerss’ development and publishing efforts, Lethal Company offers players early access, allowing them to get in on the game before it’s too late. Its full version.

In this game, players can experience an action-packed adventure in a unique gaming environment. The diverse game genres incorporate exciting gameplay elements, making this an interesting prospect for those who enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Released in October 2023, Lethal Company marks another addition to Zeekerss’ unique and engaging video game portfolio, inviting players to explore its world of action and adventure.

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Deadly Company gameplay

In the immersive world of Lethal Company, players take on the role of contract workers recruited by a mysterious entity known as “The Company.” Their main mission revolves around exploration and scavenging, navigating the desolate landscape of abandoned industrialized moons in order to fulfill profit quotas set by a mysterious corporation.

The game supports both single-player and online co-op modes, giving players the flexibility to embark on this harrowing journey alone or team up with friends for a more collaborative and engaging experience. As players travel across these abandoned moons, they will encounter countless challenges, from hostile creatures to environmental hazards, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the game.

Earning in-game currency by collecting scrap becomes crucial, as it opens up ways to purchase basic tools, customize ships with vanity items, and unlock new moons that promise higher risks and rewards. This currency system not only enhances the strategic nature of the game, but also allows players to customize their experience by investing in personalized upgrades and expanded horizons of exploration.

Deadly Company Trailer

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