Ghostrunner 2 Trophy Guide, Gameplay, and More

Ghostrunner 2 Trophy Guide

In this first-person hack-and-slash game, earning the Platinum Trophy is a feat that can be achieved in a single playthrough. To maximize your success, it’s crucial to work hard to collect all in-game collectibles as you progress to prevent the need to replay levels. Additionally, keep an eye out for 10 hidden challenges scattered throughout certain levels. Master these and you can win the coveted Platinum trophy.

  • Jack of All Trades (Platinum)

    • Earn all trophies by completing other tasks.
  • The floor is lava (silver)

    • Kill 20 enemies while grinding. You can do this anywhere as long as the enemy is close to the grind line. Dying on the grind line to respawn an enemy can speed up the process.
  • damn! (silver)

    • Defeat 6 ninjas with perfect blocking. These are the dual-sword enemies that are chasing you. Press L1 before attacking to perform a perfect block and defeat them.
  • One Star Man (Silver)

    • Kill 3 enemies with a single shuriken without using the environment. Equip the motherboard upgrade, energy distribution skill, and tracking system, then find a level with three or more enemies nearby to make sure the shurikens don’t hit the barrels.
  • You’re starting to understand (Silver)

    • Complete a level without dying. A simple level for this achievement is “The Uninvited Guest”.
  • Garbage Man (Silver)

    • Collect all artifacts. See “Ghostrunner 2 All Collection Locations” for their locations.
  • Eavesdropper (Silver)

    • Collect all audio logs. See “Ghostrunner 2 All Collection Locations” for their locations.
  • Live by the Sword (Silver)

    • Complete your sword collection. Find all swords in “Ghostrunner 2 All Collection Locations”.
  • Chewing the scenery (gold)

    • Find all collectible items. Find all collectibles in “Ghostrunner 2 All Collectible Locations”.
  • Quarterback (Bronze)

    • Defeat Ahriman the Destroyer. This is a story-related trophy not to be missed.
  • Connection lost (Bronze)

    • Defeat Avatar Rahu. This is a story-related trophy not to be missed.
  • We’re not in Kansas anymore (Bronze)

    • Leave Dharma Pagoda. This is a story-related trophy not to be missed.
  • Digestive Problems (Bronze Award)

    • Defeat the Sand Worm Naga. This is a story-related trophy not to be missed.
  • Death Funeral (Bronze Award)

    • Defeat Madhu the Demolisher. This is a story-related trophy not to be missed.
  • Unresurrected (Silver)

    • Defeat Mitra the Risen. This is a story-related trophy not to be missed.
  • 01101110 01101001 01100011 01100101 (gold)
    • Completely upgraded motherboard. Find memory fragments for this upgrade, but you don’t need them all. See “Ghostrunner 2 All Collection Locations” for their locations.
  • Baby Steps (Bronze)

    • Buy your first upgrade chip. Purchase the upgraded chip from the vending machine.
  • Half Man, Half Machine (Silver)

    • Purchase 10 upgrade chips. Purchase 10 upgrade chips from the vending machine.
  • Go all out (gold)

    • Purchase all upgraded chips. Purchase all upgraded chips. You can earn currency by defeating high combo enemies or collecting collectibles.
  • You have reached the correct number (Silver)

    • Get x15 combo. Achieve 15x combos, which are possible in “behind the scenes” levels.
  • He just wants to help (Bronze)

    • Defeat Ahriman without using Bakunin’s Taser. Avoid using Bakunin’s Taser when fighting the boss.
  • No more totems (Bronze)

    • Destroy 3 Demolisher Totems within 45 seconds. Quickly destroy three healing totems from the Demolisher within 45 seconds.
  • Scorched Earth Team! (bronze)

    • Kill 8 enemies with a single use of the Flux ability. Equip the Flux ability and the Ultimate Booster 1 and 2 chips, then use the ability where there are more enemies.
  • first? (bronze)

    • Die for the first time. This is not to be missed.
  • The Old School Way (Bronze)

    • Complete any level without blocking. Complete a level without blocking. “Would bushido allow it?” is an easy choice.
  • Explosive Personality (Bronze)

    • Kill 5 enemies with an explosive barrel. Kill five enemies hit by explosive barrels, which can be found in multiple locations.
  • Like water (silver)

    • Deflect 10 bullets in a row. Use L1 to block bullets from a single enemy ten times in a row to block bullets.
  • Mechanical Master (Silver)

    • Use the Overlord skill to kill 4 enemies at once. Equip the Overlord ability and Ultimate Booster 1 and 2 chips, then use the ability where there are more enemies.
  • Bike Track (Bronze)

    • Crush 5 enemies with your motorcycle. Easily completed in the “Desolate Winds” level.
  • Freelander (gold)

    • Complete any 5 levels without dying. Complete five levels without dying. Recommended levels are “The Uninvited Guest”, “Will Bushido Allow It?”, “Licking Wounds”, “Hacker’s Den” and “Can Anyone Hear Me?”
  • Faster than Light (Silver)

    • Win gold medals in every challenge. Earn gold medals in all challenges.
  • It’s time to let your ninja rope shine (Bronze)

    • Use Gap Disruptor 25 times on stunned enemies. Stun large enemies and use Gap Disruptor on them 25 times.
  • This… is… Buddhism! (bronze)

    • Use the Tempest ability to kill enemies after launching them into the air. Use the Tempest ability to launch enemies into the air and then kill them.
  • Be Different from Others (Bronze Award)

    • Complete a level without using basic attacks. Complete a level without using basic attacks.

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Ghostrunner 2

“Ghostrunner 2” is an action game developed by the famous game studio One More Level and published by 505 Games. The game is a compelling sequel to the original Ghostrunner released in 2020. The game debuts on multiple platforms on October 26, 2023, including PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S, marking an important moment for gaming enthusiasts and fans of the Ghostrunner series.

Once “Ghostrunner 2” was released, it quickly gained attention and praise from the gaming community and industry experts. Critics gave a range of positive reviews, praising the game’s immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and engaging narrative, cementing its status as a must-play title in the action genre. The launch of “Ghostrunner 2” has undoubtedly raised the bar in the gaming industry, providing players with an exciting and challenging experience.


“Ghostrunner 2” gameplay

The game is viewed from a first-person perspective. The main character, Jack, is very agile and can do some cool things like sprint, jump, run on walls, and slide through tricky spots. He even has a special hook to swing around and a slowing ability called “sensory enhancement” to dodge things in the air. There’s also a meter that shows how often Jack dashes and blocks critical hits.

Jack’s main weapon is a sword, but he has additional abilities to aid in combat and puzzle solving. For example, he can throw electric stars called “Shuriken” to stun enemies and hit distant buttons. Jack and his enemies are extremely fragile, meaning they can be knocked down with just one hit.

In the game, Jack’s job is to get out of the Damo Tower and stop a group of tough cyber-ninja AI cult members. This time, “Ghostrunner 2” adds the content of driving motorcycles and fighting in some levels. Game levels let you choose your path and how to deal with enemies. As you play, you can earn upgrades that make Jack even more powerful. But remember, motorcycles cannot be upgraded.

Ghostrunner 2 system requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 (4*3300) or AMD FX-8350 (4*4000) or similar.
  • Memory: 8 GB.
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 960 (4096 MB) or Radeon RX 480 (8192 MB).
  • Dedicated video RAM: 4096 MB.
  • Pixel Shaders: 5.1.
  • Vertex Shader: 5.1.
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • Available disk space: 65 GB.

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