How to Get Pajama Suit in Lethal Company? Pajama Suit in Lethal Company

Fatal Company Pajama Set

In the game Deadly Company, even the little things matter. Gadgets or basic items may not seem important at first, but in a game, they can have a huge impact. A pajama set is such a small but fun item. This is a special outfit that won’t affect combat or missions, but will add a touch of style to your character.

Picture a super comfy blue suit with cute polka dots. Wearing a pajama set will give your character a chill and cozy vibe. In a game where danger is everywhere, taking a break from serious matters and enjoying yourself in your pajamas is a great way to add some fun to the adventure. It’s like showing off your fun side and adding a little comfort and style to your virtual journey in Lethal Company.

How to get a pajama set in Deadly Company?

To get a pajama set in Lethal Company, you need to complete the task of finding materials for the company. It’s crucial to complete these tasks on time to avoid putting your character in danger. The game offers various tools, one of which is the pajama suit, a unique garment used for fun rather than combat.

To make your gaming life easier, choose the right outfit for each mission, including stylish pajama sets. Remember, having the right gear can make a big difference, so choose wisely!

Other decorative items in the game add a touch of fun to your experience. Here is a list:

  • Table: Made by Australians in space, it silently bears witness to your troubles.
  • Television: Creator Unknown, a show featuring a company-affiliated humanoid robot with an unknown power source.

  • Toilets: Portable toilets from Nanotrasen that require no plumbing and Todd Howard’s voice may surprise you.

  • Comfort Lights: An expensive set of lights that can withstand lightning and illuminate your boat.

  • Shower cubicle: accommodates one.

  • Clown Trumpet: A tribute to Mother Trumpet.

  • Air Horn: Annoys everyone.

  • green suit

  • hazard suit

  • pajama set


deadly company

Lethal Company is a cooperative horror game released on October 24, 2023, in which players act as contracted scavengers for the company, collecting scrap from abandoned satellites to meet profit quotas. The game supports up to 4 players and features seven planets, nine creatures, and eight exploration tools.

Developer Zeekerss plans to expand the game’s content. The game has a mature content warning due to realistic character deaths. The Fall Update was released on November 11, 2023, showcasing ongoing development work.

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Deadly Company gameplay

In Deadly Inc., you and your friends team up as workers for a company, venturing into abandoned satellites to collect scrap and achieve profit goals. The game, launching in October 2023, will allow up to four players to explore seven different planets, encounter nine unique creatures and use eight tools to complete tasks.

With a focus on online co-op and a sci-fi horror setting, players can customize their ship, scan for alien creatures, and discover diary entries from previous crew members. The game’s nighttime loop adds an extra challenge, requiring communication to ensure everyone returns safely to the ship with the loot before the danger escalates.

Fatal Company Overview


deadly company


action, adventure, indie





release date

October 24, 2023


Cooperative horror, online cooperation, science fiction setting

Fatal Company system requirements

System Requirements

at the lowest limit



64-bit processor

64-bit processor

operating system

Windows 10

Windows 10


Intel Core i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz; Shader Model 5


NVIDIA GForce GTX 1050


Version 11


Broadband Internet connection


1 GB free space

Deadly Company Trailer

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