Fortnite Rocket Racing Not Working, How to Fix Fortnite Rocket Racing Not Working?

Fortnite rocket racer not working

Many users are facing the issue of Fortnite Rocket Racer not working. The common problem is usually accompanied by error code 208, indicating that there is a connection issue. This error occurs when users have difficulty connecting to Rocket Racing for matchmaking, or when game servers struggle to keep up with high demand from eager players, especially during co-op games like Fortnite and Rocket League. The launch of “Rocket Racing” attracted a large number of players, causing increased pressure on the servers.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a serious flaw in the game itself; rather, it’s a common challenge at the peak. The advice given is not to worry unduly as errors are considered to be controllable. Users experiencing this issue are encouraged to wait and try again at a later time, when server load is expected to be lower. Staying updated on server stability through official channels can also provide valuable insights into troubleshooting issues.

Reasons why Fortnite Rocket Racing isn’t working

There are several factors that can prevent Fortnite Rocket Racer from working. The following are potential causes:

Server issues

If there are issues with Fortnite servers, especially during periods of high demand or during updates, it may prevent Rocket Racer from running. Check the official Epic Games server status to confirm if this is the case.

Internet connection issues

An unstable or interrupted internet connection on your end may prevent you from accessing Rocket Racing. Simple issues like a temporary outage or a faulty router could be the culprit.

Server temporarily overloaded

The launch of new features or collaborations, such as those in Fortnite and Rocket League, tend to attract large numbers of players. If the server is temporarily overloaded, you may experience difficulty entering the game.

Device or router failure

Technical issues with your gaming device or router may be preventing Rocket Racing from working properly. Restarting the device and router can resolve potential glitches.

Specific Rocket Racing server issues

While Fortnite as a whole may be working, Rocket Racer may have its own server issues. This may cause Game Mode to not function properly.

Game updates or patches

If Rocket Racing has recently received an update or patch, it may cause compatibility issues that prevent the game from running as expected. Making sure your game is up to date is crucial.


How to fix Fortnite Rocket Racer not working?

Check Epic Games server status:

Verify the status of an Epic Games server by visiting its official status page. If Fortnite is listed as “operational,” the problem may not be on their side. If server issues arise, patience is crucial; check for updates regularly until the server is stable.

Check your internet connection:

If the servers are up but you still can’t access the game, check your internet connection. Consider restarting your devices and router to eliminate any potential glitches. After restarting, try to enter the game again.

Confirm Fortnite server health:

After resetting the connection, make sure the Fortnite servers are running well. If the error persists, you must rule out any server-related issues.

Keep trying:

In some cases, the problem may be that the server is temporarily overloaded. Keep trying to hit the Play button; this persistence works for some users. After a few attempts, you may successfully enter the game.

Verify connection to another Fortnite game:

To determine if the issue is specific to Rocket Racing, try joining another Fortnite game. If you can access other Fortnite games without any issues, that means the Rocket Racing servers are temporarily overloaded.


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