How To Get Free Dice In Monopoly Go? What is Free Dice in Monopoly Go?

What are the free dice in Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly GO, free dice represent rewards or in-game currency, allowing players to roll the dice without spending real money. These free rolls are essential to gameplay, allowing players to progress, make strategic moves, and participate in the game without relying solely on purchased in-game currency.

They can be earned through various means such as daily logins, achievements, community participation, and in-game social interactions. Overall, free dice in Monopoly GO provides players with the opportunity to enjoy the game, strategize, and advance without making an immediate financial investment.

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How to get free dice in Monopoly Go?

In the Monopoly GO mobile game, earning free dice significantly enhances gameplay and progression. Here are several ways to get free dice:

  1. Daily Login Bonuses: Regular logins reward players with various bonuses, including free dice rolls. Continuous check-ins allow players to accumulate points over time and encourage frequent game play.

  2. Be patient: Monopoly GO offers free dice rolls every five minutes, encouraging players to stay engaged. By keeping the app open and checking in regularly, players can accumulate additional rolls without spending any in-game currency.

  3. Increase Net Worth: Progressing in the game and increasing your overall net worth unlocks milestones, which are often accompanied by free dice rolls. This incentivizes players to work toward financial growth in the game to earn extra rolls.

  4. Community Chests: Playing with more friends (five or more) unlocks Community Chests that offer a variety of rewards, including free dice rolls. Cooperating and playing with friends brings these extra rewards.

  5. Add more friends: Inviting friends to join Monopoly GO benefits both parties. Players receive free dice as a reward for adding friends, and this process can be repeated up to a certain limit, potentially resulting in a large number of free dice.

  6. Social Media and Community Platforms: It may be beneficial to follow Monopoly GO’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. Developers and players often share links and information about free dice rolls as part of promotions, server outages, or bug compensation.

By employing these methods, players can accumulate free dice in Monopoly GO, allowing them to play longer and progress longer without spending real money on in-game currency. These strategies provide players with alternatives to enjoy the game without financial investment, emphasizing engagement, collaboration, and consistent gameplay.


Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a new game that can be played on your phone or tablet. It’s like the board game Monopoly, but on your device. In this game, you try to make large amounts of money by buying, renting, and trading properties using in-game currency. You can move around the board by rolling the dice.

The main goal is to own all the properties and make other players run out of money. The game’s name comes from the concept of monopoly, where one person controls everything in the market. “Monopoly Go” will be released on April 11, 2023.

Monopoly Go game play

In the game, players move their game pieces based on the numbers rolled on the dice. If they buy the property, they make money, but if they buy the tax space, they lose money. Players can use special dice multipliers to get more dice, which can help them earn more money from properties, win points in tournaments, collect items on the board, and more.

Sometimes, landing on an opportunity space will give the player extra money and dice. Logging in to the Community Chest space can add money to the shared treasure chest, and players can invite friends to open it and win more money. When players land in rail space, they can play mini-games such as “Bank Robbery” and “Shutdown.” Throughout the game, players can collect stickers from events, tournaments, quests, and gifts.

Some stickers are more valuable than others. When players complete a set of stickers in the Sticker Album, they will receive generous rewards. Completing the entire album earns great rewards and new game pieces for their collection.

Monopoly Go tournament

In Monopoly Go, different events occur from time to time and provide players with rewards such as money, dice, and sticker packs. Here are some events:

  1. Tournament: A competition in which players can win prizes.
  2. Partner Events: Events held with partners that offer rewards.
  3. Milestone Event: A special event that commemorates an achievement and provides a reward.
  4. Prize Drops: Events where players can collect dropped Monopoly money.
  5. Money Grab: When tokens land on chance tiles, players can grab the dropped money for a limited time.
  6. Cash Rewards: Players earn extra cash for specific actions during limited-time events.
  7. Landmark Dash: Players are rewarded for fully upgrading a landmark.
  8. Board Rush: Earn extra rewards by completing the game board during a limited-time event.
  9. Color Wheel Speed ​​Up: In this activity, players can spin the color wheel twice.
  10. Rent Frenzy: Get more opportunities to earn money from your friends by hitting your rental goals.
  11. High Roller: During this limited time event, players can increase their roll multiplier up to 1000x.
  12. Super Heist: Match 3 gold bars in a limited time event for a chance to win huge cash prizes.
  13. Free parking event: Log in to the free parking section during the limited-time event to get sweet rewards.
  14. Sticker Craze: During this event, sticker packs will have 50% more stickers for a short period of time.
  15. Golden Blitz: In this limited-time event, players can trade gold stickers to complete sets in the album.
  16. Treasures of Egypt: Players dig and find hidden treasures in limited-time events to earn various rewards and prizes.

Monopoly Go Exhibition Hall

In Monopoly Go!, the Showroom is where players display their collectible tokens and shields earned from various in-game activities.

These collections showcase different items that players collect during gameplay, such as special tokens and shields earned by participating in different in-game activities.

“Monopoly” trailer

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