How to Find Harvester Orbs in MW3 Zombies? Easy Ways to Find Harvester Orbs

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Modern Warfare 3 introduces a new and exciting Zombies mode with Operation Deadbolt that deviates from traditional turn-based gameplay. In this mode, players team up on the war zone map Urzikstan to complete tasks, collect essence, and extract it. The story of Operation Deadbolt revolves around the ultra-nationalist arms dealer Viktor Zakhaev, who triggers a zombie outbreak by evading military police.

Players, including iconic characters like Soap and Captain Ravenov, launch Operation Deadbolt to stop Zakhaev’s plans and contain the zombie threat.

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How to find Reaper Balls in MW3 Zombies?

In MW3 Zombies, Reaper Balls are usually found near the borders of the Low and Medium Threat Zones, usually on the south and southeast sides of the map. Look for the flying purple orbs and shoot them to collect the essence.

The orbs will move away, so keep up and destroy them. In a squad, take turns shooting the orbs and avoid getting too close to avoid electrocution. Destroying a Reaper Sphere guarantees access to Aether Tools for weapon upgrades, as well as a chance to receive additional rewards such as weapons and valuables.


How to destroy Reaper Balls in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies?

To destroy harvest balls in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies, players must shoot them approximately 15 times, causing them to release items. There is a key game mode objective intertwined with the storyline that requires the player to retrieve 15 items from these Harvest Orbs. Based on observations, it usually takes about 15 item drops before the sphere explodes and disappears.

Players must monitor the Reaper Ball vigilantly, as it will intermittently attempt to escape when their attention is diverted. The appearance of a purple cloud above it indicates that the Harvester Ball intends to exit the map, but the player can prevent it from escaping by shooting it again.

Additionally, when fired repeatedly, the Reaper Sphere triggers an electrical discharge that temporarily renders the player unable to kill zombies. This brief period of incompetence can have a significant impact on the game, potentially turning a promising game into a bust. After multiple shots and item drops, the Reaper Ball will eventually explode, scattering tons of loot for the player to collect.

Harvester Ball in MW3 Zombies

Reaper Orbs are magical purple orbs in MW3 Zombies that reward the player when destroyed. Shooting them will cause them to drop Essence and other valuable items such as Aether Tools for weapon upgrades, weapons, and gas masks. Harvester balls are often found in open landscapes and should not be ignored, providing rewards when handled.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Trailer

modern combat 3 zombie game

Modern Warfare 3 introduces a captivating Zombies mode called Operation Deadbolt to provide players with a unique experience. Unlike traditional turn-based gameplay, this mode combines Modern Warfare map functionality with the beloved Treyarch-style gameplay loop.

Mission: Road Rage – Repair Tire:

In Road Rage missions, players are challenged to repair vehicle tires in the first act. The best way to complete this mission is to shoot the damaged tires with your weapons and then take them to the gas station for repair. Being close to a gas station allows the vehicle, as well as the stationary tires, to gradually regain fuel and health.

Quick tire repair technology:

To repair a tire quickly, shoot the tire and interact with it quickly, completing the repair with a second interaction. This effective method works on almost any vehicle in MW3 Zombies mode, as long as it hasn’t been destroyed. Destroyed vehicles cannot be repaired at gas stations, which emphasizes the importance of finding new vehicles for seamless exploration of the map.

Automatic tire repair:

The gas station automatically repairs your vehicle’s tires, no special items or equipment required. This feature simplifies the tire repair process during gameplay. To find a gas station, look for gas station symbols on the in-game map. This will make it easier to find and complete the tire repair challenge in MW3 Zombies.

Smooth game mechanics:

MW3 Zombies follows an extraction shooter gameplay loop that emphasizes completing missions, collecting essence, and preparing to evacuate within a specific time frame. Players can obtain essences through in-game contracts, killing zombies, and robberies, and enhance their abilities by using essences at various stations such as ammunition depots, purchase stations, and mystery boxes.

On-site upgrades and benefits:

Operation Bolt introduces six field upgrades, including Energy Mines and Mad Guards, providing strategic advantages. Additionally, nine perks such as Deadshot Daiquiri and PHD Flopper enhance gameplay, providing unique benefits to players in challenging zombie-infested environments.

Contraband Stash Customization:

Players can customize their gear with over 100 MWII and MWIII weapons, utilize safe slots to store upgraded weapons, and contraband caches to store found weapons. This customization adds depth to gameplay, allowing players to strategically approach the challenges presented in Zombies mode.

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