Fury Against Fate Diablo 4 Bug, How to Fix?

Diablo 4 Bug Against Destiny’s Wrath

The “Diablo 4: Wrath of Fate” mission encountered an error, preventing players from successfully completing the mission. Normally, in this mission, players should get help from the NPC Ealda and her troops to eliminate the cannibal feeding grounds. However, interacting with the Eldar does not trigger the expected progression of events.

Additionally, the Crane Tribe army accompanying her cannot move as expected, hindering the player’s progress. This glitch has been widely reported by many players since the early access phase of Diablo 4. However, there are some potential fixes that can help you overcome this issue and finally complete the Rage Against Fate mission.

Fury Against Destiny Diablo 4 Bug Fixes

Some players are having trouble with the Wrath Against Fate mission in Diablo 4, but luckily, a potential fix has been reported. Let’s explore these methods in detail and hopefully one of them will solve your problem. The first suggested solution is to exit the cave and exit the game as soon as you enter it. After logging back in, return to the cave and speak to Eldar.

This time, wait for her to unleash her war cry, then join her and the other warriors against the enemy. Following this sequence should trigger the next step of the task as expected. Moving on to the next method, it is speculated that the bug may be related to an event triggered in front of the cave. To resolve this issue, you can choose to resolve the event before entering the cave for the “Rage Against Fate” mission.

Alternatively, you can initiate the mission and then quickly move to a location outside the active range, such as a gate. Trying both methods may help determine which one solves the problem for you. If you find any other ways to fix this error, we encourage you to share it with us and other players in the comments section. Together we can pool knowledge and find solutions to ensure a smoother gaming experience for everyone.


Rage Against Fate Exploration Walkthrough

To access the “Fury Confrontation” side quest in Diablo 4, it’s important to note that you must first complete the “Swallowed by Pride” and “Raise the Spear” side quests. After meeting these prerequisites, you can proceed with the following steps to start the task:

  1. First interact with Ealda at Crane Tribe Hutmoot. This will trigger a brief cutscene, after which the Eldar will disappear from the area.
  2. Head southeast to the Wild Dungeon, located in the Wild Cliffs area.
  3. Once in the dungeon, go down the ledge and find Elda. Talk to her to initiate charges.
  4. Your goal now is to clean up the cannibal feeding grounds. Start by destroying the blood-stained barricades blocking your path. Afterwards, fight and defeat all enemies in the subsequent area.
  5. After successfully destroying all enemies, talk to Erda again. Tell her that “all is well” on the coast now.
  6. Be prepared, surprises are waiting for you. Despite your previous statement, dungeons do not completely eliminate danger. Defeat the enemies that ambush you and survive the cannibal invasion. This will mark the completion of the mission, as well as the entire quest line.
  7. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive a Gem Chest.

By following these steps and successfully completing the questline, you can progress further in the immersive world of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4

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To allow players to experience the game’s mechanics and features, we launched a public beta in March 2023, allowing them to participate in the game before its official release. Diablo IV retains the elements that make the series so beloved. Players can look forward to the return of replayable dungeons, which are now procedurally generated, providing a fresh and unique experience every time they play.

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