How to Find Mirage Island in Update 20? Mirage Island Blox Fruits

Phantom Island Brox Fruit

The Phantom Island is a special and unique location in the game, introduced in Update 17 Part 2 as one of four maritime events. Unlike other islands, Phantom Island has a unique purpose and is known for being an important destination for finding necessary items such as the Advanced Fruit Vendor and Blue Gear, which are crucial to the awakening of the race. The High Level Fruit Merchant will definitely spawn somewhere on the island, making Phantom Island an important focal point for players looking to obtain specific and valuable in-game resources.

How to find Phantom Island in Update 20?

In Update 20, the best way to find Phantom Island is by building a crew of members on different ships, as Phantom Island spawn rate is now affected by the number of ships in the area. While phantoms spawn primarily at marine hazard levels 1-6, it is recommended to focus your search on levels 3 or 4 for optimal spawn rates and manageable marine incidents.

Avoid level 6 as the dense fog can be challenging and key items difficult to find. It is recommended to ignore most events at sea, with the exception of the powerful Terror Shark Raidboss. After update 20, Phantom Hunting is faster and takes between 1 and 40 minutes. Having friends, using a private server, and choosing a powerful ship like the Lantern or Miracle are critical to success, and Sentinels are not recommended in Phantom Flight mode.

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brox fruit

Blox Fruits gets its name from the special abilities it gives players. Each fruit is scattered throughout the game and confers unique abilities when consumed. However, gaining these supernatural powers comes at a cost – losing the ability to swim and becoming a potential threat if left underwater for too long. Certain Blox Fruits exhibit unique properties that may protect against specific attacks or introduce vulnerabilities. As a basic gameplay element, these fruits play a central role in the game, a fact that is reflected in the game’s title “Blox Fruits”.

Brox Fruit Game

Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game. In this virtual realm, players are thrust into a vast open world with islands to explore, powerful opponents to fight, and a plethora of engaging activities to engage in. The core of the game experience lies in the pursuit and mastery of derived powerful abilities. Obtained by consuming Blox Fruit scattered throughout the vast game world.

Each of these fruits grants unique powers, allowing players to perform special attacks, fast dashes, and more based on the specific type of fruit. Game progression unfolds by completing missions, fighting challenging NPCs, and participating in player versus player (PvP) battles.

As players progress, they have the flexibility to customize their character’s stats and build, allowing them to tailor their playstyle, whether focusing on melee combat, gunplay, sword combat, or taking advantage of the powerful abilities available through Blox Fruits. Blox Fruits offers an ever-evolving and dynamic gaming experience that always appeals to a broad audience within the Roblox community.

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Roblox Corporation


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Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation 4


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