How to Complete Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov, Know What is Audit Quest and Its Rewards

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a video game in which players battle against each other in a fictional location in Russia called Novinsk. The game tells the story of the war between two groups of soldiers, USEC and BEAR. In the game, players participate in tournaments called raids, fighting other players and computer-controlled characters to collect valuable items. The main goal is to survive and find a way to escape the area.

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How to Complete the Audit Mission in Escape from Tarkov

Find audit logs

Find the building entrance:

  • Find a small bank-like building with stock market prices displayed around the central reception desk.

Navigate to the second floor:

  • Enter the building, turn right, then quickly left to find the stairway entrance.
  • Go up to the second floor and follow the corridor.

Enter the audit office:

  • The Audit Office is the first door on your right.
  • Inside, check the folders on the floor to find the audit log under the red folder, which is a fixed spawn point.

Extraction process

For sewer river extract:

If spawning away from the mission hotspot and using the sewer river as the extract:

  • Exit the building, turn right and look for the train and tunnel.
  • Enter the tunnel to evacuate.

For the yard extract:

If spawned near mission center:

  • Retrace your steps to Malevicha Street and wait.
  • Look for green flares that indicate yard extract.

For V-Ex extract:

Without yard extract:

  • Hug the left side of the building and head to Primorsky Ave. V-Ex.
  • Make sure you have at least 5,000 rubles in your virtual pocket.

Excerpt for evacuation zones:

If V-Ex is not available:

  • Cross Primorskij Ave., keep left and go to Razvedchikov Street.
  • Run to the end of the evacuation zone, available in every raid.

Optional loot stops:

Abandoned factory:

  • Loot the tech box and leave quickly.

Concord Building:

  • Raid nearby buildings for tech/CG points or raid Goshan’s General Store in Concordia.

Chekannaya Apartments:

  • If spawning far away, use the Chekannaya 15 key to loot the Chekannaya 15 room.

Rewards for completing audit tasks

After completing the audit task, you will receive the following rewards:

  • +8,700 XP
  • Ragman Reputation +0.02
  • 200,000 rubles
  • 210,000 rubles, intelligence center level 1
  • 230,000 rubles (level 2 intelligence center)
  • Unlocked Purchase of 6B13 Assault Armor (Fora) in Ragman LL2


Escape from Tarkov main quest

Kappa container debut:

  • Kill 5 Scavs in Tarkov.
  • Obtain and turn in 2 MP-133 12ga shotguns.
  • Rewards: +1,700 EXP, Prapor reputation +0.02, 15,000 rubles, etc.
  • Unlock and buy the Kalashnikov AKS-74UB 5.45×39 assault rifle at Prapor LL1.

Search tasks:

  • Plapol’s missing convoy is found in the Woods.
  • Find the USEC temporary camp.
  • Survive and evacuate.
  • Reward: +2,800 EXP, Prapor reputation +0.02, 22,000 rubles and items.
  • Unlock the Woods floor plan.

background check:

  • Obtain the Bronze Pocket Watch at Customs.
  • (Optional) Get the keys to the tanker truck.
  • Give the bronze pocket watch to Plabol.
  • Rewards: +1,800 EXP, Prapor reputation +0.03, 15,000 rubles, etc.
  • Unlock the purchase of the Simonov SKS 7.62×39 carbine at Prapor LL1.

Shootout Picnic:

  • Eliminate 15 Scavs in the woods.
  • Reward: +2,000 EXP, Prapor reputation +0.03, 20,000 rubles and an AKS-74UN rifle.
  • Buy the Lebedev PL-15 9×19 pistol at Prapor LL1 Unlocked.

Past Deliveries:

  • Get the security folder at the Customs Tarcone Supervisor’s Office.
  • Store packages in factory break room.
  • Survive and evacuate from the factory.
  • Reward: +4,000 EXP, Prapor reputation +0.03, 20,000 rubles and a Saiga 12ga shotgun.

BP warehouse found:

  • Mark the first four tanks with MS2000 markings at customs.
  • Survive and evacuate.
  • Reward: +2,800 EXP, Prapor Reputation +0.03, Jaeger Reputation -0.01, 30,000 Rubles and Expedition Fuel Tank.
  • Unlock the purchase of the PP-9 “Klin” 9x18PMM submachine gun at Prapor LL1.

Escape from Tarkov trailer

Escape from Tarkov gameplay

Escape from Tarkov is a tough video game that combines realistic shooting and survival. The story takes place in a fictional place in Russia called Novinsk. In the game, you can play in three different ways: Online PMC Raid, Scav Raid, and Offline Mode. In raids, you can play alone or team up with others, starting from different sides of the map. Your goal is to reach the extraction point on the other side of the map and fight other players and computer-controlled characters to escape.

In the game, there isn’t much information on the screen (HUD). When you die during a raid, you lose everything you brought with you, such as weapons and gear. However, you can be sure to get your gear back if another player or bot doesn’t take it. In a Scav raid, you use random gear and join an ongoing raid. After completing a Scav raid, you’ll need to wait a while before doing it again. Raid can last from 15 to 45 minutes and can have up to 14 players.

Outside of raids, you can sell unwanted items and buy new equipment. Some merchants will give you quests to increase your loyalty and unlock more items and quests. Players also have a “hideout,” which is like a base that can be upgraded using materials. Leveling up provides in-game bonuses such as reduced Scav cooldown, increased experience, and allows you to craft items.

Escape from Tarkov plot

The story of Escape from Tarkov takes place in a fictional city called Tarkov, which is the main hub of the Novinsk Special Economic Zone in northwestern Russia. The game takes place between 2015 and 2026. Tarkov is thrown into chaos due to political scandals and company collapses, with different groups vying for control. The city has now become a shadow, with aggressive locals known as “Scavs” controlling some areas.

Players have nine maps to explore, each representing a different part of the abandoned city. There are customs and a large industrial park; the interior of factories and chemical plants; the Interchange, a large shopping mall; the laboratory is a secret research facility operated by TerraGroup; the lighthouse, a vast area with a freight train station, a water treatment plant, and wooden houses and an island with a lighthouse; Reserve, a hidden military base; Coastline, a large map with power plants, villages and health resorts; Streets of Tarkov, the downtown area; Woods, once a protected wild Animal Sanctuary. Three additional maps: Suburbs, Terminals and Towns are still under development.

Escape from Tarkov overview


Escape from Tarkov


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Battlefield game


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