How to Get Fortune’s Fruit in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora? Find Out Here

The Fruit of Fortune in “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier”

In Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, the Fortune Fruit is a valuable cooking ingredient and an integral part of several missions, including Memory Flight and Celebration Mural. While obtaining this ingredient is usually simple, players may be confused about its exact location.

The challenge is to find advanced and beautiful variations of the Fortune Fruit in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier. To aid players in this quest, this guide provides assistance in finding these rare breeds, ensuring fans can fully participate in the cooking and quest-related elements of the game without feeling frustrated.

How to get the Wealth Fruit in “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier”?

Find the Big Leaf Biome:

  • Go about 950m west of the main tree in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier to the Bigleaf Biome of the Kinglor Forest surrounding the Forest of Light.

Identify the Lucky Leaf Cane:

  • Once in the Bigleaf biome, use Na’vi Senses to identify the tall purple plants scattered around – these are Lucky Leaf Canes, with Lucky Fruit growing on them.

Navigate to higher ground:

  • While some fruits are easy to obtain, rare and premium varieties can be found higher up. Use your Ikrans to fly to the top of the Fortune Leaf Cane.

Position above the desired fruit:

  • Fly over the Fruit of Wealth you wish to collect and pull back your Ikran to hold it in place.

Dismount and harvest:

  • Unload your Ikran and make sure your character has access to the Fruit of Wealth during the Autumn. Successful contact will automatically reap the original version of the fruits of wealth.

Repeat as needed:

  • Repeat this process to collect more Wealth Fruits. Enjoy the rewards of this harvesting technique in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier.


Pandora’s Avatar Frontier

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. It will be released on December 7, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

The game, based on James Cameron’s Avatar film series, was originally announced in March 2017, and as revealed in Ubisoft Forward’s June 2023 presentation, its release window has been pushed back from its original 2022 date. December 7, 2023. The game promises to tell a standalone story within the Avatar universe.

Avatar Pandora Frontier gameplay

Massive Entertainment has revealed the first gameplay footage of Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, a unique first-person open world experience. Players take on the role of a Na’vi, exploring the planet Pandora, healing wildlife, and helping the planet’s inhabitants.

The game allows exploration on foot, riding a dire horse, or flying on a Banshee/Ikran. Equipped with Na’vi weapons or captured RDA troop gear, players can choose from stealth, direct attack, or hybrid attacks. An in-depth skill system lets you customize your Na’vi’s abilities, emphasizing player agency to blend FPS and open-world RPG elements.

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” trailer

Avatar Pandora Border Drama

In “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier”, players take on the role of a Na’vi orphan and receive training from the Resource Development Administration (RDA) to become a soldier. After waking up fifteen years later in an abandoned facility, players embark on a journey through the Western Frontier, a new area on the planet Pandora.

As they uncover their past, players must unite with the local Na’vi tribe to resist the RDA’s plunder of the region’s natural resources. The story is partly related to the movie and is independent, and the game uses a 2-player cooperative multiplayer mode.

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