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Starfield, an action role-playing game, is the creation of Bethesda Game Studios and was brought to life by Bethesda Softworks. This highly-anticipated game was initially unveiled to the gaming world during Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018, generating considerable excitement among fans and industry insiders alike. Notably, Starfield represents a significant milestone for Bethesda, marking their first foray into a brand-new intellectual property in over two and a half decades.

The game unfolds in a captivating space-themed setting, offering players a vast and immersive universe to explore. Set against the backdrop of outer space, Starfield promises a unique and intriguing gaming experience, setting it apart from Bethesda’s renowned franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

On September 6, 2023, Starfield made its long-awaited debut, hitting gaming platforms such as Windows and Xbox Series X/S. The release was met with great anticipation and fanfare.

Upon its launch, Starfield garnered widespread attention and a range of reviews from gaming critics. The game earned praise for its open-world design, allowing players to navigate and engage with a meticulously crafted universe. Additionally, the soundtrack of Starfield received acclaim for enhancing the overall immersive experience.

However, opinions diverged when it came to the game’s story. While some critics found the narrative to be compelling and captivating, others expressed reservations or criticisms, reflecting the diverse perspectives within the gaming community.

In summary, Starfield’s journey from announcement to release marked a significant moment in the gaming industry. Its setting, open-world design, and soundtrack received positive recognition, although the narrative elements sparked varying opinions among reviewers. Nevertheless, the game’s arrival represented Bethesda’s bold step into a new gaming universe after a quarter-century of established franchises.

How to Get More Ammo in Starfield?

In Starfield, acquiring more ammunition is crucial for survival, especially given the game’s initial scarcity of resources. To ensure a steady supply of ammo, follow these steps:

  • Looting and Exploration: When starting Starfield, you’ll frequently run out of ammo during missions. To replenish your supply, search for ammo cases, containers, and loot the corpses of defeated enemies. Keep an eye out for these resources during your exploration, as they can provide you with much-needed ammunition.
  • Scavenging Skill: Upgrade your Scavenging skill to at least level 2. This social skill increases your chances of finding ammo when searching containers, further improving your ability to gather ammunition while out in the field.
  • Buying Ammo: As you progress in the game, you can purchase ammo from various vendors in New Atlantis, particularly at locations like Centaurian Arsenal. Buying in bulk is advisable to prevent running out of ammo during missions. Note that you may need to adjust the purchase quantity as the default is often set to the highest available volume.
  • Ammo Types: Pay close attention to the specific ammo types required by your weapons. Ammo types are indicated in the weapon inventory under ‘Ammo.’ Some weapons share the same ammo type, making it easier to manage your arsenal, while others require specific rounds . Ensure you purchase the correct corresponding ammo box for these weapons to avoid wasting resources.


Where to Buy Ammo Starfield?

In Starfield, acquiring ammunition is essential for your survival, and you can conveniently purchase it from various vendors once you reach Jemison on New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system. This location is one of the first you’ll explore in the game, and it offers several vendors where you can stock up on different types of ammo. The Centaurian Arsenal, in particular, stands out as one of the prime places to amass a variety of ammunition types.

Here are the specific vendors and locations in New Atlantis where you can buy ammo:

  • Trade Authority and UC Surplus (The Well, MAST District): These vendors provide you with opportunities to purchase ammo to replenish your supplies.
  • UC Distribution Center (Commercial District): Another location in New Atlantis where you can acquire ammunition to keep your weapons loaded.
  • Jemison Mercantile (near the Security bay entrance): This vendor is another option for buying ammo while exploring the city.
  • Centaurian Arsenal (Residential District): As mentioned, the Centaurian Arsenal is a noteworthy vendor where you can stockpile various types of ammunition. It’s a valuable resource to ensure you have enough ammo for your adventures.

When purchasing ammo, keep in mind that you can buy it in bulk, which is a wise strategy to avoid running out of ammunition during intense missions. However, be aware that the default purchase amount is typically set to the highest available volume. To buy smaller quantities, you’ll need to adjust the cursor by dragging it to the left.

Additionally, as you progress in the game, you’ll encounter various vendors on different planets, such as Rowland Arms in Akila City and Neon Tactical in Neon, where you can purchase ammunition to support your interstellar journey. These vendors offer additional options to ensure you’re well-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead in the vast expansion of Starfield’s universe.


Starfield is an action role-playing video game that offers players a dynamic gaming experience with a plethora of features. Players have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between a first-person and third-person perspective at any point during the game, providing a versatile view of the captivating universe.

Set within an expansive open-world environment located in the Milky Way galaxy, Starfield combines both fictional and real planetary systems, providing an immense playground for exploration. Gamers can embark on an interstellar journey, landing on over 1,000 planets along with numerous moons and space stations, each with its unique characteristics.

The game’s landscapes are predominantly generated procedurally, with additional handcrafted content added to enhance the gaming experience. The terrain, as well as the alien flora and fauna on a planet, are dynamically generated based on factors such as the star of the planetary system and its atmosphere. Moreover, locations of interest are revealed as players approach a planet, adding depth to the exploration.

Starfield boasts New Atlantis, the largest fictional city ever developed by Bethesda, as one of its central hubs. As players traverse the game’s vast universe, they’ll encounter a diverse array of non-playable characters (NPCs). Some of these NPCs may join the player’s crew, aiding in combat, carrying items, or even negotiating on the player’s behalf. Their interactions and commentary may reflect the player’s choices, creating an immersive narrative experience.

Customization plays a significant role in the game. Players can personalize their silent protagonist, including their body type, appearance, background, and traits. Traits come with advantages and disadvantages, impacting gameplay. As players progress, they unlock additional traits and abilities within five distinct skill trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech.

In terms of combat, Starfield offers a wide array of firearms, explosives, and melee weapons, all of which can be customized with attachments. Jetpacks, known as boost packs, provide added mobility in both combat and traversal, adapting to varying gravitational forces on celestial bodies.

Resource management is another critical aspect of the game. Players can scan planets for natural resources, which are essential for crafting recipes and outpost development. These outposts can be constructed for various purposes, from research laboratories to resource extraction operations.

Space travel is central to Starfield, and players can construct, purchase, or commandeer their own spaceships. These ships are fully customizable, from their central components to paint color, enabling players to tailor their vessels to their liking. Ship combat, boarding other NPC -piloted spaceships, and resource trading are all integral elements of the game’s spacefaring experience.

Starfield promises an immersive blend of exploration, customization, and combat in a meticulously crafted universe, making it a highly anticipated addition to the world of action role-playing video games.

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