How to Get Bot Lobbies in MW3 Warzone? Features of Bot Lobbies in MW3 Warzone

How to get the bot lobby in MW3 Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t officially support or feature AI-controlled bots like other games like Fortnite. Warzone primarily matches players based on skill level through a Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) system, designed to create balanced matches with real players.

Regarding accessing the bot lobby or making it easier to compete in Warzone, the information provided suggests several methods that some players may use or speculate on:

Create new account:

By creating a new account, the game may initially make it easier for players to compete because the system treats them as new or less experienced players. However, this method may not be ideal for players who want to improve their main account statistics.

Use a virtual private network (VPN):

Some players may use VPNs to spoof their location and connect to servers in different countries, possibly with the intention of accessing the lobbies of less skilled players. However, using a VPN to play, especially to manipulate matchmaking or gain an unfair advantage, may violate a game’s terms of service and is generally frowned upon in the gaming community.

It is important to note that attempts to manipulate the matchmaking system or gain an unfair advantage in an online game may have ethical considerations and potential consequences, including account bans or suspensions if detected by the game’s anti-cheating measures.

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MW3 Warzone Bot Lobby Features

However, regarding the concept of bot lobbies in online multiplayer, here are some features that may be related to bot lobbies, although their presence in Call of Duty: Warzone has not yet been officially confirmed:

Artificial Intelligence Controlled Robots:

In a bot lobby, most or all players will be AI-controlled bots rather than actual human players. These bots are programmed to simulate player behavior and movements, but are often less skilled than real players.

Lower skill level:

Bots in these lobbies may exhibit less advanced tactics, movements, and decision-making than human players. They may have predictable behavior patterns, but lack the complexity and adaptability of real players.

Easier competition:

Bot lobbies are often sought after by players looking for a less challenging or more relaxed gaming experience. Lower skill levels for AI bots may make matches in these lobbies easier for players to navigate and potentially achieve better performance.

Minimal challenge:

Participating in a bot lobby may provide players with a less competitive environment in which to practice, try out strategies, complete challenges, or improve statistics without the pressure of facing highly skilled opponents.

It’s worth noting that the existence of bot lobbies in Call of Duty: Warzone has not been officially acknowledged by the developer, and attempts to manipulate the matchmaking system or use the game to gain an unfair advantage may violate the game’s terms of service or fair play policy.


Call of Duty: MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is a new video game launched on November 10, 2023. It is the twentieth game in the “Call of Duty” series and the third in the “Modern Warfare” series. In this game, you play as a special operations force called “Task Force 141”. Your mission is to prevent a Russian terrorist named Vladimir Makarov from triggering World War III. The game features a single-player story mode and a multiplayer mode featuring maps from previous games in the series.

It also introduces Zombies mode, where you fight against hordes of the undead in an open world. Modern Warfare III is developed by Sledgehammer Games and uses IW engine version 9.0. While many were excited about the game, others criticized the campaign mode for being too short and disliked the level design.

Call of Duty: MW3 Gameplay

The gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is similar to its predecessor, Modern Warfare II, as well as other games in the series. You can swipe to cancel just like before, and in the campaign, there are both linear missions and new “open combat missions” where you can choose how to complete your objectives. In multiplayer, all 16 Modern Warfare 2 maps are available from the start, and you can vote for the maps in the lobby. Player health has been increased, allowing for longer battles.

The game also brings back the “red dot” minimap, so you can see enemies on your radar when they’re firing without a suppressor. There are familiar modes like Confirmed Kills and Hardpoint, as well as a new mode called Cutthroat that pits three teams of three players against each other.

Call of Duty: MW3 Overview


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III


sledgehammer game




call of Duty


Nevada 9.0


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Call of Duty: MW3 Trailer

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