How to Reroll Your Account in Honkai Star Rail? Find Out Her

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Honkai Impact is an engaging role-playing gashapon video game produced by miHoYo, the studio known for the popular “Genshin Impact” and earlier “Honkai Impact 3rd” games. It debuts on Windows and mobile devices on April 26, 2023, with a PlayStation 5 version expected to launch in the fourth quarter. The game is set in the Honkai Universe, features characters from “Honkai Impact 3rd”, and draws inspiration from gameplay elements from “Genshin Impact”.

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How to re-register Honkai Star Rail account?

Rerolling in Honkai Impact means starting a new game to try and get your favorite character. Here’s a simple guide on how to do this:

Open a new account:

  • Click the “Sign In” button on the start screen or use Hoyolab.
  • If you fill in your login details on the screen, click “Register Now”.

  • Fill in your email address, the verification code in the email, the required password, and re-enter it.

  • Your new Hoyoverse account has been created and you can start a new game on any server.

Progress of re-account registration:

  • Once you create a new account, decide how far you want to go before re-registering again.

  • Progress is divided into three levels:

  • Fastest Reroll: Start the game, fight enemies, and summon characters. Use 20 Star Track Passes for two multi-purpose uses in the Departure Meridian Banner.

  • Medium-paced re-roll: pull with 20 warp, use Emerald’s event code, claim achievements, get treasure chests, and use Emerald for limited banner pulls.

  • The Slowest Reroll: Continue the mission, reach level ten, and obtain the Star Trail Pass from various sources to guarantee a five-star character.

Best time to reroll:

Keep in mind that re-rolling can take time and patience, so decide whether it’s worth it based on your preference. If you don’t particularly like a particular character, you can still enjoy the game using any of the characters you start with.


Honkai Impact Gameplay

Honkai Impact combines the charm of traditional Japanese role-playing games with gashapon-style mechanics to create an engaging experience. In this game, players will form a team of four characters with different personalities to engage in turn-based battles that require strategic thinking to overcome various challenges. In addition to combat, the game also offers open-world exploration and dungeons to enhance the overall immersion.

One of the game’s standout features is its gacha system, which adds excitement and progression as players acquire new characters and gear. This seamless integration of gameplay elements caters to both fans and new players of the Honkai Impact series, offering the appeal of strategy, exploration, and gacha-based progression.

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Windows, iOS, Android – Global: April 26, 2023 PlayStation 5 – Global: Q4


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