Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus Locations, How to Get Pluie Lotus and Locations?

Genshin Impact

“Genshin Impact” is an action role-playing game developed by miHoYo and published in mainland China by Cognosphere, also known as HoYoverse. The game was first released in 2020 and is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows platforms. In 2021, it expanded to the PlayStation 5, with a Nintendo Switch release just around the corner.

This engaging game features an anime-style open world environment and an action-based combat system centered around elemental magic and character switching mechanics. Genshin Impact adopts a free-to-play model and monetizes it using a gacha game mechanic, a system in which players can obtain characters and items through random draws, often involving in-game currency or microtransactions.

Additionally, the game continues to evolve and grow through regular updates and patches, following a games-as-a-service model.

Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus Locations

In “Genshin Impact”, Pluie Lotus is a rare local specialty that mainly appears on river banks and near water sources in the Fontaine region of the game. Since the Fontaine area is flooded, one might think it’s abundant there, but it’s actually not that common. Pluie Lotus is an important material used to craft certain items in the game, so its collection is crucial for players.

Here are the details of where Pluie Lotus can be found in Genshin Impact:

1. Mont Automnequi western slope:

  • Quickly travel to the southern waypoint near the beach on the western slope of Mount Otomniki.
  • Go north along the coast and find four Pluie Lotus near Mitachurl.
  • Continue north to collect three Prui Lotuses, then north to collect five more.
  • Swim to the other side to find more Pluie Lotus.

2. Elena:

  • Depart from Elenas waypoint and slide down the cliff to the northeast.
  • You can collect three Prui Lotuses from the shallow pool.
  • Head south to a larger pond, which hides a cave entrance to collect a total of four Pluie Lotus.

3. Fontaine Court:

  • There are many Pluie Lotus scattered around the Fontaine Palace.
  • From the Statue of the Seven, head northeast to a long pond on the edge of the city.
  • Collect four Pluie Lotus from the first part of the pond and another four from the second part.
  • If necessary, you can go to a small patch of land on the southeast side of the Fontaine Courtyard to collect another Prunus.

4. Marcotte Station:

  • From the Marcotte Station waypoint, head southeast and collect two Pluie Lotus.
  • Swim to the other side, where there’s a water puzzle to find four more Pluie Lotus.
  • Finally, follow the coast path north to collect three more Pluie Lotus.


How to get Pluie Lotus and location?

In Genshin Impact, obtaining the Pluie Lotus is crucial to crafting specific Fontaine forgeable weapons. While these water-themed weapons appear to be plentiful in the flooded Fontaine region, Pluie Lotus isn’t as common as one might think.

Pluie Lotus Location:

  • Western slope of Mont Automnequi: Head to the southern waypoint near the beach, then head north along the coast to collect Pluie Lotus near Mitachurl, with more to the north and across the water.
  • Elenas: Slide down the northeast cliff of the Elenas waypoint and collect Pluie Lotus from the cave entrance to a shallow pond and a larger pond to the south.
  • Court of Fontaine: Many Pluie Lotus are scattered around the Court of Fontaine. Head northeast from the Statue of Seven to find them near a long pond, with a few others to the southeast of the courthouse.
  • Marcotte Station: From the Marcotte Station waypoint, head southeast to Pluie Lotus and through the Water Puzzle to find more, then continue north along the coast.

Pluie Lotus is used to craft Fontaine forgeable weapons in Genshin Impact, such as Song of Silence and Reward of Justice. Each weapon requires Pluie Lotus, Marcotte, and Condessence Crystals.

To obtain these weapons, visit Estelle in Fontaine’s Court. No specific quests are required to unlock these blueprints; you can purchase them once you unlock the Statue of the Seven at Fontaine’s Court.

While Pluie Lotus’ resources in the Fontaine Waters region may not be as plentiful as expected, careful exploration of specific locations can yield this valuable material, which is crucial to crafting the powerful Fontaine forgeable weapons in Genshin Impact.

Where can I use Pluie Lotus in Genshin Impact?

Pluie Lotus plays a vital role in obtaining items, especially the Fontaine forgeable weapon in Genshin Impact’s vast world. While Condensed Crystal gets the spotlight as the main and necessary ingredient of these weapons, Pluie Lotus plays an important role as a key component in the crafting process of two specific forgeable weapons:

1. Illustration: Song of Silence

  • Production requirements:
    • Prui Lotus x10
    • Marcotte x10
    • Condensed Crystal x10

2. Picture: The rewards you deserve

  • Production requirements:
    • Prui Lotus x10
    • Bullego x10
    • Condensed Crystal x10

These production plans can be easily obtained from the merchant Estelle located within the Court of Fontaine. It’s worth noting that players don’t need to perform specific tasks to unlock these blueprints. From the moment travelers unlock the Fontaine Palace Seven Statues, they are free to purchase these charts without restrictions, further enhancing their gaming experience in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact is an engaging open-world action RPG that gives players the opportunity to control one of four interchangeable characters in their party. The game’s combat mechanics are dynamic and engaging, allowing for quick character switching during combat. This feature enables players to deploy a variety of skills and attacks to create thrilling combos.

Character progression is a key aspect of Genshin Impact. Players can enhance their characters’ abilities by leveling up and equipping them with artifacts and weapons. These enhancements greatly impact a character’s effectiveness in combat, adding depth to gameplay.

Exploration plays a vital role in the game, with challenges and rewards scattered throughout the world of Teyvat. Boss fights and challenging encounters provide valuable resources, but obtaining them requires the consumption of raw resin, a replenishing currency.

Completing these challenges helps increase the player’s Adventure Level, unlocking new quests, challenges, and increasing the World Level, which determines the strength of enemies and the rarity of rewards.

The game features a wide range of character actions, including running, climbing, swimming, and gliding, all of which are limited by endurance. Some characters have special abilities that allow them to manipulate the environment, such as freezing water to form ice roads. Teleport nodes and Statues of the Seven provide fast travel options and beneficial effects such as healing and stamina boosts.

Teyvat is rich in resources. Players can collect food and raw materials, mine ore, and defeat enemies to collect valuable materials to enhance their characters. Cooking food using ingredients obtained in the open world can have a variety of beneficial effects.

Multiplayer mode (called co-op) allows up to four players to explore and participate in the domain together. Cross-platform play ensures players from different platforms can join forces seamlessly.

Genshin Impact introduces new playable characters through missions and limited-time events, and most of them are obtained through a gacha system called “Wishes.” The system requires premium in-game currency, which can be earned through in-app purchases or in-game rewards, and unfortunately the system guarantees rare items after a certain number of pulls.

Elemental combat is a core element of the game, with characters using the seven natural elements. These elements interact to produce different effects, encouraging the strategic use of elemental skills and bursts to take advantage of elemental reactions.

The game also introduces a tabletop trading card game called Genius Invokation TCG, which will be launched in a subsequent update. This turn-based card game incorporates elemental reactions and offers rewards for participation.

Overall, “Genshin Impact”‘s rich game mechanics, character progression, elemental battle system, and innovative game modes such as the Genius Call TCG have contributed to its huge popularity and success in the gaming industry.

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