How to easily get Juzumaru in Persona 3 Reload? Locating Juzumaru in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reloaded

Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the 2006 role-playing video game Persona 3, developed and published by Atlus. It marks the fourth major entry in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei series. The game was released on February 2, 2024 and can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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Players will follow the journey of a high school student who returns to his hometown ten years after the tragic death of his parents in a car accident. He discovered the ability to summon Personas – manifestations of his inner spirit – and joined the Special Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES). Together, they confront the Shadow in a mysterious dark hour while unraveling its mysteries.

Atlus admits that demand for the Persona 3 remake has grown following the global success of Persona 5. Development began in 2019, with production details announced in April 2023 and an official announcement in June 2023. Reload faithfully retells the Persona 3 story with updated graphics and features, including new character designs overseen by Shigenori Soejima and music composed by Atsushi Kitajoh , including tracks performed by Azumi Takahashi and Lotus Juice.

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How to easily get heavy pills in Persona 3: Reloaded?

  1. Accept the quest: After defeating the Priestess, accept Elizabeth’s quest.

  2. Explore Alka: Head to the lower levels of Alka in Tartarus.

  3. Find Treasure Chests: Search for treasure chests; the one containing Juzumaru can appear randomly.

  4. Focus on checking the 36th floor: Mainly check the 36th floor of Arqa, where treasure chests can often be found.

  5. Prepare for battle: Fight the powerful Gatekeeper Shadow before reaching the 36th floor.

  6. Defeat the Gatekeeper: Defeat the Gatekeeper to enter level 36.

  7. Find the treasure chest: Find the special treasure chest with a red circle on the 36th floor.

  8. Collect Juzumaru: Open the treasure chest, which may require x3 Twilight Shards to unlock.

  9. Examine More Chests: Explore thoroughly; there may be multiple chests in this area.

  10. Return to Elizabeth: Give the Shizu Maru to Elizabeth in the Velvet Room to complete the mission and receive the reward.

You can easily get Juzumaru in Persona 3 Reload with the following steps.

“Persona 3 Reloaded” Gameplay

In Persona 3 Reload, the gameplay is updated and improved from the original game. Players control a protagonist who balances school life and fighting shadows in a mysterious tower called Tartarus. The game mixes role-playing and social simulation elements.

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New features include running around zones, expanded dorm activities, and interacting with dorm residents. Activities such as cooking, gardening, and watching movies help improve the protagonist’s skills, which are important for building relationships with other characters.

Exploration now takes place in third-person perspective, and use the free camera to get a better perspective. Players can also quickly travel to a location directly from the map.

During combat, players can control party members or let the computer determine their actions. There are new commands such as “Investigate” and “Assist”. The “Shift” ability allows characters to strategically take turns with each other. “All Out” returns with unique animations.

Overall, Persona 3 Reload delivers a more engaging and streamlined experience with updated graphics and mechanics, making it a fresh adventure for new and returning players alike.

Overview of Persona 3 Reloaded

Developer Studio P
Publisher Sega (JP), Atlus (North America)
series persona
engine Unreal Engine 4
platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
release February 2, 2024
type role play, social simulation
model single player

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“Persona 3: Reloaded” trailer

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