How to Get Clean Jewelry in Payday 3? Guide For Managing Clean Jewelry

Dirty Ice Heist Guide

The Dirty Ice Heist in Payday 3 involves robbing Ashton Fine Jewelry for valuable loot. To succeed:

  1. Jewelry Store Layout: Pay attention to the manager and note the employee number she changed as it may be a password. The basement contains key elements such as safety and security systems.

  2. Open the QR code lock: Hack your phone to get the QR code to lock the door. Any team member can use these codes.

  3. Enter the jewelry workshop: grab the manager and use her retina scanner to open the VIP showroom door. To operate in stealth, enter the basement, find the password, and approach quietly.

  4. Get clean jewelry: Use the sorter to process jewelry bags and get valuable clean jewelry.

  5. Secret Route: Start by gathering information, then quietly disabling security measures, providing the opportunity for clean loot.

  6. Loud route: If discovered or to get a higher reward, create chaos in the showroom, take hostages, break the jewelry box, dispose of the loot, and escape in a helicopter.

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How to get clean jewelry in Payday 3?

Loading jewelry

Start by collecting the jewelry bags you obtained during the heists. These packs can be obtained from various sources within the game.

Visit the sorter

Find the sorting machine, which is usually located at Ashton Fine Jewelers or a similar location in the game.

insert jewelry

Carefully place the bag containing the jewelry into the sorting machine. You can add as many bags as you like, but it’s important to note that the machine will only process one bag at a time.

Waiting for sorting

Let the sorter do its job. It automatically sorts the jewelry in each bag, but it does so sequentially, starting with one bag and moving on to the next.

The emergence of clean jewelry

As the machine processes each bag, it separates the clean jewelry from the rest. Clean jewelry is very valuable and sells for more than regular jewelry.

Retrieve clean jewelry

When the machine finishes sorting a batch of jewelry, you’ll find the clean jewelry neatly placed on the tray. Be sure to remove clean jewelry from the tray immediately.

Repeat as needed

If you have more bags of jewelry to process, you can repeat the process by placing more bags into the sorter. Remember, the machine processes one batch at a time, so you need to wait for each batch to be processed.

Managing Clean Jewelry

Keeping track of the clean jewelry you acquire is crucial. Store it safely and plan your heist strategy accordingly, as clean jewelry is a valuable asset in the game.


Payday 3 game information

Payday 3 is a new first-person shooter video game. It is produced by a company called Starbreeze Studios and will be published by Deep Silver. The game continues the story of Payday 2 and is the third part of the series. The game is scheduled to be released on September 21, 2023. In Payday 3, you’ll step into the shoes of the characters and see everything from their perspective. The main idea of ​​the game is to plan and carry out a grand heist.

You won’t be alone; you’ll be working with a team. You need to use different weapons and your skills to outwit the security system and escape with the loot. It’s like being in an action movie and you’re the thief. Since it’s a sequel, it builds on the foundation of Payday 2 and adds new features and improvements. If you liked the previous games or enjoy action-packed shooters, Payday 3 may be a game you want to play when it releases in September 2023.

Payday 3 gameplay

Payday 3’s gameplay is packed with thrilling heists and intense action. You play as a character and see the world through their eyes in a first-person perspective. Your main goal is to work with your team to plan and pull off a daring heist. These heists are high stakes and you’ll need strategy, skill, and teamwork to succeed. You can use a variety of weapons and special abilities to outwit security measures and make a clean escape with your loot.

The game encourages cooperative play, so you and your team must coordinate effectively. Whether you’re cracking safes, stealing valuables or dealing with law enforcement, every moment is filled with tension and excitement. Since Payday 3 is the sequel to Payday 2, you can expect improved gameplay, more weapons, and new challenges. It’s like being part of an action-packed movie where you are the mastermind behind a big, daring crime.

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